Boozoo – A very special guy

Boozoo came down from the north and is not quite two years old, but he’s a remarkably quiet boy for his age. He’s quite happy to cuddle up and relax. He loves people.


Boozoo isn’t a “normal” dog. He was born with his front legs deformed. We didn’t realize the deformity extended to his shoulders until the x-rays came back.

Boozoo’s right front leg looks very deformed and the x-ray shows his ulna is floating held in place by soft tissue. His left front leg looks more normal, but his wrist joint is very twisted up. Boozoo was born this way.


We considered surgery, but our vet advises us not to put him through the trauma. He’s still able to run and play. He loves to walk and will stick right with you. He will develop early arthritis and will need anti-inflammatories at some point in his life, but for now, he’s happy and otherwise healthy.


Boozoo is a beautiful soul in a broken body who needs a special loving family. Boozoo runs and plays. He can climb stairs and jump into the car and onto the couch.


We find he limps and seems uncomfortable after long walks, so he’s not a running or hiking buddy, but his mom is if that’s what you’re looking for (see Monique).


Boozoo loves to hang with his people. He’d be very happy as an only dog with plenty of human attention. He gets along well with other dogs, but we’d suggest dogs smaller than Boozoo, so they’re less likely to knock him over.

Boozoo is very good with children, but young children who might climb on him would not ideal, but kids over 7 who can enjoy a walk and cuddle would be heaven. He loves to sleep on soft surfaces, so a plush dog bed or perhaps your bed would be ideal.


All you need to do is meet Boozoo to fall in love. Please fill out an application and we can arrange a date!


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