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Petvalue Port Colborne Thanks for Giving event is a hit!

BCFS was so thrilled when Petvalue selected us to be their sponsored rescue for their Thanks for Giving Event for October 2018!

We showed up for the adoption weekend with several animals in tow. Splash made an appearance with her buddy Elsa (who surprised us by being a good goat, maybe not a nice goat, but a good goat).

Adrienna was kind enough to come out and volunteer her time to help wrangle Elsa!


Splash was amazing with her wrangler at her side. Megan did an amazing job speaking to the public about her favourite subject: Splash!


A nice relaxing ride to start the weekend! They look so happy! 
Splash and Megan enjoy trail riding!
Splash and Megan enjoy trail riding!

Roo was at the store too! She’s an eleven year old min pin looking for a quiet loving home. She’s doing great in her foster home. House trained, walks well on a leash and lots of energy! If you’re interested in adopting Roo please fill out an adoption application from our documents and forms page.


Cecil was feeling well enough to come out to the store to thank all the people who donated to help animals. He was a wonderful gentleman!

Cecil lays like this to take pressure off his elbows.
Cecil lays like this to take pressure off his elbows.

Cecil is chilling at the store from the safety of his x-pen. Cecil is not allowed to play, run or roughhouse for another couple of weeks. He was so calm and relaxed.


Special thanks to the volunteers who came out to help! Especially our esteemed organizer Silvana and our new volunteer Kimberly with her daughter Kaiah. You can see Cookie made a cameo appearance and quickly fell asleep. She’s a senior who struggles with chronic ear infections. Also in this picture Cecil and Roo.

Thank you to all our bakers! The bake sale raised  $200!!!! 


Finally a huge thank you to the staff of Petvalue for choosing BCFS and for your kindness and help this past weekend. Karen!!


Thank you to our community for supporting BCFS, so we can continue rescuing one animal at a time! 



Seeking Auction Items for Annual FB auction 2018!

We are in need of Auction items for our November Facebook Auction! We have two seniors and Cecil for vet visits. We have the potential for more animals come November, not to mention the care and management of our permanent residents. Its hay season.

Barbara the pug
Barbara the pug

We can’t do this without your support! Please consider an auction item to donate! Gift Certificates, framed animal pictures, animal themed baskets and coach bags are on our list.

Beaver Creek Facebook Auction 2014

We are 100% volunteer based and nobody takes a paycheque. Everyone volunteers their time for free to help animals. We have several permanent residents of BCFS and these animals require care and often special care.


Take a look around and see if there’s something you can donate that would bring much needed funding to a solid, organized, well run rescue with a facility onsite and a history of quality work.


Thank you! 


Barbara the pug

Barbara, 11 year old Pug!

Oh Barbara, what can we say about you? You’re a typical pug with weepy eyes and prone to ear infections, but you are a champion snuggler and you love your people.

Barbara loves two things in life: eating and cuddling.

Barbara the 11 year old pug
Barbara the 11 year old pug

She’s a very laid back, happy girl who gets along with other dogs and cats. She enjoys short walks to explore her neighbourhood.

Her foster family was visiting BCFS when Barbara came to the farm and dad watched her stumble out of the transport crate and into his arms. It was like they were long lost friends.

Barbara with foster dad
Barbara with foster dad

Barbara is an older girl, so we recommend a home without small children. She’d even make a good condo dog where she can cuddle and watch the world go by, but she’d also enjoy a fenced yard where she could nap in the sunshine.

An easy keeper as long a keeping her face clean isn’t considered a chore. With the right diet we don’t foresee any future medical costs.


Most of Barbara’s teeth were removed when she was dumped at the shelter and she is up to date on vaccinations. Would you consider giving a home to a senior?


Welcome Roo, senior minpin up for adoption

Sweet little Roo was dumped at a shelter with a prolapsed rectum and a mouth full of abscessed teeth.

Roo the 11 year old female minpin
Roo the 11 year old female minpin

A rescue was notified of the condition of this sweet minpin and wheels were set in motion. First order of business was to vaccinate and plan for surgery to remove rotten teeth and surgically repair her bottom.

This rescue was not set up for frail wee dogs, so BCFS was contacted to see if we had a spot for a recovering 11 year old minpin. You know we would say yes.

Roo came to our doorstep with only a few teeth and a sore looking bottom. It had only been two weeks since the surgery and she needed some recovery time.

We set up a heated bed for this little girl and she’s so happy to be warm, fed, watered and loved. She certainly is a little button who’s a very easy keeper. She’s house-trained, likes to stay with her people and gets along with other dog / cats.

Roo in her heated bed.
Roo in her heated bed.

She’s a bit fragile, so we don’t recommend a home with young children.

Roo would love to find her forever home with loving, patient people who understand her needs. Lots of naps, meals on time and gentle walks.

Could that be you??



Volunteers needed Oct 13-Oct 14, 2018 at Petvalue Port Colborne.

Excellent opportunity for volunteer hours for high school students! We’re having a thanks for giving event at PetValue in Port Colborne (Westside Rd & hwy 3) from 11-5 on Oct 13 and Oct 14.


You’ll be manning the baked goods sales table, talking to people about BCFS and animals in general, walking dogs and a mini-horse.

Setting up and tearing down the banners and boards, setting up the bake sale items and general picture taking.


Free tee shirt for volunteers – sizes limited to large and ex-large.

We’d appreciate anyone who comes out would write a little something for our website on your experience volunteering for BCFS.


Please contact Amy at if you’d like to come out and help the animals!

Thank you!!!




Cecil needs Surgery!

Cecil needs quality of life surgery. Click to donate 

In a nutshell…. Cecil’s background story:

Coming by plane and automobile the 8 puppies made their way from the very far Northern  Ontario thanks to help from a large group of incredibly dedicated women that we had the pleasure of working with over several days. We can’t thank them enough…

We coordinated, begged and borrowed to get these puppies south. We got them to Dryden, ON  and then got a bit stuck.

puppy faces
BCFS is so lucky to have had a volunteer drive the forty hour round trip transport to bring all the puppies to Southern Ontario!

The puppies arrived through a snow storm into clear cool skies of Southern Ontario on November 12, 2017 in the late evening. They were thirsty, tired and hungry. They snacked lightly, drank deeply and fell into a lovely sleep.


It’s tough to be around puppies and not laugh out loud at their antics. They dance like nobody’s watching. They play with abandon.

Cecil – black and tan male

What can we say about Cecil? People would call him a Runt. He’s a quarter the size of his siblings and came in sick. Very sick. He had multiple seizures, dehydration, kidney infection, bladder stones and exhaustion. We took Cecil to the vet and had him stay for the day to get IV fluids and antibiotics. He’s doing so much better.


As Cecil began to grow we noticed in January that he was limping. We took him to see Dr Aunt Rachel and there were so many possibilities. His condition was poor and he was getting worse and worse with his mobility.

CECILJuly 2018:

We took Cecil to the VEC in Toronto to be assessed by Dr. Mason (internal medicine) and Dr. Ringwood (surgeon).  We learned Cecil had panosteitis (pano) a painful bone virus that is also known as growing pains. He should out grow the pano with time and is currently on pain meds.


Cecil was also diagnosed with bilateral (both) elbow dysplasia. He lays like this to take the weight off his elbows. The only cure is surgery and with surgery he has an 85% chance of living a completely normal life.


We had to wait several months for the pano to improve before we could do the surgery, so he’d be able to to weight bear with less pain.

September 2018

The surgery is approximately $6000 and we are fundraising to cover the cost to give Cecil a normal life. Any donation is greatly appreciated and can be made via our donations page or our goFundMe page: Help Cecil


Help Cecil learn to lay like a regular dog…




Calling all Bakers!!! PC PetValue Oct 13 at 11am.

We’re looking to run a bake sale at the Thanks for Giving event at the Port Colborne PetValue on Oct 13, 2018…. please have baked goods at store by 11am.


If you are interested in baking please email, so we have an idea of quantity.

Make your speciality! Animal or Thanksgiving themes would be wonderful!


We have two new dogs in rescue, Cecil needs surgery and its time to buy hay.

Roo the 11 year old female minpin
Roo the 11 year old female minpin
Barbara the 11 year old pug
Barbara the 11 year old pug


I know its been a rough year for BCFS, but are going to carry on and continue to help animals! One heartbeat at a time.

Thank you and all the animals of BCFS thank you too!


We are also looking for auction items for our 2018 FB Auction to start in November! Please donate!

auctionwip9frameThank you!



Larney, Put to Rest.

It was a short walk to the damp grass and Larney stumbled a few times, but he kept following me to where he’d be at peace.


Dr Bob was quiet and somber as he pulled out the medication that would end Larney’s pain. It was windy and the rain was intermittent.

Even the sky looked sad

My heart was thumping as Dr Bob depressed the plunger on the syringe and Larney got sleepy. He started to waver and in a flash his eyes said thank you and then the light was gone

There was no question: it was time.


We tried all sorts of medications and other alternative care, but Larney’s body was giving up. His eyes still bright, but his body was thin and fragile.


He passed quietly and peacefully with Brent, Dr. Bob and Amy by his side whispering sweetness, like how much he was loved. I was crouched in the damp grass stroking Larney’s incredibly soft muzzle when I felt the bite of a mosquito on the bit of flesh exposed on my rump. Not sure what that means…


As we walked back to the barn Dr. Bob said,

“I’m sorry for your loss. This is the toughest part of having animals.”


Larney will be particularly missed by his BFF Splash. They used to share hay and graze together before Larney’s sudden deterioration made him stall bound.


Grief is merely the price of love.



Goodbye Bill the Cat

Bill the Cat died peacefully in sleep on Tuesday afternoon while it rained outside. He was napping in the computer room when his heart must have given up and he passed. This was not expected and we’re suffering from shock at the sudden loss.


What we will miss about Bill the Cat…. 

Seeing him sleep in the garden.

The crunching sounds he makes when he eats.

The kitten alarm clock. Walking us at all hours.

The kitten snooze button was Brent putting a hand on his body and he’d start purring and enjoy a cuddle.

bill brent amysharp

Bill the cat walked heavy. We could always hear him coming or wondering if we had an elephant in the house.

The way he’d claw his way up the side of the bed to sleep with us.

He would gently paw Brent’s hand to get attention. If that failed he’d lick your head or claw at any available body part.


How he loved to hide in the hostas.


When he would sleep outside he would be so still we often said we should draw a chalk outline.

Mostly we miss Bill the Cat’s breathing and heart beat.

He was a nippy cat and would often nip at Brent when he was giving him attention. Or scratching.



Kitten in a basket


Kitten in a box.

Kitten belly rubs were a big no-no

Worrying about him when he would go on his adventures.


We’d be searching for him around the cottages and he would meow and run to us.

How he welcomed our new tenants and the impact he had on visitor’s lives. Everyone always asks about Bill the Cat.


Cat hair on everything.

We miss booping his nose.

That he was an internet sensation:

bill plays piano

We love and miss you Bill the Cat.




Gathering our Resources

Hello supporters!

We’re not done! We just need to take a little breathing room and gather our resources. We’re still nursing broken hearts over the loss of the bunnies and our silly Duck.  We miss them dearly.


In addition to our emotional broken hearts, we are slowing down as our master of maintenance must go for surgery and we’ll be losing his support for several months. Not to fear my friends, he’ll be back and ready to work in 2019! tumblr_mhmekrQNDC1qj6wguo1_500

Full disclosure has always been our motto and we stick to the truth regardless how painful it can be at times. We’ve been judged, both succeeded and failed, yet we continue to trudge forward.


What does a breather, a break or gathering our resources look like?

It means we won’t be accepting any more animals into our foster care program for the next several months. We still have our permanent residents to care for and our barn to maintain. We will carry on status quo.

splash walking

We greatly appreciate your support in the coming months and the years that follow.

ps… start thinking about auction items for our annual Facebook auction starting in October 2018! After all, its hay time and hay is big $$$ and huge part of caring for the horses and goats.