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Adoptions Coordinator Silvana comments on Canine Chiropractic Session

Thank you Dr. Dryan!

Tracy Drynan, Dr of Chiropractic & Certified Animal Chiropractor has been a volunteer with Beavercreek Farm Sanctuary for over a year now.  During that time she has helped numerous dogs at BCFS overcome their mobility issues.

Canine Chiropratic3


Although my dog Lexi did not appear to have any mobility issues she did injure her front leg a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would be a good idea to bring her in to see Tracy.


Lexi is a 9 year old Pom-poo with an abundance of energy.  Tracy was great at explaining everything she was doing during Lexi’s session.  I just wish I could remember all of the terminology used.  As a Reiki Practitioner I work with energy therefore do understand how blocked energy in a body, whether it is in a human or animal, can cause health issues.

The Spine

Tracy explained how the spine worked in a dog in relation to the energy flow.  She also pointed out how Lexi’s tail movement showed how much stiffness she was experiencing.  I never noticed that before.  Lexi has a tail that curls up over her body and I did not realize that her tail should have a slight wiggle movement when her back end was moving properly.


The Adjustment

After the adjustment I could certainly see that movement.  This morning when I was walking Lexi I made an effort to watch her and could plainly see the difference in the way she moved and the slight wiggle or should I say more of a shimmy in her tail.  This is not the same as when they are wagging their happy tail, it is a regular movement in the tail area.


DIY Massage

Tracy also showed me how to massage parts of Lexi’s body to keep her limber.  When the spine is not moving properly it can affect internal organs as well.  I plan to have Lexi around for a long time and am very grateful to have been shown how to keep her in the best possible shape.


Thank you Tracy!

Tracy is a loving, gentle soul and BCFS appreciates your contribution so very much.  I look forward to Lexi’s next appointment.

Tracy’s office (Stride Fourth Chiropractic) is Located at 1931 Fourth Avenue, St. Catharines, 905-641-3000.





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Adoptable Maltipoo, Here’s Reggie – Adopted July, 2015

Red renamed Reggie is an adoptable Maltipoo puppy now in Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s dog foster program. He is about seven months old. Reggie proudly boasts a three quarter Maltese and one quarter Poodle heritage. He’s considered a non-shedding mix, an advantage for some furever families.  This debonair little puppy is now adoptable and looking for the perfect furever home!

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animal reiki workshop

Pet Animal Reiki Workshop Report – Awesome Success!

We would like to thank the seven wonderful, compassionate Reiki Practitioners who came out to to participate in a Pet/Animal workshop. The world is a better place when people focus on helping to heal animals.

silvana cronier at open house october

Silvana (pictured above with her canine partner Lexi) is a Reiki Master and animal lover who had been contemplating developing and teaching a Pet/Animal Reiki Workshop, but was missing a crucial link: the opportunity to connect with diverse animal energy.

People and Animals coming Together to Help Each Other! 

Last fall Silvana joined the BCFS volunteer team as our Adoptions Coordinator and the farm animal division provided the much needed diversity of animals.

A win-win-win situation!

Silvana achieves her goal of creating and teaching a Pet/Animal Reiki Workshop, which creates more individuals in the world committed to helping heal animals and the BCFS animals get extra Reiki for a day!

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siamese george polydactyl cat foster

Siamese Cat George the Polydactyl – Adopted

George is a Siamese cat who is also a polydactyl, he has more than five toes on each paw! George has just come into the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary foster cat program. We are currently looking for a foster home or of course a furever home for this talented feline.

George is a 9 years old, charmingly crossed eyed, lilac point Siamese cat. He has thumbs that come in handy when he tries to pick up things without claws! George needs to be in a home without other cats and without small children.

siamese cat polydactyl George

If you feel you could help George get a second chance at a loving home by fostering or adopting, please do contact Adoptions Coordinator Silvana by email and / or complete an adoption or foster home application, downloadable from our Documents Page here!