Baby Kittens

The same day we took in two orphaned kittens the Humane Society called BCFS to ask if we could take 6 ten day old kittens. The mother was injured and slated to be euthanized.

mama and kittens

The phone tree was activated and we looked for homes to help with these babies. Our cat expert asked if the mother could be saved, a quick call later and we were accepting the mother too.

We immediately took the mama and six kittens to the vet for assessment. X-rays didn’t show any bone damage, but the mama was having difficulty ambulating on her hind end. Partially paralyzed.

mama kitten

The vet would keep mama and the six babies overnight for observation and fluids. Mama was still nursing and caring for the babies.

mama and kittens

After two days at the vet hospital Mama and the kittens were moved into the loving care of a foster home. We always hope for happy endings, but unfortunately this isn’t a story with an entirely happy ending.


Three of the kittens quickly deterioriated and passed quietly in their sleep. Mama deteriorated as well and was become aggressive. She no longer cared for the kittens and was uncomfortable…. suffering.

The board, foster family and our veterinary discussed the possibilities and it decided with heavy hearts to have Mama euthanized. The vets at Dunnville put their heads together and decided that it was likely a spinal cord injury from trauma.


Three healthy survivors will be looking for homes. These are very special kittens who managed to thrive with the help of our wonderful foster home.


Would you consider one of these babies to be your own? They have been bottle fed and are very people oriented.



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