Bergen’s Become a “Perfect Gentleman”!

Bergen has always been a lovely boy but with specialized foster care by our longtime foster “miracle-worker” Raye and her husband Paul, he’s made huge progress!

DSC02036cropexpBergen learned from his foster siblings that the back of the couch is a comfy place

Bergen is a puppy mill survivor who spent the first three years of his life locked in a cage. He’s had to learn about life and the outside world at 3 years old that most dogs learn from puppyhood.

As a result, Bergen had a strong instinct to flee new surroundings and escaped his first adoptive home in late October. Since coming back to BCFS he’s been cared for by Raye and Paul and their dogs who are the best teachers for Bergen.

bergenatrayes11-24threeBergen learns from Abby, Harriette and Ben about life in a real home

Raye sends us this new update on Bergen’s progress:

Bergen has become a great little dog. He is housetrained, both dog and cat friendly, and crate trained. This guy is a perfect gentlemen on a leash as well as at the dinner bowl, he is food motivated and sleeps beside our bed at night. You would never guess he is a puppy mill survivor, he is now calm, cool and collected.


He has taken his cues from my older male rottie and as a puppy mill survivor he needs a buddy to help him continue to understand his new world.


DSC02034croppedexpBergen’s foster sibling Ben peeks over the back of the couch

After so long being caged I think he has earned the right to have a fenced yard in his forever home to run free and frolic with his buddy and new family.

We think so, too. Thank you, Raye! Bergen will benefit further in a forever home with a fenced yard and a dog friend to romp with. He’s smaller than he looks and is only 25 lbs., about the size of a spaniel.

snowwithrottieexpsharpcropBergen and his big rottie friend Ben

After Bergen’s unhappy start in life, this sweet boy deserves the best life and family we can give to him. Puppy mill dogs suffer immeasurably and he just wants to be a real dog for the rest of his life.


Can you offer that life to Bergen? Loving hands, kind words, a warm bed, good meals, fun walks, a fenced yard and a dog sibling to be his friend? Bergen will pay you back in devotion and joy.

If so, please download and complete an adoption application and email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at: scronier@rogers.com.

Thank you for following Bergen’s story with us and considering this sweet young boy for adoption. Please share and help some lucky family find their newest family member, Bergen!





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