Birthday Wishes

I haven’t caught the fever and Santa didn’t puke in my house this year. I can’t muster the enthusiasm to do more than basic decorating and making mandatory peanut butter chocolate balls.

Even celebrating the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday is not putting me in the spirit of the season.

I did a sad job of decorating, only putting up half of my Christmas decorations. I made an adequate batch of peanut butter chocolate balls. I’m having the requisite company and the puppies have had their Christmas bath, but the magic of the season continues to elude me.

It feels like a little piece of my happy is missing, torn from a heart that has yet to heal.

It will be a nice Christmas with all the Christmas fixings, but my heart isn’t in the celebratory mood. My family, friends and puppies deserve a good Holiday and I’ll do my best to make it fun.

To kick start the spirit I started the Eight Days of Amy Birthday Wishes this year. It’s a new idea. Why eight? That’s the random day I came up with the idea (thank Billy).

The Eight Days of Happy Amy Birthday Wishes:

Happy Amy Birthday Wish 8: May all the little heartbeats have warm bed, full tummies and loving families.

Happy Amy Birthday Wish 7: For every huamn to have one day a week where they become a vegetarian… and to stop Katinka Simonse from doing any more “art”.

Happy Amy Birthday Wish 6: Stop all laboratory testing on animals.

Happy Amy Birthday Wish 5: Less urban development and more lakes, meadows, trees, rainforests and natural habitats.

Happy Amy Birthday Wish 4: To discover the true meaning of Christmas without the use of pop culture.

Happy Amy Birthday Wish 3: The Green Bay Packers win the Superbowl… again.

Happy Amy Birthday Wish 2: End all atrocities against animals. All of them: hunting, slaughter, neglect, abuse, starvation, art, testing, genocide, entertainment, forced breeding, experimentation, int he name of science, mass production, as a christmas gift… See their incredible souls shine and realize they are worthy of a beautiful life too – just like you. Now… go hug your pet.

Happy Amy Birthday Wish 1: To cuddle my Gizmo. Please be happy, safe, warm, loved and with a full tummy. We miss and love you.

Happy Amy Birthday! May all your dreams come true and your wishes be magical.



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