Awesome Senior Dogs! Maggie’s New Update

Whoever coined the expression “sweet 16” must have had Maggie in mind!  She’s a sweet 16-year-old Maltese that BCFS rescued and adopted to mom Lynne on Labor Day weekend.


Maggie had a happy Thanksgiving that Lynne shared with us in October…


Now Lynne shares a new update and photos of Maggie at Christmas!


Lynne writes,

Maggie and I have been at my daughter’s which has seen many new experiences for Maggie. She continues to surprise us from where she was at when she came to me to where she is now. We know she can hear and make no mistake, she uses it for her benefit. I think it’s called ‘selective hearing’!
There’s more activity and noise and she’s always right in the midst most of the time. She’s up and down the stairs and jumps up and off the furniture. She’s pretty much taken over ownership of the whole house and Sophie (the cat) stays out of her way most of the time. She chases Sophie around the house and at other times they just sit and look at each other.
 We have another member of the family now. My son adopted a six month old puppy (Marley) and up until recently she was afraid of Maggie. That’s changed now and they’re learning to play together but Maggie holds her own!
Her personality shines through everything she does and she shows so much affection to all of us which of course, we return 100 fold. I can’t imagine life without her!
Wishing everyone at Beaver Creek a joyful Christmas season and best wishes for 2016.

Thank you, Lynne for sharing news of Maggie’s new life with you, and loving her as you do.  Maggie shows us that age is only a number and senior dogs like her have a lot of life to live and love to give!


Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016 to Lynne, all our adoptive families and fosters, and to our loyal followers and supporters.

Happy Holidays from all of us at BCFS and please consider adopting a senior dog!

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  1. We are all so blessed that Amy and Beaver Creek are here for the animals! Giving shelter to the aged animal is living the word “rescue”! Thank you for not saying no to Maggie.

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