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Adopted! Wee Kitten Kernel is Now Gus

If you’re a wee stray kitten lost in a cornfield, you’d be incredibly fortunate to be found by our friends at The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary (TAMS). That’s what happened to little Kernel, discovered while they were picking corn for their sanctuary’s resident animals.


Although Kernel was weak, all alone and had an obvious eye infection, life had good things in store for Kernel. Since The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary doesn’t rescue and adopt out, we were happy to take him into our foster care program.


Kernel was bewildered by it all when he arrived in foster care, but soon his hisses turned to purrs. He was dewormed and vaccinated, his eye infection treated, and the vet gave us the good news that Gus was negative for feline leukemia and feline immunodefiency virus.


Kernel is now adopted! And this little survivor has a new name: Gus.

kernelrenamedGusadoptionpicrotatedGus has a family now: new mom Tonia and her daughter Jessa

In addition to his new human family, Gus has an older feline sister to teach him proper kitty manners as he grows — four-year-old rescue Freya, as well as a guinea pig named Jimmy.

We’re delighted that this wee furball was in the right place in a cornfield, at the right time to be found by the right people, to come to us and now into a loving forever home. We look forward to Gus growing into a handsome adult — though won’t be surprised if he develops into a cornball! 😉 (Pun intended)


Thank you, Tonia and Jessa for welcoming Gus into your home and hearts! Our thanks to TAMS as well for reaching out to BCFS to help Gus have his happy ending – and a happier start in his young life.


Roscoe, Now Rocky, Is Loving Farm Life!

Have we mentioned how much we love getting pupdates on dogs we’ve rescued? Especially seeing how happy a dog like Roscoe is after his adoption August 25th. Roscoe has a new name to go with his new life: Rocky!

roscoerockyupdatecroppedRocky lovin’ the farm life 

Dad Larry writes to us,

Rocky is very playful.  He is enjoying being in the farm!  He also loves his truck rides.  Rocky is fitting in nicely.

We’re so happy that Rocky loves his truck rides, since he was a bit excitable in vehicles while in foster care. But by the smile on his face on his way home the day he was adopted, Larry’s truck and company was the magic touch.


Five-year-old Rocky is perfectly suited to Larry’s farm, with lots of room to run and get the exercise a high-energy border collie needs.

roscoerockyupdate2Run, Rocky, run!!


Thank you, Larry, for giving Rocky a wonderful home and letting us know how well he’s settling in. It’s gratifying to see such happy outcomes for the pups we dedicate ourselves to rescuing. This handsome boy is livin’ the dream!



Tralee: From Puppy Mill to Rescue to Happy Home!

Life wasn’t kind to puppy mill survivor Tralee during his first six years, but this plucky little boy has had a change of fortune. After months in BCFS’ foster care program learning how to be a dog, Tralee has found his forever home!

traleeadoptionseptember2018threesharpcroppedTralee’s “Gotcha Day” with Sheryl, David and Baylee!

Tralee has not only gained a new mom and dad this month, but a new brother — five-year-old rescued mini-poodle Baylee! Puppy mill dogs do much better when they have other dogs to learn from. Even better, new parents Sheryl and David have experience with puppy mill dogs. Their rescued bichon Bella was a puppy mill survivor who recently passed from old age.

We’re delighted to have just received an update and short video from Sheryl:

“Just a short note to let you know that Tralee is settling in just fine. The cooler weather today is so much nicer, and the boys have been out back doing mad acts and running like little bandits. He’s gaining more confidence every day and as you can see from the video, he’s pretty relaxed. :) He’s just a little cutie pie and we are really enjoying him.”

Cute video clip here:

During his endless long days and nights in a puppy mill cage, could Tralee have ever imagined the life he has now?

traleecuteSafe at BCFS, Tralee awaited his forever family

It’s a wonderful new life indeed to look forward to, from a big soft bed and toys to his new playmate and teacher Baylee, to a family who’s home much of the time with him, to a fenced-in backyard and when he’s ready, daily walks on a river path. Most of all, the patience, understanding, love and time he needs to continue growing, learning and trusting.

tralee side view

In his months with us, like many puppy mill dogs, Tralee has had a long road to learn everything that dogs usually learn from puppyhood. Caged in the puppy mill for most of the first six years, he’d clearly received no socialization or experience with the outside world.

At first, Tralee was anxious and would cower and shake or run, poop in fear, was terrified of men, and seemed flat with none of the joy dogs usually express. He didn’t seem to know he was a dog, or how to be one.


Over time, Tralee began to come out of the shell he’d withdrawn into, found his voice, began to cuddle and discovered he loves toys.


He learned from his foster siblings and took comfort in their presence, as well as taking his behavioral cues from them.


Tralee started showing curiosity, sniffing hands, wagging his tail, learning to go for walks on a leash, and welcoming affection. All good milestones for him to pass.


After many months of rehabilitation, Tralee bounced and played with his friends during morning walks with the sanctuary pups, and Amy knew it was time for Tralee to find his forever home.


His recovery from the deprivation and trauma he suffered for years will continue with his new family.

Sheryl and David have the experience and knowledge of puppy mill dogs Tralee needs, and have a plan for Tralee’s integration into his new home and family, including his own dishes and toys, gradual access through their home, yard and outdoor walks, taking their cues from him, sensing when he wants loving or when he needs a little space, patience and positive reinforcement.


Thank you to Sheryl, David and Baylee for welcoming Tralee into your home and hearts, and changing his world.



Rescued Kitty Marlo is Growing Up

A tenuous beginning

When BCFS brought a mama cat slated for euthanasia and her six tiny kittens into rescue in April, we weren’t sure any would survive.


Mama and three of the kitties didn’t make it, but we’re happy to have saved and found happy homes for the remaining three siblings. Marlo is one of them.

marloGingerAle2The three survivors: Marlo and siblings Ginger and Ale

Look how tiny he was in early June, when new mom Kailee adopted him!


Growing Up Fast!

Fast-forward to the present: Marlo has grown in leaps and bounds, and become a handsome young male.

marloadoptionupdateMarlo with happy sister Emma

Mom Kailee writes,

He is doing great! He is a wild child with the appetite of an army. Marlo and Emma are slowly learning how to play nicely with each other, but Marlo likes her most when she is still and sleeping, lol!


We predict Emma and Marlo will become inseparable friends! Thank you, Kailee and Emma for adopting this boy who got such a shaky start in life, and giving him a loving home.


Roscoe Gets His Dream Home – Adopted!

Some of us fall in love with certain breeds and stick to that beloved breed when adopting, which is how Roscoe lucked out finding his new dad!

roscoeadoptedrotatedA perfect match: Roscoe and Larry, his new dad

Adopting the same breed has the advantage of knowing their characteristics so well. We “get” them. Who better to understand border collie/black lab mix Roscoe than new dad Larry, who’s had two previous border collies?

We’re happy that Roscoe has been adopted into an ideal home — a farm like Amy knew would suit high-energy Roscoe best, with a new dad experienced with border collies. This is what we strive for, to match each dog with the most suitable family and home.


Roscoe is five years old with an incredible amount of energy who likes to keep busy and needs a lot of daily exercise.


In foster care with BCFS he’s impressed us with agility, fly ball, barn hunting, hiking, camping and swimming, and with his bravery!


Burning all that abundant energy off during the day lets Roscoe relax so he’s a good sleeper at night, with the bonus of being crate-trained.

roscoe3Even super-active dogs need some downtime

Roscoe’s an obedient boy who’s had professional training by Scott Conway, and has amazing recall. This handsome boy is superb on a leash, which he’ll be kept on until he’s acclimated to his new home and knows his boundaries.


He’s such a great dog and we’re so pleased he’ll be a wonderful companion for Larry, after losing his last rescue border collie to cancer recently. We hope Roscoe’s affection and energetic presence bring his new dad joy for years to come.

roscoeadoptedonwayhomerotatedHappy boy Roscoe on his way home with Larry

We knew Roscoe is a keeper and are thrilled he’s found his perfect forever home. Happy trails, Roscoe!


Sibling Kittens Ginger and Ale – Update!

We love getting updates on our adopted rescues, and were pleased to hear from Ginger and Ale’s adoptive family, with new photos of these adorable kittens.

kittenupdate3Ale, left, and Ginger have settled into their new home

You may remember these siblings came into BCFS rescue in April, along with their four siblings and mama.

kittenupdate-originalpicwhentheywereinrescueGinger and Ale were just wee kitties at rescue

Sadly three of the weakened kittens passed in their sleep and mama had to be euthanized, due to a spinal cord injury caused by trauma. Ginger and Ale were adopted together in June and their surviving sibling Marlo went to a different home.

Cuties Ginger and Ale are growing up!


Ginger and Ale’s mom and dad Denielle and Liam write,

“The babies are doing well and we are very happy to have them.  They love to nap and play and sleep together all day.  They also love to wake us up at 5 every morning for their breakfast.”


Ale has the prettiest green eyes…


And Ginger is a big fan of naps…

Who doesn’t love pretty pink kitty toes?


kittenupdatecollage2Surveying their domain from atop their tree is tiring. Time for a snooze!
kittenupdate9Ginger gets a belly rub from mama Denielle
kittenupdate5rotatedEvery kitten deserves to be cherished like Ale

Thank you Denielle and Liam for your wonderful update and the sweet life you’re giving Ginger and Ale!


Adopted! Sweet Pea Finds the Perfect Home!

We’re delighted that our little Sweet Pea has at last found her forever home, and she lucked out with the perfect new family, two-legged and four-legged!

sweetpeasent8-9-18IMG_2517Sweet Pea, her new dad Jim, and four donkeys Jim and his wife Faye adopted from The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

This adorable goat came to BCFS in the summer of 2017 along with MT, her duck friend.


They were enjoying life with our animals in foster care while awaiting their forever home, when MT sadly suffered life threatening injuries last month and was euthanized.


Fortunately, we heard from a lovely couple experienced in animal rescue that they were interested in adopting Sweet Pea. They’d just lost one of their goats and wanted to give Sweet Pea a good home with their female goats, donkeys, ducks, chickens, cats and dogs who were also rescued!


Sweet Pea off to her new home

Sweet Pea may find her new family of kindred spirits helps ease her loss of MT, with whom she was closely bonded. She’s already making friends with all the animals, and Jim writes, “I should note that neither Isabella or Betsy had ever shown an interest in being elevated, before she arrived.”



They have a spacious farm and barn that’s heated in winter and cooled with fans in summer, which Sweet Pea has already made her home sweet home. She has two acres of fenced pasture to graze and romp in with her new friends, too!


They write, “First pasture with everybody at 4:30″.  Sweet Pea fits right in!

We’re thrilled to already have new photos and updates on Sweet Pea from her adoptive dad and mom, Jim and Faye, whom Sweet Pea has clearly taken to.



Inside the barn. “Our dogs don’t seem to be an issue for her, and the donkeys and goats think she’s swell.”

They understand rescues have a period of adjustment in a new home, are patient and say their own animals introduce new ones into the family. Sweet Pea should have a smooth transition and her happily-ever-after with such a friendly welcoming committee!

We couldn’t be happier for Sweet Pea, and are grateful to her new family for giving her the loving home she deserves. Thank you, Jim and Faye!



Handsome Yellow Lab – Here’s Mayo! – Adopted

Please say hello to Mayo! Mayo is an 8-year-old yellow lab and the newest pup in BCFS’ foster care program.


He’s a handsome, big fella about 100 pounds who loves people and other big dogs, but needs a home without cats or small dogs.

True to the nature of this playful breed, Mayo loves the water and playing fetch.


He’s looking for someone to play with, who’ll throw him balls and sticks and maybe even romp with him in a pond, lake or pool. Would that be you?

This young at heart boy is healthy and hoping the perfect family comes along to love.

If Mayo could be your best friend, please download an adoption application  and when completed, email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at:

Thank you for considering Mayo, and please remember to share our posts online!


Boozoo is “the best thing to ever happen” to his new family!

Boozoo is one of the wonderfully unique Northern dogs BCFS has rescued. He came into our foster care program in early November along with his mother Monique, and we quickly learned what a charming lover Boozoo is. Boozoo just loves and wants love from his people.


Just a little update Bowe is doing so well! He has such an amazing little personality that develops more each day. We are so in love with him! Here is a little photo of the three of us :)


She further wrote:  Yes of course you can use the picture! That was taken Valentine’s Day. Bowe has changed so much you probably wouldn’t recognize him. He’s no longer scared of brooms or house hold sounds. He has figured out how to play with toys and make them squeak. He loves chewers!! The dog bed we bought him has been donated because he never used it .. he sleeps in
our bed. He’s the best thing to ever happen to us :)


BCFS is an all-volunteer charity and we get paid in happiness, not dollars. We love what we do and one of the things that makes us the happiest is seeing how happy the animals we’ve rescued make their new families. We save lives and help make people happy through the animals we rescue.


Animal rescue costs money, from paying the bills to heat our cozy barn for the animals all winter, to buying hay and food for them, to vet bills for vaccinations, surgeries, dentals, spay/neuter, microchipping and any care they need.

We rely on donations to keep saving animals and appreciate any amount you can give – donations of even $20 add up and really help us offset our expenses. No amount is too small. If you can give for the animals, we appreciate your donations very much.



Is Lap Kitty Mitsy Purrfect For You? – Adopted

Please meet lovely Mitsy! BCFS is delighted to welcome this 11-year-old female grey tabby into our foster care program. Don’t let her age fool you, she’s still a playful girl with a shy, lovable personality and beautiful eyes.

Mitsy2expsharpSweet, shy Mitsy loves one-on-one time being petted

Mitsy’s foster mom says she’s a very affectionate cat who will love to curl up on your lap to be petted.


Shy Girl Looking for Love

Mitsy would be an ideal companion for a retired person who could show her a lot of affection and would appreciate the warm company of this sweet lap kitty. She’s good with people and kids but will be shy at first and will hide until she’s used to her surroundings. A little patience and gentle care will help bring her out of her shell and warm up to you.


Mitsy’s very timid with other cats and socially awkward with them. She doesn’t know how to accept attention from other animals and will run away and hide. Mitsy would love a home without other animals.


Mitsy is spayed, litter box trained and up to date on her rabies, HCPC and FEIV vaccinations, and she had a dental in February 2013. She’s healthy and at age 11 she has years of life and love to give you.


This pretty grey tabby is waiting patiently in BCFS’ foster care program for her forever home. If Mitsy would be the purr-fect kitty to curl up on your lap, please download and fill out an adoption application, and email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at:

Thank you for considering Mitsy!