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Orphaned Kittens: Update

In April 2018, two teeny kittens joined the BCFS foster program after being found motherless and surrendered to the Niagara Falls Humane Society.


It wasn’t long before our orphaned kittens were adopted together by a lovely couple and their Australian Shepherd/Collie mix.


We received an update from the kittens’ new mama:

“The kittens are doing great!! They’ve become very comfortable in our home :) We ended up getting their names from all those toes!
The boy is now Knuckles, and the girl is now Mickey (after Mickey Mantle — his number was 7 and she has 7 toes on each front paw)

They haven’t had any accidents, and have used the litter every time, are eating well and always exploring!They’ve had their first vet visit and first shots. The vet said everything looks good with them both, and they’re the right size for their (approximate) age.


They’re doing very well with all of the new things they come across, like the vacuum and dishwasher – so many noises! They love to watch the dog outside and play with him through the glass. They love to take all of the dog’s beds – the one in the living room while we’re watching tv as well as the one in the bedroom while we’re sleeping.


They love to run around the whole house, they get a great game of chase going from the basement all the way upstairs.They love their cat tree! They love to climb it, play in it and sleep in it. It serves as great protection and safety for when they don’t want the dog to bother them — it took them about a week to be comfortable with climbing to the top, but they can do it in seconds now! If we ever can’t find them anywhere in the house, they’re usually cuddled up in the very top of the cat tree, completely out of sight.


They get excited when they hear the door open and run to see who’s coming in. They’re socialized very well, they are great at cuddling with anyone who picks them up! We’ve even had our friends dogs over, and they love them too!

We honestly can’t get enough of them, and we’re so thankful that you chose us to be their parents! We can’t wait to keep watching them grow and continue to love them!”


Scarlett was Adopted!

Scarlett, a blind 2-year-old Shih Tzu, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in April 2018 after traveling over 450 miles from New Jersey. Weighing in at approximately 8 pounds, this teeny girl was having difficulties finding a home in NJ and was therefore transferred to the care of BCFS.


Scarlett lost one of her eyes in December 2017 when it prolapsed and needed to be removed surgically. One year later she went blind in her other eye for unknown reasons. She seems to have some vision but can’t jump off furniture or do the stairs. That being said, Scarlett has great hearing and rarely barks.


Since being in foster care, she has proven to be extremely cuddly and affectionate. She prefers to be with her humans all the time and has separation anxiety when left alone, causing her to poop in her kennel. She has mastered peeing outside and will poop outside if taken on a long walk. She does not seem to enjoy the snow (can you blame her?) but is starting to get used to the grass.


It didn’t take long before our sweet girl was scooped up by her forever family. Joy, a lovely woman with past rescue dog experience and a Maltese-Shih-tzu mix named Hailey, welcomed Scarlett into her new home just a few short weeks after joining our rescue. Congratulations to Joy, Hailey, and Scarlett on finding the perfect match!


We have already received an update as to how Scarlett is adjusting in her new digs. According to Scarlett’s new mama:

“She is the most adorable precious, cutest, good natured little dog I  have ever seen.  So sweet!!  I have had   her outside a few times.  We had visits with my neighbours and their little dogs and she is so likeable with them. She is eating well and plays with the toys I have.  She is simply glued to me at all times.  So good natured.  She slept on the bed with me and Hailey last night and all night, although I was extremely nervous of her falling off, it was a success.  she will be going to my vet this week.   Hailey is very respectful towards her so that is a good thing.”

We are thrilled that Scarlett is doing so well already and appears very well loved by Joy and Hailey.


Keller & Cricket Update

Keller and Cricket have a lot in common: they are both Chihuahuas, they both spent approximately 10 months in foster care, and they both were adopted by the same wonderful woman!



We are fortunate to have received some insight into the new lives of these two pups.


According to their new mom, Keller (pictured above) is very busy, loves to be under the covers, and has proven to be a real bed hog. He is even refusing to sleep in his crate when he knows he can instead be under the covers. Can you blame him?


Cricket (pictured above) is a cuddle bug. It took a few days, but he warmed up well to the family and now loves belly rubs. He has even been described as the “perfect little dog” and exactly what his new mom was looking for.

It took a little patience, but we are so happy that Keller and Cricket are now living the lives they deserve with their forever family.



Northern Puppies Six Month Update!

In November of 2017, we were involved with the intake and rescue of eight puppies from northern Ontario.

puppy faces

These tiny bundles of love were scooped up quickly by their forever homes and, as it turns out, are not quite so tiny anymore. We are thrilled to share an update on each of these darling pups.

Scarlett (now Michiko)


“Michiko” is a very energetic, playful and sweet pup.  She loves her family and her comforts, especially the soft couch or bed. She enjoys hiking and playing with her toys.  We can’t imagine life with out her, she is the perfect match for our family!”



“Cecil has fully recovered from his puppyhood illnesses and continues to thrive in his forever home. He’s incredibly laid back and happy. He’s not on any medications and eats very well. He’s growing by leaps and bounds from the wee little sick pup that he was when he came in. Cecil is also very smart. We started with basic obedience and he’s a natural. Picked up on training so quickly. Due to Cecil’s calm nature and smarts we had him tested to see if he’d make a good medical service dog. Cecil passed the interview and assessment and is in training today to be a service dog. It often takes years before a dog finishes his service dog training, so he will be a long time in training. Whether Cecil passes or fails his service dog test he’ll always have a home with us. Cecil is one of the most incredible dogs we’ve met, but I might be bias, as his mom. We love him. (even if he did eat the bottom step on my stairs).”

Lemon (now Takota)


“He is such a sweet dog, we are so lucky to have him. Takota is actually the perfect name for him as it means ‘friend’ or ‘friend to all’ and everyone he meets falls in love with him.  Skin issues have cleared up and he is finally over 30 pounds.  He is doing fantastic and still a little cuddle nugget”

Red (now Sophie)


“She is 40 pounds now. She is very happy and a very energetic pup, she can be a little stinker and does get into things as you can see from her pic.  Juilet had let her out to do her business and she rolled in the mud and then came in the house and peed inside.  She has been a great companion for Juilet.”

Aqua (now Akira)


“Akira (formerly known as Aqua) is doing so well! He is an absolutely delightful, joyful puppy, with a beautiful sweet temperament, lovable nature and handsome face. He weighs a little over 50 pounds now, and he seems to be getting a bit bigger every day. Brad and I have recently completed our Foundation Skills training classes with Akira, and look forward to taking more training classes with him later this spring. We have booked Akira’s neuter with Queen West Vet later this month, and we will forward you a copy of his neuter certificate once it is completed. “

Jeffrey (now Hunter)

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.37.51 PM

“He loves to be outside and on his walks he always needs to have something in his mouth so we got him a toy he can walk with.”



“She is such a beautiful girl, inside and out!  She is cuddly, spunky, sweet, and sometimes full of mischief!  We all love her so much!”

Brute (now Ozzie)


“He is almost 60 lbs now and keeps me on my toes.”

 We are so happy that each of these pups is living the life that he/she deserves!


Lacey Has Been Adopted


Lacey, a 9-year-old Shih Tzu, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in January 2018 as an owner surrender. Weighing in at approximately 20 pounds, this sweet girl has proven to be incredibly sweet and affectionate.


Unfortunately, Lacey’s family was no longer able to care for her and she required a new home. While we originally thought Lacey was coming to us in good health, we quickly learned that she refused to eat and had diarrhea. After a visit to the vet and some testing, we found out that Lacey was suffering from an infection in her intestines called C. Diff. But nothing a little antibiotics couldn’t fix!


Lacey was so sad and sick when she first came to us that she would just lay in the corner with a devastated look on her face. However, after a week of medication, Lacey started to feel better and that sad look quickly turned happy!


We learned that Lacey loves to play, enjoys riding in the car, is good with cats and other dogs, walks well on a leash, and is housebroken. We also learned that she is incredibly smart and a real cuddle-bug. Lacey was looking for a home that would provide her with a lot of love and attention in her retirement years and we are so happy she has found just that!


Congratulations to Lacey, Ross & Marie.


Update on Dexter

Dexter, our 150 pound bundle of love, was adopted in January 2018 by a wonderful couple. We have heard from Dexter’s new parents, Aaron and Sonja, that things are going very well:

“Dexter has done amazingly well and has fit right in with our family.


He walks well and loves the snow.


The cats have warmed up and Dex knows to ignore them. We are so much in love. “

We are so happy to hear that things are going so well for Dexter, Aaron, Sonja, and the kitty siblings!


Roxanne (Now Annie) Has Been Adopted

Roxanne, a 2-year-old Terrier Mix, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in July 2017.  Roxanne came to BCFS an incredibly reclusive and fearful dog with a mysterious past.


While we don’t know too much about what happened in Roxanne’s early life, we do know that she eventually ended up at the Erie County Humane Society. The shelter environment proved incredibly stressful for Roxanne. Even after working with their behavioural department, Roxanne remained terrified. It was therefore decided that a foster home would be the best environment for Roxanne and she was transferred to BCFS.


With the love and patience of her foster mom, Roxanne slowly began to open up and show her true personality. Roxanne loves to go for walks and has developed quite a fan club in the neighbourhood, with everyone asking how she’s doing when her and her foster mama are in the elevator or outside.


The bond that formed between Roxanne and her foster mom, Lynne, was so strong that ‘foster home’ quickly turned ‘forever home’. Roxanne has become Lynne’s little shadow and is never too far away. At night time, Roxanne insists on sleeping right next to Lynne (even the foot of the bed is too far away!).


Congratulations to Roxanne (now Annie) and Lynne on finding the perfect match!


Dexter Was Adopted

Dexter, a 7-year-old St. Bernard, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in December 2017 as an owner surrender. Weighing in at approximately 150 pounds, this big bundle of love is truly young at heart and has proven to be incredibly sweet and affectionate.


This gentle-giant just wanted a home where he could live out his retirement years surrounded by love. We are so happy to announce that he has found just that!


Dexter was adopted by a lovely couple, Aaron and Sonja, and will be welcomed by two kitty siblings, Dolce and Jimmy. Dexter’s new home has a large fenced backyard for him to romp around in and a nearby trail for him to explore on his daily walks. What a lucky boy!


We have already heard from Dexter’s new mom and dad that things are going very well so far: “First night went well.  Dexter slept through the whole night with no accidents. Cats are adjusting well, Dexter does not even really acknowledge them which is quite fine with Dolce but Jimmy has to get used to not being the biggest in the house. “


Thank you and congratulations to Dexter, Aaron, Sonja, Jimmy, and Dolce! This charming boy deserves a wonderful life and we are delighted that Dexter has found his perfect match.


Panchito Update

Originally from Mexico, Panchito was welcomed into the care of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) in December 2017. It did not take long before this sweet lad was scooped up by his forever family!


Life for Panchito started a bit rough – he was rescued from the streets of Yucatan, Mexico as a young pup and had to overcome a severe mange infestation and Ehrlichia. However, based on the update we have received from his new family, it seems Panchito’s luck has turned and he is now thriving.


In the words of Panchito’s new mom and dad:

“Things are going great! He’s a very sweet, happy little guy and very smart. He is just a joy and loved by everyone he meets! House training is going very well, he sleeps very well through the night, and he’s already learned to sit after just 3 attempts. He LOVES to play fetch and has discovered the toy box. He takes one, plays with it for 5 or 10 minutes, then goes back for another one until it’s empty. So fun to watch. He’s just been a pleasure since he came home.


I’m glad the cold snap is almost over so he can enjoy being outside more as well. We haven’t been able to take him for a good long walk yet but he seems to be less adverse to cold weather every day. Once it starts getting near or above zero, I think we’ll be able to take him for what will become his daily long walk in the afternoons.

We are starting obedience classes tomorrow, he’s very well behaved and smart, he has picked up on our routine nicely. But he needs some confidence building and leash work, I have no doubt that he will blossom the more we work with him. Also his coat is continuing to grow in,  and although I think the hair follicles have been permanently damaged in some areas, he will be a different looking boy by the summer.


We are thrilled to hear that things are going so well for Panchito and his new family and that he is living the life he deserves!



Ashling Has Been Adopted!

Ashling, a blind 2-year-old American Eskimo with a cleft lip, was welcomed into the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster care program in December, 2017.


Unsurprisingly, Ashling quickly won the affections of his foster mom and dad, Leah and Nathan. He loved to cuddle, play, and go for walks. But most of all, he loved his people!


It was this mutual love between Ashling and his foster parents, that led to Leah and Nathan adopting him. Leah and Nathan have been long-time fosters with BCFS, but said that there was just something about Ashling that they couldn’t say goodbye to (can you blame them?).


In the word’s of Ashling’s mom, Leah:
“Sometimes a dog comes into your life and chooses you. I knew in those first few days that I probably wouldn’t be able to give this guy up. With every application that came in I felt sad: something I am usually excited about for my foster dogs. I kept making excuses as to why I shouldn’t adopt him. After a few applications dropped out or didn’t follow up I decided that I could no longer ignore the signs. Nathan said if he could learn our stairs and learn to use our dog door we would talk about adopting him. Well this extremely smart pup figured both of those things out which is no small feat for a blind dog. Today we made it official. Ashling is now part of our pack!”


We are so happy for Leah, Nathan, Ashling, and the rest of the fur-family!