changing lives through love

Big Boy Bentley, Re-homed and Changing Lives through Love

From the front lines of Bentley’s furever family, a Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary happy tail to warm the heart, and keep the volunteer fires stoked.  In fact, it was one of our volunteers who said, “Every rescued animal was put on this earth for a reason, its our job to help them find it.” Way to go Bentley, you’ve found your calling!

bentley rhodesian furever home

Life in Furever Home

Mark and I wanted to give the BCFS team an update on Big Boy Bentley – yes, the triple B name stuck!

We have had a wonderful, interesting and hilarious few months with Bentley; he is an absolute goof! I cannot count the times that big head of his has run into something! The staff at our Vet have said it best – Bentley has one of the sweetest character and demeanor you’ll ever meet; a very VERY happy, extremely friendly and curious pup. Bentley just wants to give love…sometimes it’s a bit too much love…but he always means well!

Changing Lives through Love

His introduction to our extended doggy family has gone really well; we’ve had a lot of visits and friendships have been made. The best introduction was definitely to our dog Oak; we have a brand new dog.

Oak’s severe separation anxiety has LITERALLY disappeared. Bentley has changed all of our lives. Their relationship is so close, these two are now inseparable.

bentley changed oaks life

Bentley has met and hung out many times with his human nephew of 16 months Easton where they play on the floor together. Bentley loves to follow Easton when he crawls around the house, and .Bentley gives him lots of gentle kisses!!!

We’ve had a great first visit to our cottage where he got to run free on the snow covered beach with Oak! Boy does he love the snow!! One of Benny’s favourite things to do is sleep in front of our fireplace (and sometimes it’s with the cat!), and boy does his guy snore!

bentley snores

Bentley is starting doggy school in a week. We’ve found it a bit difficult to have training time with Bentley alone, training with two dogs has been a bit difficult. So we are looking forward to spending special time with Bentley to bring his learning along. Oak’s grandmothers are quite happy to also have some alone time with the Oakster.

Our favourite thing to do as a family is go to the open hydro fields at nighttime and they chase a laser. Both of them literally run and chase that thing until they just can’t anymore—it’s hilarious to see.  Oak is a runner; quick, and agile where Benny is much more brute strength and power. He’s put on some good weight- Vet is very happy with is health.

Bentley_FureverHome_011215_166_LRYou will see in some of the pictures that the end of Benny’s tail is wrapped up. He’s had a cut on end of his tail since we can remember. The vet calls it a tail-tip injury which is really hard to heal. So lucky guy gets electrical tape wrapped on the end of that whip tail of his til it does!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a great holiday, we’re wishing you abnd all your furry friends nothing but health and happiness and adoptions for 2015!!!!

Will keep in touch with more progress!!
Mark, Sara, Bentley, Oak and Marley the Cat


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