Blue finds Forever Home – Adopted!

Blue Adopted!!! 

It took a while and a lot of trust building before Blue was ready for his forever home, but we found a great one that’s not only dog savvy, but husky savvy!


Blue is welcome into a loving home where there will be lots of people time – Blue’s favourite thing is people. Lots of walks, cuddles and treats. He’s finally getting the life he deserves.

His new sister Laska is a black husky cross with bright blue eyes. She’s a senior and its nice to see both dogs so laid back.

IMG_3351After all the things Blue has gone through it nice to know he’s finally found his forever home.

A Brief Overview of Blue

The first thing we knew is that his name was Blue and he was considered the godfather of a pack in Northern Ontario.
We were shocked by the colour of his arctic blue eyes, but there was a deep radiating sadness that surrounded him like a transparent cloud of anguish and heartbreak that  choked us up.

IMG_3250Blue is the epitome of still waters that run deep. Before he arrived from the far north of Ontario we were told he had aggression: people, dogs and possibly other animals. If we didn’t know better this dog sounded dangerous.

Blue had one friend in the north who was trying desperately to save his life. Given Blue’s iconic mistrust in people he hadn’t made friends and he was being hunted by the people.

We got the call on a Saturday that Blue would be arriving the next day. Our knee jerk reaction of accepting a possibly violently aggressive dog into our foster care program was a little daunting.

He was completely dissociated. Shut down. He sat in the corner and refused to interact. He stayed that way for weeks. No tail wag. No interest in eating. No interest in walking or talking. Barely signs of life. We considered the possibility that he might be sick. Many of the northern dogs come down with some unusual parasites.


We booked an appointed with Dr. Rachel and gave him the once over: bloodwork, vaccines, fecal tests, OPG (to test for giardia), microchip, heart worm test and drontrol for deworming. This is known as the BCFS Special at Thorold Vet Hospital.

The results came in a few days later: nothing. No worms. No heart worm, Blue was healthy, so his issues were all mental and emotional.
Blue had been beaten and possibly tortured in the far north. He was the alpha male of a large pack of dogs and he ran his pack in a quiet, deadly and efficient way.

December 2016 – by Amy 

I brought Blue into my house and he curled up on the floor and didn’t move. Clearly the only thing I was worthy of was being ignored. This went on for days.
It happened slowly. One morning he wagged his tail when I patted his head in passing. Then he started following me around the paddock when I fed the horses – but only when I wasn’t looking.

IMG_3352Finally, he began coming to me for cuddles or cookies, and once the trust was built he became my shadow. He looked at me with trust and maybe the start of love.

On our walks he started to venture farther, but stayed close to me at night. He made me feel safe; like having Jacks Teller from Sons of Anarchy decide he was going to protect you whether you needed it or not.
He never played with the other dogs. He watched them. Carefully.

Fast forward to March 2017

Blue has become a relaxed boy who wants nothing more than belly rubs. He’s an absolute snuggle bum who will crawl up on the couch for a snooze and a movie.


Blue was ready for adoption and Peter was ready to adopt. Congratulations!


Blue’s transformation took time, patience and love. With these things (along with fresh water, food and cookies) allowed Blue to be the dog he wanted to be – incredible. In this case we’re not sure who just won the lottery – Peter or Blue?


Happy days ahead!

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  1. Another amazing, wonderful, successful rehabilitation from a rescue group who knows when a dog just needs to work it all out by himself and gives him the time and space to become fully “dog” again.

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