Adoptable Shar Pei Basset Hound Betty White

Betty White, Shar Pei Basset Hound Mix Rescue – ADOPTED! Oct 19

Betty White the Dog is a Shar Pei Basset Hound mix rescue – also known as a Ba Shar – who came into our dog foster program as the result of an owner surrender from a loving family. She is currently being fostered close to Stevensville, Ontario. What a character!

Adoptable Shar Pei Basset Hound Betty White

Betty White The Dog

Betty is good with other dogs, good with kids and didn’t chase the cats, though she did show a certain interest. Her voice is the rich, deep baritone of the Basset Hound, and its a delight to hear. Except when she is anxious and feeling alone, at which times she barks due to stress. Her foster family has reported terrific progress on this front, based on a combination of integration with a stable “pack,” solid guidance from her people, and attention paid to her need for a healthy energy outlet.

This is a condition that can be addressed with diligent patience, but for the sake of the new furever home, we do recommend that Betty White be adopted by a family in a home. A fenced yard would allow her the activity that she craves, and of course having a “job” always helps dog gain confidence and loose unwanted habits.

Adoptable Shar Pei Basset Hound Betty

Betty White is a distinctive looking dog with a great personality.  She has a little blue on her tongue, just like the Shar Pei breed, and she does carry both the traits of her mixed breed, so an experienced owner would be ideal. We would love to see her in an active home that would incorporate her into quality family time, and give her the outlets for expressing her hound nature.

Adoptable Shar Pei Basset Hound

Adopt a Shar Pei Bassett Hound Mix Rescue with BCFS

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is a safe place for animals who have been abused or neglected to recover and become healthy. Our adoption program matches our rescued and rehabilitated animals to the family best able to continue to give them a fine, healthy and happy quality of life.

Adoptable Shar Pei Basset Hound is wrinkly

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We are pleased to report that Betty White the Dog has been adopted! Her new furever family includes a Ba-Shar Basset Hound Shar Pei mix just like her; his name is Charlie and he’d not only her male doppelganger, he’s a super sweetie too. Her new family also includes Eldy, a little sheltie mix, and of course his people mum and dad, experienced dog owners with hearts of gold.


Our most sincere thanks to Lesley, Jeff, Lauren and Brooke who fostered Betty White on behalf of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary – we could not have done it without you.

3 thoughts on “Betty White, Shar Pei Basset Hound Mix Rescue – ADOPTED! Oct 19”

  1. Hello i just had to have my sharpie basset mix put to sleep she was 14yrs old i loved her more than anything im looking to adopted again i live in ny

    1. We are so sorry to hear of your loss, and how wonderful of you to give your heart to your companion and she to you for a good 14 years. We have certainly taken note of your post, and if you would like to adopt, or for us to keep ears to the ground for you to adopt, please do feel free to send along an adoption application and we will do our darndest to help you out!

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