solo lebanon dogs

BETA Lebanon Rescued Dog, Here’s Solo – ADOPTED! Nov 2014

Solo is one of our six rescued dogs from Beirut Lebanon, saved and brought to Canada with the collaboration of BETA Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. While we are just getting to know him, we are posting his brief backstory and our first impressions. We will definitely add more to this profile as shows his colors!

solo lebanon dogs

Solo’s 411

  • Male, Neutered, UTD Vaccines
  • Age: 3 years (approximate)
  • Breed: Mixed Breed, possibly Poodle Havenese
  • Color & Coat: Black and White, Curly, Soft
  • Weight: Approximately 11 kilos
  • Size: Medium
  • Temperament: Friendly, Vocal, Sweet
  • Good on Leash: Yes
  • Good with other dogs – Yes, though may be possessive of his “person” at this time
  • Good with Kids: Unknown at this time, has not been tested
  • Good with Cats: Seems to be indifferent
  • Crate Trained: Yes, though prefers open dog bed
  • Good in Car: Yes
  • NOTE: Solo is marking inside / outside the house during this time of transition

Solo’s Journey from the streets of Beirut

Solo was an elusive dog, just 18 months old and a stray when he came to the attention of a group of good samaritans.  They spotted him, searched for him, and then desperately tried to catch him in the streets of Ain el Remmeneh for over 3 weeks. He was  finally rescued and brought into the care of BETA.

Solo is an extremely sweet dog. He’s been groomed here in Canada courtesy our friends at Pampered Paws. He’s very loving but a little disoriented at the moment. He has decided that Amy and Brent are his people, and gets vocal with a soft but attention-getting little yowl when they first leave the farm.  He stops vocalizing within 20 minutes, but still wanders around for a while before putting himself to bed in a cozy corner. Like all the dogs in from Lebanon, he has a healthy appetite, and is at a great weight for his size.  His curly coat is soft, and would look as cute grown out and maintained or kept in a puppy cut as you see here! 

solo lebanon dogs

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