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Cecil needs Surgery!

Cecil needs quality of life surgery. Click to donate 

In a nutshell…. Cecil’s background story:

Coming by plane and automobile the 8 puppies made their way from the very far Northern  Ontario thanks to help from a large group of incredibly dedicated women that we had the pleasure of working with over several days. We can’t thank them enough…

We coordinated, begged and borrowed to get these puppies south. We got them to Dryden, ON  and then got a bit stuck.

puppy faces
BCFS is so lucky to have had a volunteer drive the forty hour round trip transport to bring all the puppies to Southern Ontario!

The puppies arrived through a snow storm into clear cool skies of Southern Ontario on November 12, 2017 in the late evening. They were thirsty, tired and hungry. They snacked lightly, drank deeply and fell into a lovely sleep.


It’s tough to be around puppies and not laugh out loud at their antics. They dance like nobody’s watching. They play with abandon.

Cecil – black and tan male

What can we say about Cecil? People would call him a Runt. He’s a quarter the size of his siblings and came in sick. Very sick. He had multiple seizures, dehydration, kidney infection, bladder stones and exhaustion. We took Cecil to the vet and had him stay for the day to get IV fluids and antibiotics. He’s doing so much better.


As Cecil began to grow we noticed in January that he was limping. We took him to see Dr Aunt Rachel and there were so many possibilities. His condition was poor and he was getting worse and worse with his mobility.

CECILJuly 2018:

We took Cecil to the VEC in Toronto to be assessed by Dr. Mason (internal medicine) and Dr. Ringwood (surgeon).  We learned Cecil had panosteitis (pano) a painful bone virus that is also known as growing pains. He should out grow the pano with time and is currently on pain meds.


Cecil was also diagnosed with bilateral (both) elbow dysplasia. He lays like this to take the weight off his elbows. The only cure is surgery and with surgery he has an 85% chance of living a completely normal life.


We had to wait several months for the pano to improve before we could do the surgery, so he’d be able to to weight bear with less pain.

September 2018

The surgery is approximately $6000 and we are fundraising to cover the cost to give Cecil a normal life. Any donation is greatly appreciated and can be made via our donations page or our goFundMe page: Help Cecil


Help Cecil learn to lay like a regular dog…




Calling all Bakers!!! PC PetValue Oct 13 at 11am.

We’re looking to run a bake sale at the Thanks for Giving event at the Port Colborne PetValue on Oct 13, 2018…. please have baked goods at store by 11am.


If you are interested in baking please email, so we have an idea of quantity.

Make your speciality! Animal or Thanksgiving themes would be wonderful!


We have two new dogs in rescue, Cecil needs surgery and its time to buy hay.

Roo the 11 year old female minpin
Roo the 11 year old female minpin
Barbara the 11 year old pug
Barbara the 11 year old pug


I know its been a rough year for BCFS, but are going to carry on and continue to help animals! One heartbeat at a time.

Thank you and all the animals of BCFS thank you too!


We are also looking for auction items for our 2018 FB Auction to start in November! Please donate!

auctionwip9frameThank you!



Larney, Put to Rest.

It was a short walk to the damp grass and Larney stumbled a few times, but he kept following me to where he’d be at peace.


Dr Bob was quiet and somber as he pulled out the medication that would end Larney’s pain. It was windy and the rain was intermittent.

Even the sky looked sad

My heart was thumping as Dr Bob depressed the plunger on the syringe and Larney got sleepy. He started to waver and in a flash his eyes said thank you and then the light was gone

There was no question: it was time.


We tried all sorts of medications and other alternative care, but Larney’s body was giving up. His eyes still bright, but his body was thin and fragile.


He passed quietly and peacefully with Brent, Dr. Bob and Amy by his side whispering sweetness, like how much he was loved. I was crouched in the damp grass stroking Larney’s incredibly soft muzzle when I felt the bite of a mosquito on the bit of flesh exposed on my rump. Not sure what that means…


As we walked back to the barn Dr. Bob said,

“I’m sorry for your loss. This is the toughest part of having animals.”


Larney will be particularly missed by his BFF Splash. They used to share hay and graze together before Larney’s sudden deterioration made him stall bound.


Grief is merely the price of love.



Goodbye Bill the Cat

Bill the Cat died peacefully in sleep on Tuesday afternoon while it rained outside. He was napping in the computer room when his heart must have given up and he passed. This was not expected and we’re suffering from shock at the sudden loss.


What we will miss about Bill the Cat…. 

Seeing him sleep in the garden.

The crunching sounds he makes when he eats.

The kitten alarm clock. Walking us at all hours.

The kitten snooze button was Brent putting a hand on his body and he’d start purring and enjoy a cuddle.

bill brent amysharp

Bill the cat walked heavy. We could always hear him coming or wondering if we had an elephant in the house.

The way he’d claw his way up the side of the bed to sleep with us.

He would gently paw Brent’s hand to get attention. If that failed he’d lick your head or claw at any available body part.


How he loved to hide in the hostas.


When he would sleep outside he would be so still we often said we should draw a chalk outline.

Mostly we miss Bill the Cat’s breathing and heart beat.

He was a nippy cat and would often nip at Brent when he was giving him attention. Or scratching.



Kitten in a basket


Kitten in a box.

Kitten belly rubs were a big no-no

Worrying about him when he would go on his adventures.


We’d be searching for him around the cottages and he would meow and run to us.

How he welcomed our new tenants and the impact he had on visitor’s lives. Everyone always asks about Bill the Cat.


Cat hair on everything.

We miss booping his nose.

That he was an internet sensation:

bill plays piano

We love and miss you Bill the Cat.




Gathering our Resources

Hello supporters!

We’re not done! We just need to take a little breathing room and gather our resources. We’re still nursing broken hearts over the loss of the bunnies and our silly Duck.  We miss them dearly.


In addition to our emotional broken hearts, we are slowing down as our master of maintenance must go for surgery and we’ll be losing his support for several months. Not to fear my friends, he’ll be back and ready to work in 2019! tumblr_mhmekrQNDC1qj6wguo1_500

Full disclosure has always been our motto and we stick to the truth regardless how painful it can be at times. We’ve been judged, both succeeded and failed, yet we continue to trudge forward.


What does a breather, a break or gathering our resources look like?

It means we won’t be accepting any more animals into our foster care program for the next several months. We still have our permanent residents to care for and our barn to maintain. We will carry on status quo.

splash walking

We greatly appreciate your support in the coming months and the years that follow.

ps… start thinking about auction items for our annual Facebook auction starting in October 2018! After all, its hay time and hay is big $$$ and huge part of caring for the horses and goats.


Illness Sweeps the Bunnies

This is a sad and tragic week for BCFS, not only did we lose our silly duck, but three of our rabbits succumb to a deadly upper respiratory infection.


We took them to the vet and started on antibiotics and pain killers. We gave supportive care, gently feeding them with syringes to keep their digestive system working.

We sweated and cried when the vet said there was not more they could do to help our sweet bunnies.


There is a heaviness surrounding the barn, but everyday we carry on feeding, loving, grooming and cuddling our charges.

We are deeply saddened at the massive loss.




Farewell MT the Friendly Duck

MT, the wee black duck, came into rescue with his best pal Sweet Pea the goat. Clearly these two had a very solid relationship.

This morning I came out to the barn and found MT laying down in a doorway. I walked over and he didn’t get up, but quacked at me like he greets me every morning. I smiled, and then frowned, when I saw his back leg.


Sometime in the last few hours MT was injured. His right back leg was unusable. I picked up MT gave him a cuddle and put him in a stall by himself with food and fresh water. He was thrilled and played in the water while gobbling up all the food.

I called the vet and made appointment to bring MT in for an assessment. Little did I know his injuries would be fatal.

I was smiles when I walked in and tears when I walked out. MT’s injury was too extensive to heal and his prognosis was not good.

Humanely Euthanize.

I cuddled MT as I watched the light leave his eyes. I cried on his weatherproof feathers and then felt silly when I saw both vets watching me quietly.

“I know its just a duck, but…. he was a really nice duck.” 

Dr. Marissa at Dunnville Vet Clinic gave me a hug and I took MT to the car to collect myself. I was starting to sob.

I stood by the car and cried over this silly duck. He really was a silly duck too. He would follow me around while I cleaned stalls and ate grain right from my hand. He talked to me when I was in the barn and his lovely quacks will be sorely missed.


I’m sad, but grateful we did not let MT suffer. Maybe you can finally learn to fly MT. Our hearts are with you.


Roscoe, 5 years old with Endless Border Collie Energy – Adopted

One word to describe Roscoe: heart. He’s got a big heart and loves his people.

Roscoe would be considered a project dog, meaning he’s going to be a lot of work. He’s not one of those easy dogs that lounges around the house and asks for belly rubs.


Roscoe is busy.

He hardly stands still for a moment, but he’s one incredible boy. Roscoe has been professionally trained by Scott Conway and is obedient and excellent on leash. A real “rally O” dog given more training.


Roscoe can do it all!

Agility, fly ball, barn hunt… this dog can do anything and he likes to be busy. He loves hiking, camping, swimming and is incredibly brave.

Roscoe is a ball of energy and will stick by you off leash wherever you go. He’s a hang around the property kind of dog who simply wants to be with you.

He’s very excitable in the car and isn’t the best passenger. He would benefit from another similar sized dog to play with, but this isn’t necessary. His ideal home would be where he had a job.


Farm life would be a great thing for Roscoe. He’d follow the farmer around all day long and never lag. I’m sure he’d pick up on herding and he gets along with all our farm animals.

Roscoe’s recall is amazing and I was even able to call him off a rabbit that had run out on the trail. He’s very devoted to his people.

Because of the nature of the border collar to nip we recommend a family without children with lots of space to run.


Roscoe does have his down time and sleeps well through the night. He is crate trained, house broken and has impeccable leash skills.

If you take time with Roscoe and show him how to be the dog you want him to be, then you won’t be disappointed. Roscoe requires a great deal of exercise, so if you’re a couch potato he’s not the dog for you.

Roscoe requires a fenced yard, no kids and adults who are very active. He’s incredibly high energy. We want to find the right home for Roscoe and know that there is a perfect home out there for him somewhere. Don’t be shy! Come see this handsome fellow and decide for yourself.


One white front paw and one brown front paw!




Tralee, a Male 6 year old bichon – Adopted

Hello! My name is Tralee and I recently found out that I am, in fact, a dog.


For years I had no idea what I was, merely surviving in a cage with many others. The water was slimy and my job was to make puppies.

I was rescued many months ago and have been trying to come to terms with my freedom. There are blue skies, fresh green grass and other dogs for me to learn how to be a dog.

This being a dog is serious business. 

At first I could only cower and shake when someone approached me or I would run away. I’m still not too sure about these humans, but this one I live with gives me belly rubs, but only when I’m in my bed and feel safe.


Its taken me months to recover from living nearly 6 years in a cage. For the first while the humans left me to do as a please and that was a shock to me!

I was given fresh water, a tidy haircut (for which I was a very good boy), plenty of food and soft beds to sleep in, but I still preferred the floor.

What surprised me most were the toys!

I had no idea I liked toys and liked to play with them.

There are other dogs to play with and I really like my big/little brother Cecil. He’s helped me get settled and taught me how to play. I even think I’m winning this game by being on top!


Sometimes Cecil and I like to cuddle and share a bed. I like my brother Zig too, but he’s often noisy and mom (I call her mom now) says he’s just “talkative”. DDA84122-C03A-49FE-93CC-58E51EBB6FAB Its nice to have a friend to cuddle with and fresh air, good food and good friends. I actually started feeling good about myself and would get really excited when mom came to the the sanctuary every morning. I even barked!

I’d say the big day came when I joined the pack on their morning walk. It was a little scary at first because the world is so big, but after a couple of tries it was fun! Mom would lead the way and everyone would bounce around and play. Mom had tears in her eyes as she watched my tail go up and my tongue lolly out happily, because she knew it was time for me to find my forever home.


Its taken me months and months to heal, but I think I’m ready for the love of a forever family. I am a special guy and will require a family with lots of love, patience, no kids, a fenced yard and quiet humans who are home most of the time. I get anxious when left alone, so I’d really appreciate another dog to keep me company and to continue my education on how to be a dog.

When I’m frightened I poop, so mom says we’re still working on house training. I’m going to live in the big house for a couple weeks while I wait for my new family to find me.


Are you a special family that would give me the time and patience I need to love you? I will never be an outgoing dog, but I will be a loving one.



Kevin the bunny: Update – Adopted

From no cuddles to lots of cuddles!

This precious boy has gobbled up affection as an interesting and fun bunny. He’s very curious and mostly fearless when it comes to adventures and other animals.


He’s been neutered, but does require special care. Ever filed a bunny’s tooth? Learn how! Kevin needs his front tooth filed daily as it grows too quickly. Kevin doesn’t mind if you don’t and if done daily he doesn’t need monthly trips to the vet.


Kevin is a very handsome and gregarious bunny who would thrive in an active home.


Do you have room for a teeny tiny bunny? We’re working on litter training, so he could hop around the house!