Barn Yoga

We were chatting with a good friend from BCFS, lets call her Tonia, and she was telling us about her experience doing yoga in the barn with all the animals.


She said it was amazing. Listening to the animals snort and stomp and talk. A duck quacked, a goat bayed and a horse nickered. It was a very rich environment and full of positive energy.

Tonia was totally enjoying her barn yoga when she heard the plop. Her yoga mat was right beside Splash the blind pony and just as the scent of manure hit the air the yoga instructor said, “now take a deep breath.”

splashTonia thought: oh no. No that’s not going to happen.

She glanced at the next yogi beside her and made a face, which set off quiet laughing.

We guess there are some drawbacks to having yoga in the barn. lol.



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