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Life as a Street Dog in Mexico Isn’t Fun, Help Betty Find A Home

Betty is a street dog in Mexico who simply wasn’t tough enough to survive that mean life.  She was losing the battle for food and she was losing the war against parasites. Luckily she came to the attention of Jane, an amazing animal lover and dog rescuer. This article tells Betty’s story through Jane’s eyes.

A Street Dog in Mexico

Betty came into my life the day that I was taking a friend to the airport in Cancun Mexico. We had some rescued dogs headed for Niagara, Canada.  She literally wandered into my parking lot and asked if I could please take her too, as her life on the street was no fun.


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Betty this street dog in Mexico had very little fur due to mange. She  was clearly infested with worms given the size and shape of her belly. And she was very, very hungry.

I had to go or else we’d be late for the flight, but my husband gave her a good feed as soon as he could.  I decided that I would take her to the vet and try and find her a foster home as soon as I got home.

Well, I got home and Betty the street dog was no where to be found.  Weeks and weeks passed. Finally, I saw her outside my house battling with some bigger street dogs to get some refuse out of a bag of garbage. Those other dogs weren’t letting Betty anywhere near it. It appeared she would go hungry again.

betty before

I was able to grab her this time. She was terrified. No doubt her experience with humans had not been a positive one up to that point. She was given into the care of my trusted vet friend, Dr. Javier who along with his wonderful staff have nursed her back to health. They spayed her, vaccinated her and started working her socialization.

betty 2

She is still wary of new people but it doesn’t take long for her to understand who is her friend.  It is so heart-warming to see her play and act like “a real dog” now!  She did not have that opportunity while living on the street where her only concern was finding the next meal or safe place to bed down for the night.

Help Betty Find a Furever Home in Canada

Betty needs a little help getting to Canada. She has a ride, but needs hitching money. Air Canada charges $270 to ship a dog to Canada and we’re looking for a family to sponsor her trip home.

If you’ve got a couple extra dollars that you could put towards her flight, BCFS  will find her a loving forever home!
Here’s all the ways you can pledge your support:

  • Use our direct link on our website Donations page
  • Email transfer via mybremner- at –
  • Mail a cheque made out to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary at  2930 Bowen Rd, Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0

We thank you for every nickel, it takes a team to rescue a dog!

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  1. Those eyes … I just want to kiss that doggie face!!! Small contribution sent. Wish Air Canada could just forget about their fee. It’s like one piece of handluggage!

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