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Dexter Was Adopted

Dexter, a 7-year-old St. Bernard, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in December 2017 as an owner surrender. Weighing in at approximately 150 pounds, this big bundle of love is truly young at heart and has proven to be incredibly sweet and affectionate.


This gentle-giant just wanted a home where he could live out his retirement years surrounded by love. We are so happy to announce that he has found just that!


Dexter was adopted by a lovely couple, Aaron and Sonja, and will be welcomed by two kitty siblings, Dolce and Jimmy. Dexter’s new home has a large fenced backyard for him to romp around in and a nearby trail for him to explore on his daily walks. What a lucky boy!


We have already heard from Dexter’s new mom and dad that things are going very well so far: “First night went well.  Dexter slept through the whole night with no accidents. Cats are adjusting well, Dexter does not even really acknowledge them which is quite fine with Dolce but Jimmy has to get used to not being the biggest in the house. “


Thank you and congratulations to Dexter, Aaron, Sonja, Jimmy, and Dolce! This charming boy deserves a wonderful life and we are delighted that Dexter has found his perfect match.


Panchito Update

Originally from Mexico, Panchito was welcomed into the care of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) in December 2017. It did not take long before this sweet lad was scooped up by his forever family!


Life for Panchito started a bit rough – he was rescued from the streets of Yucatan, Mexico as a young pup and had to overcome a severe mange infestation and Ehrlichia. However, based on the update we have received from his new family, it seems Panchito’s luck has turned and he is now thriving.


In the words of Panchito’s new mom and dad:

“Things are going great! He’s a very sweet, happy little guy and very smart. He is just a joy and loved by everyone he meets! House training is going very well, he sleeps very well through the night, and he’s already learned to sit after just 3 attempts. He LOVES to play fetch and has discovered the toy box. He takes one, plays with it for 5 or 10 minutes, then goes back for another one until it’s empty. So fun to watch. He’s just been a pleasure since he came home.


I’m glad the cold snap is almost over so he can enjoy being outside more as well. We haven’t been able to take him for a good long walk yet but he seems to be less adverse to cold weather every day. Once it starts getting near or above zero, I think we’ll be able to take him for what will become his daily long walk in the afternoons.

We are starting obedience classes tomorrow, he’s very well behaved and smart, he has picked up on our routine nicely. But he needs some confidence building and leash work, I have no doubt that he will blossom the more we work with him. Also his coat is continuing to grow in,  and although I think the hair follicles have been permanently damaged in some areas, he will be a different looking boy by the summer.


We are thrilled to hear that things are going so well for Panchito and his new family and that he is living the life he deserves!



Ashling Has Been Adopted!

Ashling, a blind 2-year-old American Eskimo with a cleft lip, was welcomed into the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster care program in December, 2017.


Unsurprisingly, Ashling quickly won the affections of his foster mom and dad, Leah and Nathan. He loved to cuddle, play, and go for walks. But most of all, he loved his people!


It was this mutual love between Ashling and his foster parents, that led to Leah and Nathan adopting him. Leah and Nathan have been long-time fosters with BCFS, but said that there was just something about Ashling that they couldn’t say goodbye to (can you blame them?).


In the word’s of Ashling’s mom, Leah:
“Sometimes a dog comes into your life and chooses you. I knew in those first few days that I probably wouldn’t be able to give this guy up. With every application that came in I felt sad: something I am usually excited about for my foster dogs. I kept making excuses as to why I shouldn’t adopt him. After a few applications dropped out or didn’t follow up I decided that I could no longer ignore the signs. Nathan said if he could learn our stairs and learn to use our dog door we would talk about adopting him. Well this extremely smart pup figured both of those things out which is no small feat for a blind dog. Today we made it official. Ashling is now part of our pack!”


We are so happy for Leah, Nathan, Ashling, and the rest of the fur-family!


Panchito Has Gone to His Forever Home!

Coming all the way from Mexico, Panchito joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster care program in December 2017. Originally rescued from the middle of the road in Yucatan at 5-months-old, this sweet boy has been through a lot in his young life.


After overcoming a severe mange infestation and Erlichia, Panchito made the journey from balmy Mexico to frigid Toronto right before Christmas. Arriving at the Pearson International Airport, this young lad was welcomed with open arms by his new foster mom.


While in foster care, Panchito proved to be sweet, quiet, and submissive. He was a very good boy on his trips to the vet and loved to sit in the front seat of the car. As a mama to two dogs originally from Mexico myself, I can tell you that there is something truly special about these dogs.


After adjusting to life in Canada for a few weeks, Panchito was ready to find his forever home. We are happy to announce that he has now been adopted by a loving couple, Kim and Ken, who live on 4-acres in the country. Kim and Ken have over 25 years of experience adopting rescue dogs and mention that their “lives tend to revolve around their dogs.”


Despite humble beginnings, it seems our pal Panchito will now be living the good life with his new mom and dad. Congratulations to Panchito, Kim, and Ken!


Mitsy, Now Maggie, Has Been Adopted!

Mitsy, an 11-year-old tabby cat, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster care program in March 2017. With her soft grey fur and beautiful eyes, Mitsy proved easy to fall in love with.


During her time in foster care, Mitsy’s playful and affectionate personality really came through. Despite being a bit shy and timid at first, it seemed this sweet girl just needed a bit of patience and gentle care to allow her to come out of her shell. It wasn’t long before Mitsy loved to curl up on her foster mom’s lap to be pet.


As time passed, Mitsy’s foster mom Pheobe decided that she simply could not part with Mitsy and decided to adopt her. Pheobe was looking for a companion; someone that she could treat as a member of the family and it seems she found just that in Mitsy. While this process of deciding to adopt a foster is commonly referred to as a ‘foster-failure’, it does not seem that the word ‘failure’ is really appropriate to describe Pheobe and Mitsy finding their perfect match! We call this a success.


We are so happy for Pheobe and Mitsy (now called Maggie) and wish them a wonderful life together.


Keller is Still Searching for Forever Home

Keller has been part of the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program since July, 2017. Having spent several months together, Keller’s foster mom has provided some additional details about this sweet lad.


Quick facts about Keller:

  • Age: 9.5 years old
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Breed: chihuahua mix
  • Medical needs: blind, no teeth, enlarged heart, pancreatitis (under control with low fat wet food from vet). Keller is otherwise very healthy and active and continues to enjoy life to the fullest
  • Neutered
  • Great listener and sense of smell
  • Very inquisitive and loves to explore everything
  • Loves to wrap himself up in a blanket and take a nap
  • Loves walks
  • Gets along with other dogs/cats
  • Not a morning person (gets a little grumpy when woken up in the morning before 9am)
  • Loves to rub his face on everything
  • Doesn’t love a small crate, but is good in a playpen during the day while foster mom isn’t home
  • Can stay on his own for up to 6 hours and will sleep most of the time.  Might bark once or twice when foster mom first leaves but then falls asleep
  • Very good with recall in the house (outside we are working on it – there are just so many new smells)
  • He occasionally marks in the house but on corners so he can navigate around the house
  • Suitable for a home with no young children


If you think you might be the right match for Keller, please fill out an adoption application.


Snoopy Was Adopted!

Snoopy, a 5-year-old Terrier Mix, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program just a few short weeks ago after being transferred from a shelter.


Snoopy came to us a nervous pup. He loved to be around people, but did not seem to enjoy the company of other dogs. This handsome lad preferred to have his humans all to himself.


We knew Snoopy would need a special home and are thrilled to announce he has found just that. Snoopy has been adopted by a former BCFS adoptee – Mitch – and has now gone to his furever home where we are sure he will be surrounded by love and affection.


Congratulations to Mitch and Snoopy!


Mayo Has Been Adopted

Mayo, an 8-year-old Labrador Retriever, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in June 2017 as an owner surrender. Weighing in at approximately 100 pounds, this big bundle of love proved to be truly young at heart and incredibly affectionate.


Mayo was lucky to have spent a fun-filled summer with his foster family – swimming and playing in Lake Erie, going for walks and wrestling with his foster siblings, and hopping up on the bed for morning snuggles.


Although Mayo hit the jackpot with his foster family, he still needed a permanent home to call his own. We are so happy to announce that Mayo has now found that home and his forever family.  Mayo was adopted by a sweet couple, Jen and Alex, who had previous experience with Labrador Retrievers.


Congratulations to Jen, Alex, and Mayo on finding the perfect match!


We are pleased to have already received an update from Mayo’s mama:

“Greetings from Mayo!

Mayo has settled in very nicely in his new home. He has lots of toys to play with and likes going on walks around the neighbourhood during the day.


As soon as the alarm rings in the morning he has some cuddle time, does his doggie stretches, and then goes to the closet where his leash is kept to start the day. He is always eager to go on walks throughout the day and to sniff and explore the neighbourhood. He has even met some new friends along the way already. Mayo even got a new coat to stay warm and cozy when he is outside now that the weather is getting colder.


Mayo also got to meet some of his new cousins recently and had a fun afternoon playing with them.


And after a long day he likes to just lie down on his bed and relax. Sometimes he even decides the big bed is much more comfortable and makes himself a spot to have a snooze.


Tail wags from Mayo and lots of thanks from Mayo’s new family”


Update on Allura, Now Jenny

Back in September 2016, Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) welcomed two Jack Russel / Shih Tzu mix puppy mill survivors from the Furever Friends Rescue of Western New York. Allura and Delena, a mother-daughter duo, came to us shy and fearful after having spent the majority of their lives in confinement.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 1.55.51 PM

After having some time to learn what it means to be a dog in the care of BCFS, Both Allura and Delena found loving and patient forever homes. We are fortunate to have received a recent update from Allura’s forever family:

“My boyfriend (Grant), our dog Murphy, and I adopted Allura (Jenny) one year ago this week! We wanted to send you all an update on her adoption anniversary and let you know how well little Miss Molly is doing.


She is such a different dog now. When we first adopted her she was quite shy and nervous. Now she’s a happy go lucky girl and she has blossomed into an amazing little dog. Her confidence has also come a long way. For the first while she didn’t accept belly rubs from us, but now it’s one of her favourite things! She is so loving and she’s such a happy girl. Her tail is always wagging and her and Murphy are the best of friends. I could watch them play all day, it’s pretty funny when they get going. They are an absolute match made in heaven. We always get compliments on the pups while we are out, especially if it’s chilly and they are wearing their cute sweaters. Molly is a huge hit especially with the seniors we meet on our outings.


In the year we’ve had Molly she has come a really looooooong way. She walks really well on leash, she knows some commands and she has even been to the grooming salon for a haircut and bath with all the bells and whistles and even got a fancy bandana! Molly also LOVES to snuggle. She also really enjoys playing and loves dog toys (especially ones that squeak). She has such a great personality and watching her get excited is pretty funny. For example; when we leash the dogs to go out, she will jump around and make noises that sound like a monkey because she’s so excited and she will pick up Murphy’s leash and pull him around. It’s also funny to see her carry around the bigger dog toys that are as big as she is.


We took her and Murph to PetSmart yesterday evening to celebrate her adoption anniversary so she could pick out a toy and treat. She came home with a squeaky pig and a smoked rib bone.


Thank you for giving Molly a second chance by rescuing her and providing her with a great start to her new life. We are forever grateful to have been chosen to provide her with her furever home!”


Thank you to Jenny’s family for the wonderful update and providing this sweet girl with such a lovely home!


Update on Wink

Wink, a darling 3-year-old Persian, came to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) in August 2017 having suffered severe neglect. After having surgery on her ruptured eye, Wink was quickly scooped up and welcomed home by a wonderful family.

According to her adoptive mama, Wink is doing very well in her new home:

“Wink is doing great!! She still isn’t sure about stairs so has been living upstairs and just loving it. Her favourite toy is a crinkly ball and she loves sleeping on either a shelf or a roots shopping bag with my reindeer slippers haha. Wink is also obsessed with chasing the vacuum around and sneaking up behind her cat sisters. She’s a character! Her favourite is getting petted on her forehead and massaging her shoulders. 


Wink is a piggy and is pretty close to 6lbs now if she isn’t there already! We just love her. She is the happiest little cat!!


We are so happy to hear that Wink is doing so well and living the life she deserves. Thank you to Ellen, Alexander, and the rest of the fur family for providing such a great home for Wink!