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Mayo Has Been Adopted

Mayo, an 8-year-old Labrador Retriever, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in June 2017 as an owner surrender. Weighing in at approximately 100 pounds, this big bundle of love proved to be truly young at heart and incredibly affectionate.


Mayo was lucky to have spent a fun-filled summer with his foster family – swimming and playing in Lake Erie, going for walks and wrestling with his foster siblings, and hopping up on the bed for morning snuggles.


Although Mayo hit the jackpot with his foster family, he still needed a permanent home to call his own. We are so happy to announce that Mayo has now found that home and his forever family.  Mayo was adopted by a sweet couple, Jen and Alex, who had previous experience with Labrador Retrievers.


Congratulations to Jen, Alex, and Mayo on finding the perfect match!


We are pleased to have already received an update from Mayo’s mama:

“Greetings from Mayo!

Mayo has settled in very nicely in his new home. He has lots of toys to play with and likes going on walks around the neighbourhood during the day.


As soon as the alarm rings in the morning he has some cuddle time, does his doggie stretches, and then goes to the closet where his leash is kept to start the day. He is always eager to go on walks throughout the day and to sniff and explore the neighbourhood. He has even met some new friends along the way already. Mayo even got a new coat to stay warm and cozy when he is outside now that the weather is getting colder.


Mayo also got to meet some of his new cousins recently and had a fun afternoon playing with them.


And after a long day he likes to just lie down on his bed and relax. Sometimes he even decides the big bed is much more comfortable and makes himself a spot to have a snooze.


Tail wags from Mayo and lots of thanks from Mayo’s new family”


Update on Allura, Now Jenny

Back in September 2016, Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) welcomed two Jack Russel / Shih Tzu mix puppy mill survivors from the Furever Friends Rescue of Western New York. Allura and Delena, a mother-daughter duo, came to us shy and fearful after having spent the majority of their lives in confinement.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 1.55.51 PM

After having some time to learn what it means to be a dog in the care of BCFS, Both Allura and Delena found loving and patient forever homes. We are fortunate to have received a recent update from Allura’s forever family:

“My boyfriend (Grant), our dog Murphy, and I adopted Allura (Jenny) one year ago this week! We wanted to send you all an update on her adoption anniversary and let you know how well little Miss Molly is doing.


She is such a different dog now. When we first adopted her she was quite shy and nervous. Now she’s a happy go lucky girl and she has blossomed into an amazing little dog. Her confidence has also come a long way. For the first while she didn’t accept belly rubs from us, but now it’s one of her favourite things! She is so loving and she’s such a happy girl. Her tail is always wagging and her and Murphy are the best of friends. I could watch them play all day, it’s pretty funny when they get going. They are an absolute match made in heaven. We always get compliments on the pups while we are out, especially if it’s chilly and they are wearing their cute sweaters. Molly is a huge hit especially with the seniors we meet on our outings.


In the year we’ve had Molly she has come a really looooooong way. She walks really well on leash, she knows some commands and she has even been to the grooming salon for a haircut and bath with all the bells and whistles and even got a fancy bandana! Molly also LOVES to snuggle. She also really enjoys playing and loves dog toys (especially ones that squeak). She has such a great personality and watching her get excited is pretty funny. For example; when we leash the dogs to go out, she will jump around and make noises that sound like a monkey because she’s so excited and she will pick up Murphy’s leash and pull him around. It’s also funny to see her carry around the bigger dog toys that are as big as she is.


We took her and Murph to PetSmart yesterday evening to celebrate her adoption anniversary so she could pick out a toy and treat. She came home with a squeaky pig and a smoked rib bone.


Thank you for giving Molly a second chance by rescuing her and providing her with a great start to her new life. We are forever grateful to have been chosen to provide her with her furever home!”


Thank you to Jenny’s family for the wonderful update and providing this sweet girl with such a lovely home!


Update on Wink

Wink, a darling 3-year-old Persian, came to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) in August 2017 having suffered severe neglect. After having surgery on her ruptured eye, Wink was quickly scooped up and welcomed home by a wonderful family.

According to her adoptive mama, Wink is doing very well in her new home:

“Wink is doing great!! She still isn’t sure about stairs so has been living upstairs and just loving it. Her favourite toy is a crinkly ball and she loves sleeping on either a shelf or a roots shopping bag with my reindeer slippers haha. Wink is also obsessed with chasing the vacuum around and sneaking up behind her cat sisters. She’s a character! Her favourite is getting petted on her forehead and massaging her shoulders. 


Wink is a piggy and is pretty close to 6lbs now if she isn’t there already! We just love her. She is the happiest little cat!!


We are so happy to hear that Wink is doing so well and living the life she deserves. Thank you to Ellen, Alexander, and the rest of the fur family for providing such a great home for Wink!


Wink Has Been Adopted

Wink, a 3-year-old Persian, was welcomed into Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) in August 2017. At that time, BCFS was approached by a local humane society to take in a cat, renamed Wink, who had been rescued from a breeding situation in the Niagara Region.


Wink had been subject to severe neglect and came to BCFS with an ulcer in one eye and the other eye having ruptured. Wink required surgery on the ruptured eye to remove the remaining tissue, clear up the infection, and sew up the damage. We knew that Wink deserved a chance at a pain-free and loving life, and with financial support from the community and Dunnville Vet Clinic, she was able to get the treatment she needed.


Thankfully, Wink did very well with her surgery. The team at the Dunnville Vet Clinic were able to clean out her eye socket, close up the lid, and spay her. The staff instantly fell in love with Wink and said she was an “adorable wee girl” – but we already knew that! While in recovery with her foster mama, we also learned that Wink cries if left alone, is very sensitive to and aware of the sound of her human’s voice, and purrs like crazy!


It seemed that Wink’s good luck did not end after her successful surgery. Soon after her recovery, our sweet girl received an adoption application from a wonderful couple with rescue-cat experience. We are happy to say that Wink has now gone to her forever home, where she will be welcomed by her lovely new parents and fur-siblings.


Thank you and congratulations to Ellen, Alexander, Wink, and the rest of the fur family. This charming girl deserves a wonderful life and we are delighted that Wink has found her perfect match.


Mia in Bed

Update on Mia – “We Could Not Love Her More”

For long time followers of the work of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS), you may recall our involvement in the rescue of six dogs from Beruit, Lebanon back in 2014. The dog who started it all, Mia, came to BCFS blind in one eye and with a leg that had been chopped off. Mia experienced extensive abuse while living on the street, because she was considered a ‘nuisance.’

Once in the care of BCFS, it didn’t take too long before Mia was adopted by her fur-ever family, where she truly hit the jackpot. We are delighted to have recently received an update regarding Mia.

In the word’s of Mia’s adoptive mama…

“Mia is my heart and soul. When I look at Mia, I see her glowing aura of joy and light.  She is resilient beyond measure and she shows me every day what it means to live in the moment and to exude pure delight at the simplest things – a reliable meal, a warm home and comfy bed, a kind touch, a bottomless well of love. Every being should have these things.

sunrise at the beach
Those who meet Mia for the first time are sometimes taken aback by her appearance – the evidence of her past – and they may think for a moment that she is broken… Then she greets them with a huge snaggletooth smile, frantic wags of the stumpy tail and an abundance of glee.  At that point I imagine that they begin to see that glow of joy and light that I see always.  For some people, she will bestow a kiss – she is selective with her kisses and we know that those she chooses to kiss are truly special.  

Treats at the beach
We start and end almost every day with cuddles in bed – Willie and Mia know this this is part of their routine now and the day doesn’t seem quite right if our schedules mean that we have to miss a day.  When cuddling in bed, she will build a little ‘nest’ out of blankets and pillows and will get all tucked in.  Although Mia loves cuddle time and she will start out the night on sleeping our bed – invariably she will jump down to her own bed.  She loves her own bed – I think she loves that she has a spot all her own. Willie doesn’t go on her bed – it’s all hers.  In the morning, when we wake up and bring our cups of coffee back into bed – she will have jumped back up and be waiting for the morning cuddles to start.

Mia and Willie at Bedtime
Mia and Willie have an amazing bond and they are never too far apart from each other. Willie tends to be her protector and will often sit right next to her and she will follow him.  She loves the attention from him.  While he may be more agile, she can easily out pace him in playful energy. She will chase him, nipping at his legs and try to trip him up.  She loves to tumble around and I think quite purposely does little summersaults, just for the joy of it.  Sounds crazy, right.  We are lucky living on the golf course and surrounded by trails, we are blessed with wide open spaces for the Willie and Mia to run and play.  She has become so strong and has built up amazing stamina.  When she is tired, she simply plops herself down for a little break, and pops back up to run some more when she is ready.  She loves the water and is keen splash her way down a creek and then lay down in the middle of it for fun.  In the winter we dig out a little path system all around our backyard – she will get Willie to chase her around the snow path then hide behind snow banks and pop out at him.   Similarly in the summer, she will hide in the cedar trees and pop out to chase him.  When she first started doing this I couldn’t stop crying/laughing – it is just such a perfect example of her playful and mischievous personality.

Helping Mom plant a tree
When I travel for work I take them to Family Pet Services – still the only doggie camp we know of that is cage free, run by Mary and Cam (Mary was one of our references during Mia’s adoption process).  Mia has fit right in with the pack and loves being in the middle of the action.  Mia holds a special place in Mary’s heart and she just adores Cam.

Willie Mia Day Care_sharing bed
I’m not certain how to wrap-up this message other than to thank you for bringing Mia into our lives.  We could not love her more.”

It sounds like Mia is truly living the good life – a life that she certainly deserves!


Papi Has Been Adopted!

Papi, a 4-year-old Chihuahua Mix, was welcomed into BCFS just a few short weeks ago. This sweet boy was transferred to us from the Erie County SPCA, and came to be known as ‘Happy’ by his foster parents due to his consistently cheerful nature.


When asked to provide insight as to how Papi was adjusting in foster care, his foster mama could not say enough positive things about this bundle of joy. It quickly became clear that Papi is an incredibly sweet dog with a lot of love to give.


Some of Papi’s favourite things include going for walks, playing, and spending time with his people. In fact, he even tried to escape over the fence to get closer to his foster mom! He also likes friends of the four-legged-variety and got along swimmingly with his foster doggy siblings.


Unsurprisingly, Papi did not spend long in foster care before being scooped up by his forever family (we didn’t even get a chance to post him on our website!). Congratulations to Papi, Bill, and Mary on finding your perfect match! Wishing you all a future filled with love and snuggles.




Update on Sooty

Sooty, a 1-year-old Labrador/Whippet Mix, arrived at BCFS a very timid and fearful young lad. With love and dedication, he gradually began to come out of his shell while in the care of his foster parents. We were overjoyed when Sooty found a fur-ever family and are now happy to report that he is doing well and truly living the good life in his new home.

According to Sooty’s adoptive mom…

“Sooty’s name we have changed to Blue to represent his fresh start in life. He also reminds us of a bigger version of our former Italian Greyhound, Misty Blue!

The day after we brought him home, we hit the road in our RV (our 2nd home) and it has given all of us a chance to really get to know and bond with him. He has done extremely well on the long drives. He loves sleeping with the kids and waking them up with kisses in the morning. He is still tentative about going out of the truck or the RV but once we pick him up and get him out he is loving his many walks and meeting new people and other dogs. In Lake George he experienced a very busy boardwalk with lots of people and noises and he did well. We enjoyed dinner on a patio and he was calmly at our feet checking out everyone walking by. After we walked on the beach and he went up to his belly in the water! We are now in Quebec City (beautiful) and he has loved learning some French! He has his own chair when we are at the campfire and just chills with us as we tell ghost stories. This weekend we are back home and he can get reacquainted with our three cats, Maple, Marco and Polo.


We all love him so much and can’t believe what a great fit he is for us! Thank you for all you do to save these animals and finding them forever homes!”

It sounds as though Sooty, now Blue’s, adventure in life is just beginning!


A Warm Welcome to Keller

We would like to extend a warm Beaver Creek welcome to Keller. This blind 9-year-old Chihuahua is the newest addition to the BCFS foster care program and is already snuggling…I mean settling…in quite nicely.


Keller’s foster mom has informed us that he is eating well and getting along splendidly with his foster doggy sibling. Keller’s visual impairment does not seem to affect his attitude or zest for life – he still bounds down the stairs and runs for the door.

Photo Credit: A & K Dog Photography

According to his foster mama, some of his favorite things are cuddles, walks, and other dogs. He does well on his walks and does not pull on the leash.

Photo Credit: A & K Dog Photography

Keller is continuing to learn how to be a proper house guest and to go outdoors to do his business. He is not thrilled about going into a crate, but does settle nicely after a little while.

Photo Credit: A & K Dog Photography

Be sure to watch for further updates as we continue to learn more about this sweet boy!


Sooty Has Been Adopted!

Sooty, a 1-year-young Labrador/Whippet Mix, was welcomed into Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) in June 2017. Although Sooty is just a pup, he has endured quite the journey in his life thus far.

PicMonkey Collage

After being abandoned at the gates of Evolucion Shelter in Mexico, Sooty made the trip to Canada and into a local shelter. However, it was soon discovered that Sooty was very frightened in a kennel setting, so he was transferred to BCFS where he could be cared for in a foster home while waiting for his forever family.


With special attention and patience, Sooty made considerable growth during his time in the BCFS foster program. Despite being a very nervous and timid boy, Sooty slowly began to gain confidence under the guidance of his foster parents and doggy siblings. As time went on, Sooty started to come out of his shell and even came to enjoy snuggling in bed and sitting on his foster mom’s lap (covering her with kisses!).


Making leaps and bounds of progress, Sooty was ready to find his forever home. We knew he would need a special family that would approach Sooty with patience and understanding as he continued to blossom into the happy-go-lucky puppy he was destined to be.


We are thrilled to announce that Sooty has found such a family and has now gone to his forever home. Congratulations to Sooty and his new family – Christine, Dave, Valentina, and Santiago!




Update on Mayo – Adopted

Mayo, an 8-year-old Labrador Retriever, joined the BCFS foster program in June 2017.  This 100 pound bundle of love is still searching for his forever family – could it be you?


To help you answer this question, Mayo asked us to pass along a few quick facts about himself:

#5: True to my breed, I love to frolic in the water and play fetch – sticks, frisbees, balls, I will chase ’em all!

#4: I love to hop up on my human’s bed in the morning for a quick snuggle. While we are on the subject, I really love humans (but also don’t mind a little me-time).

#3: I love to eat and especially love what the humans refer to as ‘treats’ (all food seems like a treat, but apparently these small bone shaped ones are particularly special).

#2: Not to be too picky or anything, but may I request a home without cats or small dogs? Don’t get me wrong, I do like other furry friends, I am just a bit particular. I currently share a home with other labs like me and love to wrestle and cuddle with them.

#1: I love shoes! Being a gentleman, I don’t chew them or anything, I just like to collect them and store them in my bed along with my leash. I am being considerate you see – when my human is ready to take me on a walk I am ready with all the items she will need!


If you think Mayo could be the pooch for you, please send an adoption application to our Adoptions Coordinator, Silvana Cronier (