bichon poodle sophie adopted

It Takes a Community to Save a Dog – Sophie Rescued and Adopted!

Congrats to Sophie our adorable Bichon Poodle and her new family! Sophie was whisked into rescue, met her perfect second family at our Fall Open House, we completed all our checks and processes quick as we could, and voila, she went to her forever home just in time for Halloween. Her gotcha day will be easy to remember.  Here’s how it happened …  Sophie is 6 year old Bichon Poodle mix. She spent her entire life living with her mom. She loved Sophie very much, but she couldn’t keep Sophie when she moved. Sophie’s mom was comforted by the fact that  people here at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary would make sure she found the best second home possible. sophie bichon poodle adopted

Sophie Rescued and Adopted

Here’s the story from Sophie’s point of view … “At first I was very scared and confused. I went to the home of a lady who has groomed me before. She says she’s my foster mom. I feel safe with her. I stay very close to her and I do my best to keep the other animals away from her, but she says that’s not allowed. I am very nervous around men, I don’t like them. But I love woman and children and I like to play with cats. I have no use for other dogs though. My foster mom says I’m a really good girl! And really smart too! Which I already knew, but it’s nice to hear. Except that one time I licked her piece of pizza…she was not happy with that. I do my business outside, I only bark if there is a pesky knock at the door, and I would never chew up your shoes.” Little did she know, when she wished upon a star, her wish would come true … “In my perfect home, I would never be alone because my favorite thing to do is curl up on a nice warm lap. I don’t like to share my mom so one on one (a woman only) is best but a cat buddy would be quite ok. I must be allowed to sleep in the bed and I won’t complain if I get table scraps. I was scared at first, but spending time with my foster family, meeting new people, meeting horses (yikes!) and going for lots of car rides has been fun. I’m looking forward to what’s next!” sophie bichon poodle adopted Lots of love to you Sophie and family, as we send you off on new adventures in your forever home. With heart-felt thanks to foster mom Sara and our whole Beaver Creek team that made this adoption happen!

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