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Kevin has been Adopted!


Kevin a 1 year old Netherland Dwarf rabbit was transferred to BCFS’s foster home program in March 2018.  He wasn’t socialized well and did not like to be held.   Foster mom worked with Kevin to help him get used to being held and he eventually gobbled up affection as an interesting and fun bunny. He’s very curious and mostly fearless when it came to adventures and other animals.


We are extremely happy to announce that Kevin has been adopted into a very bunny savvy home.  Dani & Blake and their 4 children will certainly keep Kevin active and happy.  Kevin will also have plenty of bunny friends with the family’s 3 other bunnies, Baby a female lion head, Penelope a female Holland Lop and Charlie (previously known as Squash) a Flemish Cross who was adopted from BCFS last year.


We were lucky enough to already receive a wonderful update on Kevin.  New mom reports:

“On the ride home, I put Kevin in with Charlie, and they hit it off right away.  The idea behind stress bonding is to put them in a stressful situation (car ride) while closely monitoring them. The hope is, they lean on each other for support and comfort. Well, it worked!


When we got home, we slowly introduced the others, and there was only one scuffle I had to break up, between Kevin and Baby. Baby is the boss, she just needed Kevin to understand that. I think he got it LOL.


This morning he has been hanging out in his litter box, snacking on hay, and all the other bunnies have taken turns visiting him, snuggling him, sharing his treats and even grooming him!

He’s still a little scared and unsure obviously, but it’s like he was meant to be with us. It’s just all been so easy!


His favorite spot to rest last night and this morning is on my shoulder, and I’ve even been getting the occasional kiss. I’m smitten.”

Thank you from all of us at BCFS for giving this sweet boy a happy home where he can continue to flourish.

And BCFS would like to send a very special thank you to foster mom Tonia for taking such good care of Kevin.



mama and kittens

Kittens Adopted



Mama Cat with her 6 babies joined BCFS foster program April 2018.  Although Mama Cat was slated to be euthanized, BCFS took her in and had our Dunnville vet assess her and her six wee kittens.  Sadly three of the kittens quickly deteriorated and passed quietly in their sleep.  Mama deteriorated as well and became aggressive. She no longer cared for the kittens and was uncomfortable…. suffering.  The board, foster family and our veterinary discussed the possibilities and it decided with heavy hearts to have Mama euthanized.  The vets at Dunnville put their heads together and decided that it was likely a spinal cord injury from trauma.


The 3 remaining kittens thrived in their foster home and were quickly adopted.


The brother and sister team of Ginger & Ale were adopted together and BCFS congratulates and thanks Denielle and Liam for giving these wee kittens a wonderful forever home.


The remaining male kitten Marlo has already bonded with his new mom Kailee and we are very thankful to Kailee for giving him a wonderful forever home.


BCFS would like to extend their appreciation to foster mom Mary for taking care of these kittens.   We are very grateful to our foster homes for the care they give BCFS’ animals.  Without our foster homes, we would not be able to continue our quest to save the world one animal at a time.









Orphaned Kittens Adopted


Tiny black and white kittens were surrendered to the Humane Society after being found motherless in April 2018. They were so little at 2 to 3 weeks old and surprisingly hungry.


The Humane Society asked if BCFS could take these two tiny beans and the answer was yes.  They ate well, were de-wormed and treated with Advantage for fleas.


They thrived in the foster home being bottle fed by foster mom Leisa.  Initially, the black female kitten was touch and go, but she fought for her life and is now a spunky explorer.


The black and white male kitten purrs loudly and loves being a lap cat.

We are happy that the kittens have been adopted together.  Riggins, Natalie & Michael’s 3 ½ year old Austrlian Shepherd/Collie mix, can’t wait to be with them as he misses their previous cat dearly.


A big thank you to Leisa for fostering these 2 little kittens and thank you to BCFS’s volunteer Elisabeth for kitten sitting as needed.

Congratulations to the sweet orphaned kittens for finding their forever home with Natalie, Michael and fur-brother Riggins.






Pet/Animal Reiki Workshop Fundraiser – Cancelled

This workshop has been cancelled for June 9th and will be re-introduced mid to late September.

silvana cronier at open house october

Adoptions Coordinator & Reiki Master Silvana Cronier will be running another Pet/Animal Reiki Fundraising Workshop with half of the registration fees being donated to BCFS to help care for the animals.

animal reiki workshop horse

Calling on all Reiki/Energy Practitioners who are animal lovers and feel a strong connection with the animal kingdom to come out and learn valuable skills in giving Reiki to animals.


The Workshop will run from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at BCFS’s new farm location in Wainfleet.  Workshop fee is $100.00, with half going directly to BCFS and a charity donation receipt will be provided to each Practitioner.  Practitioners will receive a reference manual and be able to work hands on with the animals at the farm during the workshop.  Practitioners will be required to have either their Level 1 Reiki or any other Energy Healing Certificate to attend.  Pre-registration is required before Friday June 1, 2018.  Lunch will be provided.bun

Click on link below  to register on-line

Registration Form

Follow link below to read about previous workshop

Previous Workshop




Update on Scarlett


Scarlett, a blind 2-year-old Shih Tzu, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in April 2018 after travelling over 450 miles from New Jersey.  Weighing in at approximately 8 pounds, this teeny girl was having difficulties finding a home in NJ and was therefore transferred to the care of BCFS.  This story has a very happy ending as Scarlett found her perfect forever home with new mom Joy and fur sister Hailey.


Joy is simply ecstatic to have Scarlett in her life.  She is just a tiny cling-on wanting to be by her side constantly.  She has a very good appetite.  When she finishes her food she goes to Hailey’s dish to sniff and finish off what she has left.  Scarlett also finishes her treats before Hailey and then likes to stand by in case Hailey does not finish hers.


Joy is still working on housetraining.  Scarlett suffers from separation anxiety and Joy does not leave her for too long and does take her when and wherever she can.  Scarlett just loves the car rides.


Within a short time, Scarlett navigated around the house remarkably well.  Her blindness does not seem to stop her as she climbs up the steps outside to come in the house and she climbs up 5 steps from the lower level to the entrance landing and then another 5 steps to the upper level.  She jumps up on all the couches, but  going down is difficult.


All of us at BCFS are very happy that Scarlett has found her perfect forever home.

scout with family

Scooter (Scout) Update


Scout renamed Scooter, a 4-month-old Jack Russel Terrier mix, was adopted April, 2018.  She joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in March, 2018 as an owner surrender. True to her breed, this sweet pup is a bundle of energy.

We received an update from Adoptive dad Bob


She has a lot of energy and is doing well with training, usually one accident a day. (not unusual for a young pup).  She loves the grandchildren and loves to play fetch and be outside.  She is a bit of a handful, always into something, but she adores Bob and goes wherever he is.


Scooter can be mischievous as seen above stealing a shoe.


On one occasion as Bob was feeding the birds some bread, Scooter decided to steal it and not give it back.


Lucky for Bob he has two young grandchildren and a grand puppy to keep Scooter entertained.

Thank you Bob, from all of us at BCFS, for your patience with this very busy pup!




Tralee, our puppy mill survivor, was adopted early March 2018.

It was quite evident that Amanda and Tralee had a love connection at their very first meet.  Her present dog Peanut was curious about Tralee and vice versus.


We received an update the evening of the adoption from Amanda:

He does this Koala thing.  He wraps his arms and legs around me tight.  He is very strong.”

doubleHe’s already had a pee & poop outside and we had a great first night.  Everyone slept through the night.”


The very next day Amanda was able to get Tralee to walk on a leash around the block.  For a puppy mill dog, who was not leash trained, this is amazing in such a short time.  Amanda said  “Peanut is a good teacher”.

The video below is short but powerful:


Puppy mill survivors learn much quicker in a home with another dog(s) as they learn behaviour from the dog(s).


One week post-adoption we received this update from Amanda:

“Tralee is adjusting to his new home.  He is showing great signs of progress.  We are still working to overcome some of the trauma that he has endured but he is building trust with his new family.  He even wags his tail now!  Tralee is wearing a leash/harness and is now able to go for walks.  He takes treats (which he didn’t do initially).  He even does a little dance when he sees the bag!  He has also found his voice and will bark when someone approaches the house.  He sleeps well through the night but we are still working on potty training during the day and remains a work in progress.  He is a sweet and cuddly boy who loves belly rubs, and scratchies under his chin and ears.  His older fur brother Peanut (11) has been so patient and understanding towards Tralee.”  


BCFS would like to express our sincere gratitude once again to Amanda, David and Peanut for giving this adorable little boy a new lease on life.







Update on Lacey


Lacey a Sweet 9 year old Shih Tzu was adopted in January of this year by a lovely couple, Ross & Marie.   I was lucky enough to visit Lacey in her new home to take pictures and do an update on her progress.


Although Lacey loves both Ross & Marie, she really has become very attached to Ross and follows him everywhere.  She is his shadow.


She loves to play with her squeaky toys but instead of making them squeak with her mouth, she prefers to roll on them until they squeak.


She is a good sleeper, loves her walks and loves to go for car rides.  If Marie does not wake up when Lacey is up she likes to put her paws up at the side of the bed and peak up at her.


Her favourite spot is under the coffee table.


All of us at BCFS are very happy that Lacey has adjusted extremely well to her new home.





Parker came into Beavercreek Farm Sanctuary’s foster program in February of this year and it did not take very long for his foster family to fall in love with this Adorable little pot bellied pig.


He gets along very well with the hens on the farm and will be a good protector of the hens from the raccoons that occasionally find their way onto the property.


Although Parker’s first meet with their present pig Rueben went fairly well, they are being kept separate for now.  It takes quite a bit of time for pigs to bond properly.  Parker is 6 months old and at only 40 lbs. he still has a lot of growing to do.


Parker is a super friendly, curious little pig.  He loves attention and belly rubs but does not like to be picked up.


Congrats to Parker, Leah & Nathan.

Puppy Adoption Stories Part One

The intake and adoption of eight puppies from the far north of Ontario has been a whirlwind adventure of kindness and love.

“Kindness is love wearing work boots”

We’ve taken care of and watched the personalities emerge from each puppy. We’ve seen a glimpse of who they will be and how they’ll handle the challenges of life.

Lets start with Jeffery (I can’t have favourites, but if I could…) 

Laid back, relaxed, peaceful. Jeffery is an old soul. He’d rather lap sit than play with his siblings. He’d rather watch than participate. He’s ready to fit into any home.



Jeffery shows his ability to be a couch potato watching TV with his new dad on his first night in his forever home!




Aqua is one of the larger puppies with a strong desire to play and be a clown. He was looking for a family who would dote on him and give him the attention ONLY, an only child gets… and he found his loving forever home.



Brad and I just wanted to let you know that Aqua is now safely home, happily exploring and playing with his puppy toys. After howling a few times in the car, (the cutest howl I have ever heard), Aqua settled right down and fell fast asleep. Once again, we are both over the moon and want to extend our deepest heartfelt gratitude for everything you did for Aqua and his siblings, and for the wonderful work you do at BCFS.



Lemon was one of our special boys who would need a special home. He is mildly visually impaired and very thoughtful. He tends to take this long moment to take everything in when he’s in a new place. Like he’s meditating on his life. We were so incredibly lucky to find the family below who would take special care of Lemon.



I just want to thank you for choosing the right puppy for us.  While I loved the coloring and personality of Brute, I am so glad we deferred to your judgment and brought home Lemon ( though he will have a new name shortly). His laid back non aggressive personality is exactly what fit with our pets. We “shut” him in with us and our senior cat, age unknown, and because he could have cared less about the cat, Taz was not threatened and was fine. We are hopeful they will bond eventually though Taz usually lives under the bed out of his fear of everything ” out there!”


I am thrilled that Maizy has accepted him – to the point she let him on her bed yesterday- which is huge as she is very possessive of her things. This morning, the three of us went on a “walk” at 5:30 am – Maizy and I walked the 1/2 hour, and the puppy walked a few times, but preferred to be carried most of the way.   She just sniffed him and later wanted to play but was not sure how to do that yet as he is so small.   He has been great – only got up at 12:30 and then 5:30, still working on the house training – he is great if he is in his crate and has to go, but not so good when he is just walking around.  He will see the vet again tomorrow – we took him Saturday to have a quick look at his skin scabs, and put him on Benadryl and an oatmeal bath. He loves to be brushed and positively wiggles as he stands there.  He has already met the neighbors and will meet our trainer today.


While friends of course told me I was nuts to take on a puppy with all that goes on in my life… my mom has dementia and I am there for a few hours 6 days a week, having this little bundle is what I needed to have a positive event going on… my mom had huskies while I was growing up and she loves to just let him sit in her lap and pet him.  His personality brings a smile to  all of us.  Vision wise we have not noticed anything really.  He has done stairs to go outside with no issues, The vet visit was he may have limited peripheral vision, but nothing seems to slow him down.


Update Two on Lemon:

I can not tell you how thrilled we are all. It has been 7 days since we brought Lemon home and it has been tremendous! I will tell you he has a new name – Kelsey wanted Ferdinand as every time he went outside he would just sit and look all around without moving for awhile. I wanted something that meant Joy as that is what he has brought to me and how he greets every thing. I realized that one of the reasons I wanted a puppy was for the happiness to offset watching my mom decline with dementia – this puts such a balance on my life to have such a happy little guy! We were so worried about whether Maizy would be jealous, whether she would accept him etc . He is a gem and has won over every member of the household – even the scardy cat Taz isn’t bothered by him as there was no interest or aggression. Thus since there was no easy word for Joy, we chose Takota – which means “friend to everyone” and that he is. Tonight was perfection! Maizy is playing or as she is a bit awkward, trying to play with him, She chases him – he barks and chases her, they have been going at the chase and run for the better part of an hour. The gentleness which was previously unseen has blossomed and she is very gentle when she plays with him – though sometimes her paw gets a bit heavy handed! She waits for him when we go on our walk and he is so cute trying to walk at her tail. The 80 pound polar bear with the 10 pound munchkin! He is eating well and his itching is much better. We have him on an antibiotic and a special dried supplement for his coat. Though he still has accidents, we take him out at 10ish and he sleeps till about 6. He took her bed – though tonight she grabbed the end of it and dumped him off! He has 2 crates – upstairs with a small bed for sleeping and downstairs to eat in and escape when he wants to. He shows no sign really of any vision issues. Even tonight when we walked he was better than the first few nights. He may still have distance problems but has no issue with stairs which was a concern. Thank you again for taking a chance on us – he was 100% the right choice!