Biscuit and Sausage Gravy Day!

September 28th, 2010
It’s biscuit and sausage gravy day! A few years ago on our annual pilgrimage to Florida we came across this delish and delightful dish called biscuits and sausage gravy. It’s high in every kind of fat and makes me feel sick for days, but it’s so yummy.
It smells like bacon and milk fat and makes your mouth water. My body does not like fat, especially milk fat, and the combination of these two has me doubled over with cramps post-eating. I can’t wait.
We’re heading into Cairo in hopes of finding biscuits and sausage gravy. It seems like just the place to find a southern delicacy. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures of the town and the meal.
We watched Bed of Roses last night since we couldn’t watch the Green Bay Game. We even drove up to the lodge to see the game, but the staff said they lost power earlier today and didn’t have all their channels. ESPN was the only station they didn’t have, to my great disappointment.
We did check the internet and discovered our wedding made it into the local paper. Good friends of Brent’s parents, George & Heather Duma were guests at our wedding. George wrote an amazing article in the InPort News. I recently discovered that Mr Duma is the retired editor of the Tribune and still writes a column called “By George” which is regionally syndicated. (I hope I didn’t get any of this wrong George!)
There was a romantic picture of us, Poco & Taz and Brent’s parents. The wind was making our dresses dance. I love that in the picture both Ellen and I are looking at Poco and Poco is looking at us. It’s lovely. George said the wedding was beautiful, magical, romantic and emotional without being over the top.
For us, the wedding was beautiful and we’re happy to have friends and family to celebrate. There was a moment when we were exchanging rings that I forgot about everyone, but Brent. I think that was magic. I felt like a Princess, and since Brent is the Prince of Long Beach, I finally have my throne. LOL… You can still call me Amy.
Back to our movie last night: Bed of Roses. It’s an old 80’s flick with Christian Slater and Mary Stewart Maesterson. It’s a love story, a sickly sweet romantic love story and since we in the mood for honeymoon romance we held hands and kissed through the movie. Much like a pair of kids.
The movie was so romantic we resorted to some play fighting that we both thought would lead to… sleeping. We fell asleep surrounded by puppies still holding hands. We’re like an old pair of kids.

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