Bailey Adopted Shih Tzu

Bailey Scores One for the Senior Dog Team! Happy Tail Adoption

Have you ever made a decision, then realized it was exactly the WRONG one just by having made it?  That’s what happened with Bailey’s now furever family. And they almost missed out! But in the weird and wacky world of animal rescue, the gods of goodness often prevail in spite of us silly humans. Bailey is now safely ensconced in the perfect-for-him furever family. Here’s what happened!

We are privileged at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary to sometimes have multiple adoption applications for a single dog. Bailey was one of those cases. The volunteer team diligently follows up on every one, and lets each potential adopters know exactly what is happening, as it happens.

In this case, there were two wonderful families that were considering Bailey’s adoption. We did one meet and greet, and then we did the other. From BCFS perspective, both families were suitable homes for our quirky senior Shih Tzu.

Adopted Senior Shih Tzu

The families often get back to us within a day of that first meeting with the dog.  Family 1 at first felt that Bailey was not a match, and let us know the morning after. Family 2 loved him at first sight and said so in the meet and greet. However, after more consideration and a family conference, they reported in the next morning with the decision that Bailey was not a match for them.

We roll with the developments. Its not the first time that one of our dogs meets a number of families before a match is made.

But here’s the kicker …  

Senior Dog Adoption

A couple of days after that sequence, Family 1 contacted us and said they just could not get Bailey’s sweet face out of their minds. Please, would BCFS re-consider them as adopters?


The process and paperwork were zipped up, arrangements made, and now – voila! – handsome Bailey has a home!

Take a bow for the senior team Sir Bailey.  Hopefully you have inspired other families to consider the adoption of a senior dog. There are all kinds of benefits of doing so for people as well as the dogs. So get out there and be the ambassador that we know you are!

bailey senior adoption

By the way, ain’t it adorable, Taz and Bailey with the same cutie haircut?!  Thanks Amy :)

senior dog adoption
Nothing like a good grooming to really bring out the character!

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With Thanks To Our Sponsor CaniSource

Bailey came into foster care quite a bit overweight at 23 pounds. By his “gotcha” date just one month later,  he had lost 3 pounds. We credit the diet of CaniSource dehydrated raw food for his healthy weight loss. We used the nuggets as treats too, so he stays on his regime. Plus we were able to incentivize good new behavior too. We recommend CaniSource highly!

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