Beaver Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary

October 16, 2010 is the first day of Beaver Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary. This is exciting as I sit in my kitchen alone typing as the sun shines and the puppies nap. For those who don’t know me – I am an animal lover. If you read some of the previous posts about my animals you’ll see my devotion runs deep towards the little heartbeats without a voice.

I belonged to a non-profit rescue for several years and found it wasn’t the right place for me and my passions. I believe in helping dogs that need help. Those abused, abandoned and generally wounded by the callousness of humans. I want to give back.

It’s hard to start one of these organizations. You have to be recognized to pull dogs from bad places, but not puppy mills. What got me going on this is the mass puppy mill auction going on in Missouri on October 27, 2010. A good friend offered a donation if I was willing to foster and find one of these dogs a home. Wow. What a great leap of trust. She said if I can help one dog than it’s worth all the money. What a great lady.

So, here I am making the decision to start a rescue. It has to start private and hopefully we can become incorporated once we raise enough funds. I’m hoping for all sorts of donations. Dog food, blankets, beds, bowls, toys and money. I can’t do it without the monetary donations. I’d love to build a free spay and neuter clinic. I’d love to have a kennel to house the dogs when they first come in and have volunteers give flea baths and grooming. I’d love to have vet who would be willing to volunteer some time or give a discount on spay or neutering.

If you know someone or would like to help please join our listserver: or go to this website:

Everyday starts with a step…
Thank you for making my dreams come true and helping the animals.

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