Bath Night

It’s six weeks today since we lost our lovable Gizmo. I saw many people today that I hadn’t seen since he died. Mostly co-workers who hugged and said kind words. Thank you for understanding he was my baby and thank you for your kindness. It means the world.

Tonight was bath night for the puppies. We’re preparing for our vacation/one year anniversary trip on Friday and I wanted to get the dogs groomed before Friday. I decided Tuesday was a good night and I started by giving both Taz and Poco a bubble bath. After I got the kids out of the tub and dried I started with the clippers.

I did Poco first and he looks incredibly handsome, but as I was sweeping the hair into the garbage I was overcome with tears as I pictured that hair being chocolate brown. I remembered how good Gizmo was to get groomed. He was always so patient and stood so still letting me learn. He was so sweet to groom and so easy. It didn’t matter what I did to Gizmo he always looks adorable. I miss that chocolate hair.

Poco looks incredibly adorable and Taz looks like a princess with her fluffy style. As we get ready for this trip I wish Gizmo was here getting his bath too. I wish Gizmo was at my feet begging for cookies. I’ve never wished so hard in all my life.

My kitchen walls are adorned by pictures of my puppies. Gizmo always stands out with love in his eye and personality oozing out of his body. What an amazing little dude and I am so lucky that I got to have him in my life.

Puppy bath night tonight and I really miss my Gizmo.

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