Bergen Thrives in Foster Care – Update!

Bergen is rocking his foster care stay! We’re happy to report he’s doing great. This healthy three-year-old shih tzu cross has been in a specialized foster home since November.

bergenatrayes11-24tenBergen and his big senior rottie friend Ben

After Bergen escaped his first adoptive home on October 31st and survived outdoors on his own for several days, we decided Bergen needed specialized care and training to further socialize him and reduce his flight risk.

Bergen went to stay with our longtime fosters Raye and her husband Paul, who also care for our permanent Cushings foster Harriette, have adopted apricot poodle Abby from us, and have fostered several of BCFS’ rescued dogs, especially puppy mill dogs.

bergen&pippaabbycropsharpBergen hangs out with Abby (formerly Pippa), also a puppy mill survivor

Raye sends this wonderful update on Bergen’s progress:

He is a lovely gentlemen who does not dart for the door anymore or try to get out of the gate. He is housetrained, walks wonderfully on a leash and can’t wait to go for a walk.


He comes for scratchie as we call them and he is very food motivated. He has not shown any food or animal aggression, as a matter of fact he loves the cat.

He has learned to sit for a treat and go kennel when we are leaving. We leave him uncrated at night and he sleeps with our Rottie Ben.


He is forming a bond with Ben and loves to run circles in the back yard.


Bergen would be a great addition to any family who has a furry friend who needs a buddy and has a fenced yard for them to romp in.


If size matters, Bergen looks larger in pictures, he is about the size of a spaniel and 25 pounds.

3dogsBergen’s a small guy, especially compared to his large-breed friends

We’re thankful that Bergen is doing so well in foster care. This handsome fella came to BCFS in early autumn last year along with his two brothers Ruger and Fenton who are since adopted.


Bergen was adopted on October 30th but due to his instinct to escape, he managed to run away from his new home the next day. His family and many community members in the Hunters Point area of Welland searched for him and one family succeeded in trapping Bergen in their backyard, then called BCFS. His family decided he wasn’t the right fit for them and Bergen returned to BCFS.

bergenamybrentrescueAmy and Brent bringing Bergen back, grateful to everyone who helped find and capture him

Raye and Paul have since been working with Bergen to help him get over his urge to escape. They’ve also been socializing him further – Bergen is a puppy mill survivor and dogs rescued from puppy mills always benefit from the companionship and teaching of other dogs.

4dogsexpstraightenedBen, Abby and Harriette are good company for Bergen

Bergen is learning how to be a dog and to feel comfortable, welcome and safe in a home environment. This is one of the pluses of a rescue like ours, giving animals the time and foster home environments that prepare them for life with a forever family.

Bergen’s Ready for Adoption!

Thanks to Raye, Paul and Bergen’s dog and cat foster siblings, Bergen is ready for a family and permanent home. He needs a family with a fenced yard, another dog to be Bergen’s friend, and without young children because kids move too fast for him.

If this charming young guy is stealing your heart, please download and fill out an adoption application, and email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at:

Bergen will make a sweet family member for you and playmate for your dog!


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