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Bud the pig Adopted!!

Bud came to us through LCHS unneutered, mildly stinky and incredibly intelligent.


It didn’t take long for this handsome fella to land in his forever home. He’s cute, smart, mischievous, but most of all loving. He loved his human family and it took a few short weeks (and a neuter) for Bud to win over his foster brothers, Bert and Ernie.


In a matter of weeks Bud had his foster mom wrapped around his finger, he was living with Bert and Ernie and had his very own piggy family. Bud had never been happier or well loved.

Bud’s foster mom Lee just couldn’t imagine not having Bud, so he was home and Lee is a foster graduate!



Cricket! Adopted! Not Kidding!

The most amazing things happen in animal rescue. We found a wonderful lady who found the love in Cricket.


A bit about Cricket: 

Cricket is still a typical one person chihuahua, but he’s more accepting of company. He listens to corrections quickly and wants to please.

We’re very happy that Cricket is a happier dog. He climbs stairs, rides in the car and is more accepting of visitors, but it takes time for his to warm up to strangers.

On the sweet side Cricket is a champion cuddler, he’ll sleep snuggled with you all night on your bed and he’ll never be the first one up. He’ll sleep all day with you.


BCFS can’t explain how thrilled and excited that after ten months Cricket has finally found his loving forever home.


He’s getting extra cuddles and love everyday with fresh food, water and a comfortable bed – although, he prefers to sleep with his new mama. Curled up in her tummy sending her warm dreams.


Thank you to Cricket’s forever home for giving him a chance and waiting out those first few difficult days. He’s become just the dog you were hoping for.

We love when this happens! 




Tralee, a bichon puppy mill survivor – Adopted!

The first picture we got of Tralee was a very sad looking bichon . He looked lost, forgotten and unloved.


Would BCFS take in this poor frightened puppy mill survivor, rehabilitate and find him a forever home? Did we have a spot open? Could we possibly turn him away? We couldn’t…

tralee side view

Our foster home welcomed Tralee with open arms, although it would take a few weeks for Tralee to welcome affection, we were patient.

We did notice his breath still smelled after having dental surgery, so we took Tralee to the vet for an assessment, blood work and antibiotics.

From the foster mom:

In terms of his physical health, he has three sets of stitches that will need to be removed sometime soon so will need contact info for the vet. He had many teeth extracted according to his accompanying papers but breath is quite rank. He enjoys his meals and in fact licks the bowl clean, is drinking, pooping and peeing. His urine is odiferous and concentrated.

Behaviourally, he remains quite anxious. He will not come out of his crate on his own in the morning, not even when coaxed with food. He continues to cower and run when I approach him even though we’ve spent hours cuddling. At least the above “run” is exercise otherwise he sleeps.
He has to be carried outside and simply drops and shakes, refusing to move, meaning that he is relieving himself indoors and occasionally in his cage. I’ve cautiously tried him on and off the leash outdoors with no luck.
I don’t see any of those joyful moments that I’m so used to in other dogs. He seems flat and only mildly responsive to tender touches……definitely evidence for a case against puppy mills.

Tralee’s blood work came back normal and the antibiotics were healing his mouth infection. Now that Tralee was on the road to recovery we found he became more outgoing. Foster mom talks about the first time she came home and he barked…  hope.


Leaps and bounds from the foster mom:

Tralee has been great today. Firsts barks out of the boy when I came home from shopping. Just so excited he couldn’t contain himself. Too funny!! Also took his first steps of many outside today. He had a good hour of exploring out there and seemed to really enjoy himself.

Breath is much better and gums are responding nicely to the antibiotics. So good!!
He’s really a different dog today. Is more curious, tail wagging when I approach and leaning in to sniff….all milestones since he’s been here


Even before we could advertise we had a family interested in Tralee from a single picture on Facebook. They were excited to open their home to Tralee and get their bichon a fluffy little brother.


Many thanks to Tralee’s foster mom for her dedication and patience to see this little man come into his own. Thank you!


We knew Tralee would need a very special home and a lot of patience and we are very happy that he has found the perfect home.  Congratulations Tralee and thank you Amanda and David on giving this special survivor a chance at a good life!  We are sure that their present dog Peanut and Tralee will become fast friends.


Peppa the Pig up for Adoption

We thought we had a home for Peppa, but after nearly two months they have yet to pick her up, so we’re left with no choice, but to list her up for  adoption again.


Peppa is a lovely pig. She’s a spayed female, up to date with vaccinations with a cuddly demeanour  and a sense of adventure. She does get into everything, like a very successful reporter.


Headline News: There’s a piece of old carrot in the garbage! It must be eaten! To the garbage can! by Peppa the Pig.

Peppa loves to be groomed and get belly rubs and massages. Here she is in a video with one of our volunteers getting love.

Peppa the Pig getting the love. 

If you’re interested in adopting Peppa she must go to a farm setting with an option for her to live in the barn. It would take a great deal to piggy proof your house against this first class investigator.






Miracles Do Happen: Keller Adopted!!!!

After 9 months in foster care Keller has finally found his forever family. This blind senior Chihuahua sat unwanted for months. He was well loved by his foster home, but the right family hadn’t come along to whisk Keller away to a world of love only a forever family holds.


He had his favourite crate, toys and excellent food, but was still searching for the special love. And he found it!

Patience and time proved to be key in finding this sweet boy his forever home. A wonderful family full of love showers Keller with love and attention.


This family with their glowing wonderful hearts has also agreed to foster Cricket. We simply can’t believe our luck.


With tears of gratitude we send Keller off to live with his forever family, taking Cricket with him for support and love. They will share their home with two cats.

_MG_4884Miracles do happen…. Keller in his forever home.


Thank you to all the people who shared his post that eventually helped find the missing family to Keller’s bliss. Cheers!


Bursting with joy!




Equibow with Alice

Larney, an eighteen hannovarian BCFS accepted in December 2017 with an injured left hind leg was surrended by a lady who loved him dearly, but was unable to care for him any longer. She was going to euthanize and then she started communicating with BCFS.

It took several months before Larney finally made his way to our barn at BCFS. He was in extra discomfort after the long trailer ride. We gave him some time and let him settle before we had the vet out.


He was diagnosed with a chronic back leg pain (lower suspensory ligament damage), so we started looking into alternative treatment.

724C5366-97C6-49C8-ADCA-EF0B444BF91EWe are lucky enough to have a wonderful group of supporters: Elisabeth connected BCFS with Alice Zammit-Maempel from Equine Natural Therapy to come out and do equibow with Larney.


Equi-bow is a gentle, non-invasive modality which re-patterns the neuromuscular system through its ripple like effect on fascia and connective tissue. It re-balances the nervous system, enhancing relaxation, as well as re-balancing hormonal and endocrine function. It reduces fascial tension and referred pain. Circulation is improved and it promotes fluid level balance thus re-hydrating the tissues. Not only does Equi-Bow address musculoskeletal issues, it addresses all the body system functions and internal organs. Natural Therapy 

053558BF-E0A4-491E-9018-0CBD2D366D33Alice is a Natural Therapy professional who offers equibow and equine massage to horses. We couldn’t believe the difference! Larney was much more comfortable and even standing square.

He showed signs of relief with his frequent yawning and chewing. This is how they process equibow.

27858338_10156087409742485_8683339353776810790_nLarney has shown much improvement. He’s no longer dragging a toe on his back leg and there is much more playful behaviour. We’re thrilled with Alice’s work.

Thank you Alice Zammit-Maempel for helping our Larney! You can find Alice at 905-348-0798 or visit her webpage 


The PhD Pig and the Ass Menagerie Sanctuary!

Bud is a two year old pot bellied pig who loves people and is incredible smart. Problem solving smart.


You can watch him working out his escape plans. He’ll look through the material and the next thing you know he’s visiting with the goats at Ass Menagerie Sanctuary where he’s being fostered.


BCFS members were lucky enough to visit the Ass Menagerie Sanctuary, also located in Wainfleet.

We met their rescue animals like their Rooster and chickens


mini Donkey,


mini horse,


resident pigs,


…and the most lovely pyrenese we’d ever seen named Eli.


But, lets get back to Bud. Super smart and loveable Bud. While visiting he escaped from his paddock to cuddle with his foster mama by walking between her legs and rubbing himself.

Bud is an incredible pig who’ll do best in a farm setting where he gets lots of attention. People attention. He’s not familiar with other animals, but those he’s met he’s been very happy and excited.

27709632_10159828766335316_1175096808718904611_oBud is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, tucks and hooves trimmed and ready for his new home.


Must have a farm to adopt a pig from BCFS. Thank you!



Keller: Old, Blind and Unwanted – Adopted

Keller has been in foster care for 8 months with not a single family interested. He’s nearly ten years old, not the best looking guy and has just recovered from a bout of pancreatitis. He still marks in the house and growls a bit at meal times or when he’s in his crate.


Lets talk about the good things! He is a great cuddler  He’s probably one of the happiest dogs I’ve met and he loves other people. Gets along great with cats and other dogs. He loves his crate and spend a good quantity of time in his den.

He’s small and very low maintenance and he’s a very easy keeper. A short walk and he’ll nap for hours.


How do I deal with the marking? When Keller isn’t outside or in his crate he wears a belly band in the house. I buy pads and change the pads daily. Keller will come with his belly bands. He doesn’t mind wearing them and makes no effort to pull them off.


Keller has a very sweet personality and is a great couch potato. Finally, Keller has absolutely not a single tooth left in his head. You don’t have to worry about dental surgery or mouth infections. He has no trouble eating anything and has a healthy appetite!


Are you looking for a truly unwanted dog? Then meet Keller. He deserves a forever home… can it be yours?




Cricket: The Wonderful Chihuahua

When Cricket first came into rescue he was a challenge, but now? He’s changed. Love can do that.


Cricket is still a typical one person chihuahua, but he’s more accepting of company. He listens to corrections quickly and wants to please.

We’re very happy that Cricket is a happier dog. He climbs stairs, rides in the car and is more accepting of visitors, but it takes time for his to warm up to strangers.

On the sweet side Cricket is a champion cuddler, he’ll sleep snuggled with you all night on your bed and he’ll never be the first one up. He’ll sleep all day with you.


He’s doing very well with his housebreaking and takes himself out through the dog door to potty. He’s turned into quite a lovely little boy and gets along well with other dogs.

From the Foster Mom: I’d had a rough couple of days and was trying to rest, but couldn’t settle until Cricket came up on the bed and curled into my tummy. I could feel his warm body and I relaxed. He’s an amazing friend.


He’s not the typical nervous Chihuahua, he’s got a cool confidence that he voices on occasion, but he’s not a horrible barker.

He’s curled up sleeping beside me on the couch as the snow falls gently outside and I feel warm and loved. Good dog Cricket. Good dog.

Do you need a friend? A genuine friend who absolutely adores you? Consider Cricket. The cute four pound chihuahua.





Life with Rescue Animals

About 90% of animals that join BCFS are healthy and well adjusted enough to be adopted out and the 10% left behind to become sanctuary animals are usually pretty quirky.

Zig the Dog

Take Zig for instance. He’s a little dog with a lion’s heart. He has an extensive bite history and we tried to adopt him out, but he couldn’t overcome his behavioural issue. He lives at the barn and keeps everyone safe. He’s small for a guard dog, but he’s very effective.

zig aug 16

Cute Fact about Zig: He loves to go face to face with people. Not a good idea with a dog with a bite history, but we can’t seem to explain it to him.


Heidi the Mini Horse 

Heidi is a mini horse who had to go to Milton Equine Hospital to have teeth removed. Its pretty tough to take out horse’s teeth, so she had to go see a dental specialist and a surgeon. She’s on a special diet of slurry hay supplements. She’s in her early 20’s and she’ll stay on here with us until her end of days.


Fun Fact about Heidi: It takes her about half an hour to eat her meals  with her few teeth and she usually has so stop part way through and have a pee.


Aggie the Cat

Aggie is an older cat who was so fearful when he came to BCFS he spent all his time hiding in a box. He refused to come out until a volunteer did reiki with him and now he runs the barn. He’s chill with new dogs and is a champion mouser. We adore our barn cat Aggie!


Interesting fact about Aggie: He loves kids. He actually loves all people and actively seeks attention, but he gets down right excited when kids come in.

Larney the Horse

Larney is a big horse we recently took in with extensive injuries to his hind leg. He’s absolutely beautiful, but its his personality that really shines. He loves people. He’s actually a horse person with more personality than many people. He’s even articulate with his affection nibbling boots and giving cheek kisses.


Fact about Larney: He loves to pull off his blanket. He’ll grab it by the front and pull it until its half off and half on. Apparently he’s warm enough. He’ll also help take your boots off if needed.