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BETA Lebanon Rescued Dog, Here’s Mia – ADOPTED! Nov 2014

Mia is one of our six rescued dogs from Beirut Lebanon. In fact, she is the catalyst for Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s outreach to BETA Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They are the original rescue organization in Lebanon that saved Mia from her plight on the street. We shared some of her backstory on our previous post here, The Dogs from Lebanon. Here are our first impressions and her 411 now that she with us in Canada.

Mia lebanon rescued dog

Mia’s 411

  • Female, Spayed, UTD Vaccines
  • Age: 3 years (approximate)
  • Breed: Mixed Breed, German Shepherd Dog cross
  • Color & Coat: Black and Tan
  • Weight: Approximately 25 kilos
  • Size: Medium
  • Temperament: Quiet, never barks, extremely friendly submissive
  • Good on Leash: Yes
  • Good with other dogs – Yes
  • Good with Kids: Yes
  • Good with Cats: Indifferent
  • Good in Car: Yes

Mia’s foster family reports that she is, in a word, “awesome!” She has proven to be quiet, and gentle and submissive so far, but she is a puppy at heart! She loves to be where her people are, and also loves to be out on the grass, hanging outside, and watch the world go by. Her foster home is an active one, with people coming and going and three resident dogs of all sizes – Mia is totally fine with the pace. She is having a bit of a challenging adapting to slippery floors; the balance without traction is something on which she needs some practice.

mia has her first meal in canada
Mia has her first meal in Canada!

Mia has been to the vet without fuss, and met little people (kids!) with the same gentle demeanor she shows everywhere. She is housebroken, asking to go out with a little bark.

She is good on leash, though her walk times right now are quite short. We imagine that she’ll need to build up some muscle tone before she takes on hikes longer than a couple of minutes right now. The way she and her foster family are helping with his is by taking her on super short walks, or her being active for short periods at a time, but frequently. Her foster family feels she would do well in a furever home that has a fenced back yard and perhaps even a dog door.

She has been left for a maximum of 2 hours with the run of the house in these first few days in Canada, with no issue at all.

mia lebanon rescued dog

Blind (in one eye) with a chopped off leg, she was heartlessly beaten on the street over and over because she was a “nuisance.”

According to the vet, her front leg was chopped off a while ago, and she’s adapted well to living with it, therefore amputation is not necessary (at least at this point).

Mia is extremely friendly and adorable. I attached a video taken when a Beta volunteer spotted her first time. Here is her backstory on BETA Lebanon Facebook Page. – Mona Khoury, Co-Founder, BETA

Amy’s Story of Discovering Mia here.

Adopt a Lebanon Rescued Dog

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lebanon rescued dog Mia


3 thoughts on “BETA Lebanon Rescued Dog, Here’s Mia – ADOPTED! Nov 2014”

  1. Hi there. I wanted to inquire about Mia. Aside from her blind eye, and her leg, are there any other health issues to be aware of? She looks adorable. Whereabouts are you located and whereabouts is Mia? Thanks so much for everything you do, and for your reply.

    1. Hi Linda, and thanks for asking! With regards to health, she has been to the vet and checked over for general wellness and come back with a positive assessment. Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is located in Stevensville, ON and Mia is being fostered just a few minutes away from our venue. Please do feel free to fill out an adoption application as a first step towards adoption, then email Amy Bremner for next steps! You can contact us through the contact page right here on the site, top menu – see it there?

  2. We have a tripod dog too. I find it helps with balance if you hold his food dish or raise the food and water up for them, leaning down is difficult. Shared – hopefully you find a furever home soon.

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