Bergen Has Been Adopted!

Bergen – a puppy mill survivor – was transferred to BCFS from Furever Friends Rescue of WNY back in October, 2016.  Although he may not look it, Bergen is a shih tzu cross, weighing in at about 25 lbs.


Bergen’s mama (Delana), his brothers (Fenton and Ruger), and his sister (Allura) were also BCFS residents. A family affair! Bergen was the last in the family still looking for a forever home.

Bergen’s family, clockwise from upper left: mama Delana, sister Allura, Bergen, and brothers Ruger and Fenton

While Bergen was adopted out in late October, the day after his adoption he escaped the house and was missing for several days. After spending the first three years of his life in a cage at a puppy mill, Bergen possessed a strong instinct to flee new surroundings.


With help from volunteers and the community, BCFS was thankfully able to bring Bergen home safely. At that point, Bergen’s adoptive family decided he wasn’t a good fit for them and Bergen was put back into our foster care program.


Bergen was placed in one of our specialized foster homes where he received plenty of love and socialization to minimize his flight risk. Bergen’s foster family, Raye and Paul, have done wonders for several of our dogs including our permanent Cushings foster, Harriette and their own adopted dog, Pippa/Abby (BCFS alumni).


Bergen became quite comfortable in this foster home and eventually stopped trying so hard to escape. His foster mom reported his love for walks, playing with his foster siblings, and romping in the backyard.


It was crucial for us to find Bergen a home with a fenced yard and another dog who he could play with and continue to take cues from on how to be a dog.


Given the connection between Bergen and his foster family, you can imagine how pleased we are to announce that Bergen has been adopted by Raye’s daughter. We are overjoyed that Bergen will be staying in the family; a family that he knows and loves.

Congratulations to Bergen and his furever family!

Bergen with his siblings, Buster and Frank.

3 thoughts on “Bergen Has Been Adopted!”

  1. I am having a very “time to walk away” day in rescue, but now I am crying tears of joy reading this! Thank you all for giving him the time he needed to heal.

  2. Thank goodness Bergen now has a forever home!!! Time, patience and love were the key ingredients for him!

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