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Update on Blue the Bunny!

From the forever family:

So much has happened since we picked up Blue from your sanctuary..

He is settling in nicely, although I am not rushing bonding with Eric. We have a routine of swapping their living areas every evening. These areas are right beside each other and they are at liberty but separated.

Blue and Erik Video Click link

For the first week I had to wash their fluffy mats every day and dry them on the rads as they were having “I insult you with pee” wars…ha! But now they have left off that, use them to sleep on, and have always used the litters consistently for pee and are forced to use each other’s because of the daily swap. Now it’s just “poo” wars. They are contributing very nicely to my compost pile…very easy to clean (corner litters with just wire) and I put a little water in the bottom. We found a gigantic corner litter from Walmart for when he is bigger. We stopped off at Minor Brothers on the way home to get the same feed.


Blue has learned his harness and extendable lead (both the backyard and further away, the back and front steps), and the main floor of the house. I thought of a way of having them both in the backyard at once during pre-playdates: the beautiful metal coop is clean and empty. So I let Eric be free in the yard before and after by himself, but then he stayed in the coop while Blue had his turn free in the yard. Blue was running, hopping, exploring and did a binky near to Eric 😄

He’s quite the charmer and early on when we went out to eat, we came back and Blue came running to us and skidded on his bum which made us laugh 😂

On “walks” I had people stop and he allowed them to pet him which made everyone happy. He’ll have to get used to being famous. Eric is in training, too. Blue didn’t want us to touch him much, he lets us pet his nose and head area, sometimes his back. And he just started to come when called (in the house). Just the one day he was outside for a couple of hours with Eric in the coop because it was nice. Soon will be cold. Everyone is falling in love 😙

Blue’s is not as strong as he will be after slow conditioning…his walks are very short. He flattens himself for cars that go by (when he was out the front, not a busy road), but not always, and the school bell across the road startled him. That was last Sunday, and he was comforted and calm before I took him back in (hopped up the cement steps). He has lots of confidence, as you noticed 😉 so should be fine.

He let us clip his nails (both were done the day before the argument), and wash his pee paws twice with a very nice natural fur whitening shampoo. Lookin’ good!

The day we got him we bought the same kind of treat balls as were donated recently to the sanctuary…one for each and they both enjoy them :)


He likes to flop himself down on the hardwood behind the couch and the bay window with the silk curtains, which he doesn’t touch…good boy!

We give him hay and branches, too.

Rick had already made various “bunny” gates so that they don’t get into trouble.

Just today Mama Earth Organics offered to send along free leaves and such weekly for the bunnies! They were pleased I sent a picture of him helping me with the local farmers bin we get delivered😊

So, he’s currently resting around listening to mellow jazz..he’s a funny bunny that nudges us and hopped up on the chair in the living room after Rick and I were duscussing whether he should be permitted..haha ☺


Quite often he and Eric mirror each other even though in adjacent rooms, so we’re hopeful!


Welcome Peppa the Pig!!

Peppa was found wandering the mean streets where  a very precarious situation that landed her at the Humane Society.


A volunteer found out about Peppa the pig and asked if we could help. Could we break Peppa out of jail?


After the hold period we were asked if we could take Peppa into the BCFS foster care program. We had a stall open and agreed to welcome this pig to our sanctuary.


Peppa found herself getting lots of attention and cuddles from our volunteer Megan. After a few shy moments Peppa became affectionate.  Megan learned that Peppa loved to be brushed. She settled nicely into her big pig bed with her blanket and a really good nap before diving, nose first of course, into a giant pile of hay.


In a large stall with a dog door (pig door) to a large paddock, Peppa’s tail never stopped wagging. She was happy to explore – even in the snow!


She’s a typical pig in that she gets into everything, flips everything over and will eat anything. Peppa is looking for a loving home on a farm where flipping a bale of hay isn’t frowned upon. She’s quite friendly and very tidy in her stall only going outside to potty.


We do not know how old Peppa is, therefore we don’t know how big she’ll get. She’s approximately 80 lbs right now, but we expect her to get much bigger.



Welcome from Mexico: Panchito 1year old medium mix breed-Adopted

We got the request through BCFS volunteer and foster home Ashley after she returned to Niagara from Mexico where she was donating her time helping with a spay / neuter clinic. The dog our Mexico Might Dog Rescuer Jane wants us to take is a sweet little mix named Panchito.


From Jane:

17342561_1497794476911494_2663003335447810602_n(May 2017) This little guy is Panchito. For those who have been following his story, I rescued him from the middle of the road, near death in the small town of Chi Chi Suarez, Yucatan, in early February and he has been recovering at CLINICA VETERINARIA Y ESTETICA CANINA “ALEMAN” since then. He is only about 5 months old and he has been through an awful lot for such a little guy, but he has come a long way (and has grown a lot too).


(November 2017) Panchito, who I rescued back in February 2017. Well today we celebrate as his vet has officially signed him off as “cured”. It turns out that what we thought was an autoimmune skin condition ended up being a very stubborn demodectic mange infestation. It’s taken 10 months, but we got him there! His fur is still growing back in spots, but it’s coming in nicely. My plan is to send him to Canada in the New Year, once his fur has fully grown in. Canadian friends: if you or anyone you know is looking to adopt, please consider this sweet little guy.

Now comes the hard part: We need to find him a home . . .

23434851_1757669844257288_5922758098179265384_nJane had personally rescued and treated Panchito for Demodectic mange, over the course of 10 months starting Feb 2017, which caused him to lose all his hair. Jane has done three skin scrapings over three months all negative for demodectic manage.

They are considered cured after two negative skin scrapes.

Panchito also tested positive for Ehrlichia back in February 2017 when he was first rescued. He was treated and had follow up blood work done a few months later that showed his platelets as normal (he had to be free of Ehrlichia in order for him to be neutered, which was subsequently done).
He’s been on Bravecto since February so it is highly unlikely he’s been reinfected. An IDEXX SNAP in December 2017 show Panchito negative for Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis,  Leishmania and heart worm.

After all his health issues treated and cured thanks to the devoted support of Jane, Panchito is ready to find his forever home in Canada and he’ll be wheels down at Pearson on Monday, Dec 18, 2017. He’ll be transported by Ashely and go to a new BCFS foster home with foster mom Connie.


He’s growing back hair and  is sporting some pretty awesome polkadots. He’s a rather quiet boy who is a survivor of the harsh streets of Mexico. Due to all his trips to the vet Panchito loves car rides, especially if he can be a front seat dog.  He’s very submissive with other dogs and would do well with another submissive dog.


We will be working on his leash skills and house training while he’s in his foster home. We find these Mexico dogs are incredibly intelligent and pick up quickly on life in Canada.

Welcome Panchito!!!




Welcome 2 year old American Eskimo Ashling! – Adopted

When I opened the door to the farm I wasn’t sure what to expect, but standing there calmly was a lovely boy named Ashling. He immediately came up and gave me a cuddle. I was smitten.


Ashling just turned 2 years old, is blind with a cleft lip. The cutest cleft lip ever! Ashling has no special medical needs related to his cleft lip.


Ashlings eyes never developed, so he has little to no vision, but manages to navigate his surroundings with complete and utter ease. He’s been blind since birth, but you’d never know it! He climbs stairs and has even figured out how to get up on his foster mom’s window seat.


Ashling loves to cuddle, whether on the couch or in bed. He’s always in for binge watching netflicks. He also loves to play and go for walks. He’s a wonderful little fellow.


Ashling is good with children and loves his people. He tends to be growly with dogs he doesn’t know, but learns to love and trust with patience. We aren’t sure how he is with cats, but since he can’t see them we don’t predict a problem.


Ashling is house trained and looking for an incredibly special home that will love him forever. He is a very dapper gentleman.


squash under tree

Squash the bunny ADOPTED!

What a lovely story of Squash’s adoption into a home with two other female bunnies who were having trouble getting along.

The human mom and dad and four kids were excited to add another bunny to their household and it seemed like Squash was pretty sweet on their youngest girl.


We said that Theodore had a sweeter personality for a family with four children, but Squash wouldn’t leave Hope, the youngest girl alone. He hopped around her feet and nibbled on her shoes. Hope was delighted.

So, they took Squash (now Charlie) home to meet his new bunny family.



Here’s the week #1 update! It took Charlie (squash) less than 2 days to bond with our senior bun, Penelope. She was a bit weary at first, but his constant grooming had her bought in to a new bunny in the house.
We weren’t expecting to bond Baby and Charlie so soon. We wanted him and Penelope to have a solid bond first. They had other plans, though. On Saturday morning we woke up to all of the bunnies upset in their beds. We thought Baby was going to hurt herself the way she was bouncing, and Charlie was thumping up a storm. For their immediate safety, we let them all out of their beds so we could evaluate each buns needs.

Baby and Charlie connected immediately. Cautiously we watched, and within minutes they were grooming each other and I saw a calmness in Baby I had no idea was there!

After a few days of carefully combining everyone, and lots of encouragement, both my girls are totally in love with Charlie, are calm around each other, have been able to spend more than 10 hours a day as a Trio, and are so incredibly well groomed. Charlie is a true gentleman and is the star of the house. Thank you again for trusting us with this sweet soul.

squash and his ladies


Blue the Bunny finds a loving forever Home!

We are thrilled to announce that the first of five bunnies we took in back in the summer of 2017 has been adopted! We’re hoping this will start the ball rolling on additional bunnies finding forever loving homes.


Blue has found an amazing forever home with a lovely couple and a new brother to bond with.

We always love to hear bunnies going to another home with another bunny. They can be a challenge to bond, but once bonded the bunnies are best friends.


Many thanks to Blue’s new family where he’ll have full run of the house and access to a “bunny door” allowing him and his brother out into the fully fenced bunny proof yard! How luck!


Congratulations to Blue and his new family!



Yoga and Bracelet Making Nov 2017!

What a fun and successful yoga and bracelet making event and who knew how much the animals would love it?

We did a great deal of cleaning to ensure the barn was ready for people to have yoga mats and sit on the floor. The barn sparkled!

We’re so proud of this safe haven.


And then they came and set up their mats and started their journey through yoga. The unexpected part was how much the animals loved it, not to mention the people!

Our cat Aggie wove between mats giving cuddles and head butts. The horses hung their heads out their windows and absorbed the energy. Splash, the horse, was particular attentive. Elsa the goat, watched every move from the safety of her stall (not for her safety, but the safety of the yogis).


Elsa the goat, couldn’t get enough of the people and energy that flowed through the barn. It was magical!

After a relaxing hour of yoga the group headed upstairs for bracelet making! The entire barn is heated and it was amazingly cozy as the snow fell gently outside.


We had hot cider with homemade cupcakes and cookies as snacks, as well as infused water. All the humans enjoyed the event!

Thank you to Leah for organizing the event, the yoga instructor for rolling with the challenges of having yoga in a barn (Keller the Chihuahua, claimed a yoga mat and there was no moving him!) and the bracelet making ladies who’s knowledge and skill made for an excellent event!

We raised just over $800 that night and 100% goes directly to the animals. Thank you all!!!

This money will go to the vet bill for the 8 puppies we rescued and have found wonderful loving home.


Thank you Diane for leading the ladies in a wonderful yoga experience and Julie for helping the ladies make beautiful bracelets.  Both ladies can be contacted through their websites at:

Diane –

Julie –


Northern husky, lab, shep mix 8 weeks old

Coming by plane and automobile the puppies made their way from the very far Northern  Ontario thanks to help from a large group of incredibly dedicated women that we had the pleasure of working with over several days. We can’t thank them enough…

We coordinated, begged and borrowed to get these puppies south. We got them to Dryden, ON  and then got a bit stuck.

puppy faces
BCFS is so lucky to have had a volunteer drive the forty hour round trip transport to bring all the puppies to Southern Ontario! We can’t thank this dedicated, brave, bright and amazing woman who made the trip with all the puppies on her own. Thank you “C” you are amazing.

The puppies arrived through a snow storm into clear cool skies of Southern Ontario on November 12, 2017 in the late evening. They were thirsty, tired and hungry. They snacked lightly, drank deeply and fell into a lovely sleep.


It’s tough to be around puppies and not laugh out loud at their antics. They dance like nobody’s watching. They play with abandon. They are  a blank slate.

These puppies will get big and they will require lots of exercise. They are smart, almost too smart, because smart is what is needed to survive in the north. They are people oriented and if raised with love, discipline and exercise they are incredible dogs.

Please let us introduce the group!

Scarlett – Black and Tan Female 

A delicate little girl who is friendly and playful, just like a southern belle. She’s generally the last one asleep and the first one awake in the morning.


Brute – Blonde Male 

He’s just like his name. A big solid Brute. His surprise tactic when playing with his siblings is to sit on them. He usually wins. He’s a fairly laid back dog who loves his naps.


Goldie – Blonde Female

A lovely relaxed girl who is independent and loving. She’s usually the first asleep and the last to wake up. She and her brother Brute are the two most laid back puppies.


Aqua – black and Tan Male – Adopted 

A lovely boy with an engine that won’t quit. He loves to play and has lots of energy to keep up with a young family. He’s got a great mask, lovely colouring and big paws.

76C34713-763C-4FB4-AE61-8BFE051B1824Lemon – black and tan male – Adopted

A young fiesty boy who never gives up and this is extra important because Lemon is visually impaired.  We aren’t sure if something happened to Lemon or if he was born this way, but he manages very well. Lemon will need a very loving and patient home.


Cecil – black and tan male – ADOPTED 

What can we say about Cecil? People would call him a Runt. He’s a quarter the size of his siblings and came in sick. Very sick. He had multiple seizures, dehydration and exhaustion. We took Cecil to the vet and had him stay for the day to get IV fluids and antibiotics. He’s doing so much better. Our hero “C” would like to make Cecil her own, so sweet little underweight and visually impaired Cecil is going to live with a hero, putting “C” in a whole new class of heroes.


Red – Blonde female – Adopted

The second of three females in this group, she is also a fine boned beauty. Her blonde colouring and sparkling eyes begs for cuddles, but she’s a bit of a firecracker too. She’s just starting to get a black strip of hair down her back. We’re curious to see how she’ll turn out!

6F15A16F-DB3B-4A5B-A013-546F94B88FFFJeffery – Black and tan Male – Adopted

Jeffery is a beautiful boy who loves to sit beside you and soak in your affection. He’ll play, but mostly he’d rather hang with people. He’s a lover not a fighter. Very sweet young man.


From Amy’s Sore Gut

There are times of extreme anxiety when your vet bills are mounting, your bank account is waning and there are eight puppies up for adoption without a single application.

I think I’m getting a new ulcer. I’ll call him Pal.

'Your gut instincts are causing your ulcers.'

Pal and I have been spending some time together and he’s one of those nasty friends who chews away your gut making you question all your decisions.


The voice of reason says… don’t worry. This will all work out. You just need to have nerves of steel.


Unfortunately, I have nerves of jello. Not a good match for rescue, but easy to digest in a pinch. I prefer to think of my nerves as strawberry jello – the red kind maybe with little marshmallows or pieces of fruit.

My sleep is interrupted and I struggle nightly with thoughts of having 8 full grown dogs to find homes for…. I pray not.


They are adorable. Sweet and kind. They are open books and ready to be the dog you want them to be. They are incredible, sweet, playful and each one is developing their own personalities.

puppy faces

Take a moment and humour me… check out a puppy. We rarely get puppies into rescue, so this is a pretty incredible time for us. They nap in a plastic pool and are learning where to potty. They are sweet as a human baby, but more durable.


That’s my rant for now as I pray for adoption applications to come flooding in for these puppies. We have two special needs pups who are visually impaired and needy. If you have it in your heart to help these sweet souls please fill out an adoption application online. Its easy, fast and will give you a chance to meet some pretty incredible puppies.



Snoopy – Adopted

He’s got a face that loves the camera. His soulful eyes and love of people is endearing. However, Snoopy has his issues.

LSYX4344He’s an anxious pup who loves to be with people. Any people, but he’s not so great with other dogs. He tends to be bossy and push them around – if they let them.

Snoopy is still working on his house training too. For all those cute traits – there’s a bit of a tradeoff.


His story is a mystery. We only know he was at the shelter and then in  a foster home who returned him to the shelter saying he was too nervous. The shelter called BCFS and Snoopy came into our foster care program.


He’s healthy and happy when with his people. Can you look at that face and not fall in love? We couldn’t!

Please fill out the online adoption application if you’re interested in adopting Snoopy.