BCFS Welcomes Four Female Bunnies to our Foster Program!

All the girls arrived and Perry (our neutered male) has never been happier!!

IMG_2776resizedsharpPerry, left, loves hanging out with the girls

The five bunnies are living together in the Bunny Patch and having a great time eating the fresh greens and playing tag. We’ve seen a few happy dances since they arrived August 17, 2016.

IMG_2772resizedsharpBCFS’ Bunny Patch where rescued bunnies frolic

All of the bunnies came to BCFS through our rescue partner the Niagara Falls Humane Society. The honey-colored bunny named Honey is a lop eared rabbit and the three pretty grey girls named Ashley, Pixie and Sweetie are chinchilla rabbits.

IMG_2845resizedPixie and Sweetie loving the cool breeze in the barn

IMG_2782resizedsharpSweet lop-eared bunny Honey cools off in the shade outside
IMG_2859resizedAnd she stretches out in the cool comfort of the BCFS barn

If you’re looking for a healthy happy little girl bunny to call your own please contact us at

IMG_2783resizedsharpLovely Ashley

The girls will all be spayed in the next few weeks. If you can make a donation towards their spay you can do so via our Donation Page or via email transfer via


Our handsome boy Perry is still adoptable, too! Perry’s a Flemish giant mix who is neutered, litter-box trained, social and friendly with bunnies and bun-savvy dogs. Read Perry’s post here and his Petfinder listing here.

IMG_2784resizedsharpThank you!


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