Boozoo finds love

When the young couple interested in meeting Boozoo walked into the barn all the dogs ran to greet them, but Boozoo planted himself at their feet and stared into their faces.

I could hear his questions: “Friendly? Love me?”

Love simply shone from Boozoo for everyone. He would often crawl over to people in hopes of some affection.

Holli got right down on the floor with Boozoo and soon both were cuddling and loving. He gave her kisses and she gave him kisses back. Looks like they had both found what they were looking for.


We spoke openly about Boozoo’s front legs, the deformity, his limping and the inevitability of arthritis. Holli looked at me and said “we’re okay with that

We stressed that Boozoo was not one for hiking, but did enjoy his walks. He was more of a couch potato who loved his food.

Holli laughed and nodded her head “we’re definitely okay with that!”

When Holli and her family came to pick up Boozoo they were beaming and quickly fell in love.


I have no worries that Boozoo and Holli have found love together. This picture is from Holli and she says that Boozoo is in love with Pottery Barn blankets.


Congratulations and thank you for giving a rescue dog a second chance at life.


Now that Whiskey and Boozoo (brothers) have found a home, will anyone consider adopting their twenty-five pound mama? Monique is still looking for her special home.


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