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Tigger finds a Foster Home

We would like to thank all who wanted to help us find a permanent foster for Tigger.  We have found the perfect foster for Tigger and want to thank Beth for stepping up.  Beth is well versed in cat care having had many cats in her life and we are confident that Tigger will be well cared for.  As with all rehoming, there will be an adjustment period but patience and love will make the adjustment as easy as possible.

Beth with Tigger
Beth with Tigger

Surrenders aren’t always emotional, but Tigger’s held many tears.  Tigger is a 17 year old cat who was very much loved by his owners.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control Tigger needed to be rehomed.

Beth was kind enough to make the trip to Tigger’s home for pick up which helped to keep stress levels as minimal as possible for Tigger by only moving him to one location.   Having the foster and owners connect with each other before surrender and during the surrender helped everyone feel more at ease about a very difficult situation.

Owner, Foster & I shed tears and shared hugs.


As we go through life, there are many lessons to learn.  Our pets are pure of love and intention and are here to help us become better people.  There were comments made about “How could someone give up a pet after 17 years”.

Having facilitated Tigger’s surrender, I can assure everyone that it was a decision made in Tigger’s best interest and very emotionally charged.  We all need to learn not to judge other’s actions, especially when we are not walking in their shoes.

The message we would like to send out to all pet owners is that if you are in the situation where rehoming your pet is the only option, then please do not advertise your pet for free on Kijiji, Craig’s List or any other type of classified lists like these.  Take the time to search out reputable rescues.  Even if one rescue is full and cannot help, continue to seek out others.

Do NOT give up! 

Reputable rescues will do the leg work to ensure your pet is placed into an appropriate home that will take good care of your pet and make sure no harm comes to them.

BCFS relies very heavily on foster homes.  Fostering is not always easy but always rewarding knowing that you are helping many pets find forever homes.   Afraid you will become too attached to the pet you are fostering and won’t want to give them up?  No problem we always check with the foster first to see if they want to adopt before going to applicants.

BCFS covers all vet care for our foster pets. 

If you are interested in fostering for BCFS please fill out the Volunteer Application at this link

We received this update from Beth on Tigger’s first night:

“I’m glad to say Tigger did really well in the car and settled in nicely. When we got home, I let him out of his carrier in my walk-in closet with his litter, blanket and some water.    

Lola, Beth’s Pomeranian

Lola and I left the house for a walk to give him some time to depressurize.  He was a good boy and used his litter while we were out.  I opened the door into the bedroom to let him explore that space a bit, and he had a good visit with me while I put out his scratch pads and gave him some kibble (which he had a snack on).  I think he really likes the Feliway atomizer – he goes right up to it to  face bump it and smell it.  He is clearly interested, so I hope it is helping to make him feel more secure. I put his scratch pad right next to it, and put some catnip on it.  He has tried it out and likes using it as a pillow.  At bedtime, I let him into the rest of the apartment, while Lola and I stayed in the bedroom.  He was not at all vocal, and used his box again during the night.  He is back in the bedroom now, with the door open a crack, so he and Lola can see each other a bit. I think he would actually like to come out and meet her, but I am taking their introduction slowly.  She is pretty much just ignoring him, though she did give his blanket a sniff.   So far, everything has gone really smoothly. 

There has been no hissing, barking or drama of any kind. 

They are both very calm animals, and I anticipate they will get along well.  Tigger is mostly hanging out under furniture at this point, as I’m sure he’s not fully secure and hasn’t established his “places” in  the house yet.  He’s not terrified, though, and does come out for pats when I go in the room or call him.  He has already started grooming me just a little.  Tigger is a very affectionate old guy and I think he’s a good fit.  My family is looking forward to meeting him.  It’s so nice to have a cat! “


We are very happy that Tigger is settling into his new foster home and we can’t thank Beth enough for taking him in.







Birthday Donation


Beavercreek Farm Sanctuary would like to send out a big thank you to Emilio.  This amazing 5 year old decided that he wanted to help the animals with donations instead of receiving gifts for his birthday.  We would also like to thank mom Lisa and dad Mike for their continued support of BCFS.


Permanent Cat Foster Needed

ATTENTION CAT LOVERS, we are looking for someone to permanently foster Tigger for BCFS.  Tigger is a healthy 17 year old Orange Tabby who is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.  He is friendly and has lived with a cat and dog therefore would be fine in a home with other pets.  He is litter trained but does like to roam outside in an enclosed space when given the opportunity and will do his business outside.  Sadly his owners need to re-locate out of province and cannot take him with them.  If you are interested in fostering Tigger for us, please let us know asap.  Thank you.


IMG_2802 (2)

Volunteer Placement at BCFS

Jordan is camera shy but her chicken Squeak is not!

I was asked to write about my experience at Beaver Creek. To start off, my name is Jordan and I am a Sheridan College student, currently graduating Animal Care. For my 2 week placement I decided to go local and volunteer my time at BCFS.



I was initially very hesitant, I’ve worked at farms and rescues for livestock before so the idea that I’d be mucking stalls most of the time didn’t bother me. Most of my adult life, I had been petrified of horses. I’d had lectures on horse anatomy, behaviour and genetics, so I understood the scientific aspect of them, but they just seemed so big and unpredictable that I would rather do anything else than work around these giant beasts with hooves that could break bones and deliver powerful kicks.

Then I met Splash.


I was nervous, of course, trying to hide it so as not to make a fool of myself in front of Megan. I offered her my hand to smell, talking in a low voice. She was blind, having had surgery to remove her eyes long ago, so I expected her to spook in her stall. Even though she had no eyes to set on me, she looked ever so kindly at me and snuffled at my hand for treats. I smiled after a minute, my fears immediately dissipating. They weren’t so bad after all.

Over the two weeks, I grew even more fond of Splash, Heidi and Chevy, the three horses currently residing in the rescue.


Heidi watched from a distance as I mucked the pasture. I eventually learned she loved scratches behind the left ear the best and would lean her little head as hard as it could go into my hand.


Splash would check in on me while I was in the pasture, coming up to me every time she heard the squeaking of the wheelbarrow as I pushed it to the next spot. She demanded pets, which I gave her, and she would rest her head gently on my shoulder for a few moments as if to calm me down before trotting away. She was gentle and sweet, an old soul if I ever saw one.


Chevy was nosy and childish, but always careful with me. He seemed to hold as still as he possibly could while I groomed him, glancing back at me every time he shifted his stance. Although he was pushy when it comes to treats, Megan would come over and push him away if he was being a brat and stealing treats from little Heidi. Eventually I mustered up the nerve to be less cautious with him and shove him away when he was being silly, which gained some measure of respect.


Elsa the goat was a little brat, but even through her near constant headbutting I loved her all the same. She was constantly trying to get me to loosen up and play with her, which was funny if not a little painful.



Cecil, Ziggy and Mickey were my constant helpers and companions, following me everywhere with wagging tails and happy faces. Even Ziggy, who at first was more than reluctant to accept me, was all too happy to take treats and even let me pet him a little!

Megan with her dog Mickey

My time at BCFS helped me understand the animals there beyond the textbooks and lecture notes, and gave me a sense of community in my short time there. Although I won’t be logging quite as many hours as I did these past weeks, I will happily be returning to help out when I’m needed.

IMG_2802 (2)

I would like to thank the BCFS volunteers, as well as Leisa at The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary, for making this the highlight of my school year.


Paint Party Update

We’re pleased to announce the first Paint Your Pet Party to raise money for Beaver Creek was a success!


Although the crowd was a little smaller than Wendy’s usual events, the food was great and the paintings were beautiful!

We asked our host Wendy Maloney how the event went and this is what she had to say:


“Our first Paint Your Pet event for Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary went well. Everyone had a fun afternoon and enjoyed some great, healthy vegetarian/vegan food at Magical Mediterranean Munchies.”

“Thanks to all who came out to support BCFS! You can follow Wendy Malowany Art Studio on Facebook.”  Click here for Wendy’s facebook page

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the talented help of Wendy and the folks at Magical Mediterranean Munchies! We’d like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to the people that made this event what it was, and helped raise money for the sanctuary.


Terri pictured above is the owner of Magical Mediterranean Munchies.  Her food is authentic, homemade, gluten free (other than the fresh baked whole wheat pita) and dairy free.  Click here for Link to Magical Mediterranean Munchies website

Wendy is running a pet photo contest for February.  If you are interested in entering you pet please click here for the link Pet Photo Contest





Bailey – Update


Our first adoption of the new year has settled into her new home wonderfully, we couldn’t be happier that Bailey is doing well!

We reached out for an update, and this is what her owners Bert and Linda had to say:

“Bailey has adapted well to her new home and her 4 legged siblings and has become an integral part of our family.  Bailey is a real sweet dog and we couldn’t be happier with her.  She fit in immediately, it’s as if she’s always lived with us.”


Earlier in the year, Bailey underwent surgery to remove a growth on her eye, as well as some dental work while she was under anesthesia. The cone of shame is a bother but we have to admit, it’s pretty cute on her!

Bailey’s made lots of friends, inside the house and out.


“Bailey is Linda snuggle buddy.  Lots of cuddle time in the evening.”

“Chloe our 20 year old Cornish Rex cat has really taken to Bailey. Bailey does get a bit annoyed when Chloe walks over her or sits on top of her.”


“As soon as we let Bailey out in the back yard she makes a b-line out to the side fence to see if our next door neighbour’s dog Sadie is out. Bailey wants to be friends with everyone.”

Bailey’s update is inspirational for all of us at Beaver Creek, as senior dogs are often overlooked at shelters and rescues.  Bailey’s story proves senior dogs can be just as loving and playful as any other dog.


Thank you Bert and Linda for giving us a sneak peek into yours and Bailey’s happy lives together!




jam pyramid

We have had a lot of fundraisers over the years but never one as tasty as this one.


2 x 4 Jam Company from Virgil, Ontario is running a jam sale to help the animals at Beavercreek Farm Sanctuary.   Most of these delicious jams are made from local fruit from their farm, except strawberries as they source those from Jordan and the figs are Turkish.  Jams are made in a health inspected kitchen, all done by hand and homemade in small batches.  They make between 6 to 9 jars per batch.  All jams and butters have between 3-4 ingredients and no preservatives.

Pot2 pot1

Jams/butters can be purchased 3 for $10.00 or $4.00 per jar.

The jams are sold in 8 oz jars except for Jalapeno & Fig Jams as they only come in 4 oz jars.

The following flavours are available:

Peach, Cherry (sold out), Strawberry (sold out), Grape (sold out), Pear (sold out), Apricot (sold out), Nectarine (sold out), Purple Plum, Golden Plum (sold out), Sugar Plum (sold out), Red Plum (sold out), Apple Butter, Pear Butter, Jalapeno (sold out), Fig (sold out), & Plum butter (sold out).


Orders can be made by contacting Lisa at 2 x 4 Jam Company via her facebook page at Click here for Facebook Page Or Text/call her cell 289-257-1971 Or email her at

Thank you 2 X 4 Jam Company for wanting to help the animals at Beavercreek Farm Sanctuary with these mouth watering jams.

These Yummy jams won’t last long, don’t delay, get yours today.



Welcome Bailey – Cavalier King Charles Mix – Adopted

Meet Sweet  Bailey.  Bailey is a Cavalier King Charles Mix with the sweetest disposition.


Although she is 11 years old she still is very spunky and loves to go for walks.


Bailey loves her people and loves to cuddle.  She is good with dogs and as far as we know cats are not an issue.  She has had limited exposure to children (10 years and up) and is fine with dog savvy children.


She is house trained and crate trained.  Bailey would make a wonderful companion for someone who is home most of the time as she really does like to spend her time with her people.  She is also very good being at home with another dog.


Do you have  enough love in your heart for this sweet girl.

If you are interested in meeting Bailey please fill out our adoption application  Click here for on-line form.


Candle Sale

Christmas is just around the corner.   Are you still looking for a gift for your special someone?  Why not purchase a candle and help Beavercreek Farm Sanctuary in the process.   It would truly be a wonderful gift for the animal lover in your life.   Or purchase one for yourself and make your house smell inviting this holiday season.

We have a limited supply of Soya candles left over from our candle fundraiser and they are going fast.

C2 (2)

Candles pictured above come in small – 10 oz (jar included in weight) for $15.00, medium – 11.5 oz for $20.00 and large – 20 oz for $35.00.  Scents are Tropical Twist (Ecalyptus), Pure Innocence (Vanilla), Bayberry Cinnamon, Lemongrass & Citrus Balsam (Everygreen).

Don’t delay, contact Silvana at                     today to order your candle.


Beavercreek Farm Sanctuary is 100% volunteer based and all money raised goes directly to taking care of the animals. merry-christmas-dog

Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.