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Master of all she sees, Taz takes it in!

The Anxious Animal

Peace Love and Happiness my friends!

We’ve all dealt with an anxious animal at one time or another, whether it be thunderstorms, nighttime, separation anxiety or a little dementia that comes with age.

We’ve tried all sorts of methods to calm the savage beast, some work and some don’t. Find what works for you.

My humble suggestion

What works for my anxious little shih poo Super Taz is meditation. Its a lot of work on my part, but there’s no chemicals, no drugs, nor constrictive clothing.

I started meditating to help my own anxiety and was surprised at how it affected my canine counterparts.

I like to set the scene. 

Turn the lights on low, play meditation music (just ask Alexa for spa or meditation music), light a candle, light some incense if that pleases you.

Sit or lay down and try to quiet your busy mind. Even if you do it for fifteen minutes it will bring your pets closer to you. I find with my nervous little dogs they like to lay with me, touching me and falling asleep.


My Super Taz hates thunderstorms and I’ve tried everything: thunder shirts, sedation, aromatherapy, cuddling, distraction, talking, not talking, quiet spaces etc…


Durning a particularly bad storm I decided to mediate and she came right over, shaking and panting seeking comfort. I placed my hands on her body and just took deep breaths calming myself and the energy travelled down to Taz.

She stopped panting and shaking. 

At first I had to do the full on set the scene to get her to relax, but now I can hold her and put my hands on her body and breath deeply and the shaking stops.

I practise everyday and the more I practise the better I get at calming my canine companions. It works at the vet’s office, in the car and during the dreaded thunderstorms.

Sometimes its the only thing that works. 

Meditation is good for your companions as well as yourself. You’ll find yourself better able to manage stress, critical thinking and helping those around you.

Whether it sounds hokey to you or not… it works for your companions.


They don’t have our hang ups.

Teach your children to sit and be still. To breathe. To get in touch with calmness. Make a routine, so when that day comes that the sh!t hits the fan you’ll be better able to manage.






Candle Making BCFS Fundraiser

When my friend Cyndi asked if I wanted to make candles as a fundraiser for BCFS, I hesitated briefly.

I am not a crafty person and I found this project daunting, but,  I said yes.

I considered it an adventure. I walked into Cyndi’s amazing Victorian painted lady home, into her warm kitchen and saw the supplies sprawled across endless soapstone countertops.


Her house smelled like essential oils mixed with soy wax. It was warm and inviting. We enjoyed a quick salad and then rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

I glued the wicks to the bottom of the jars and positioned them with plastic holders, while Cyndi was in the kitchen proper doing some incredible math in her head, mumbling to herself and glaring at the the little kitchen scale on the counter beside the stove.

“Zero” she said. “Come on scale, Zero!”


I had no idea there was so much measuring and weighing in candle making. The wax must be at a certain temperature to accept the scents and then must cool before being painstakingly hand poured at a slow speed into the various jars.

Then we wait. With our reward of  red wine.

The candles turned white and the scents filled the house. We sat on the couch chatting and enjoying our wine.


Apparently, I can handle this crafty stuff, especially when it comes with wine. lol.

The candles will be available for sale starting this Sunday, Dec 16, 2019 from 3-5pm at the BCFS barn. Please email for directions or if you’re interested in buying candles.


Leo 11 year old blind shih tzu

We can only imagine a dog’s life before they came to BCFS. Regardless of what people say about loving their pet…

… the pet’s body tells another story. 


This is the case with eleven year old blind shih tzu named Leo. 

The family claimed love, but Leo was flea infested and his legs and undercarriage were covered in heavy mats the fleas had taken up residence.

When they set him on the ground covered in Avon skin-so-soft “to help the itching” Leo ran around the barn scratching and crying in discomfort. Even the family acted alarmed.

This poor guy was being chewed up by fleas. As we cuddled Leo the fleas jumped onto our skin and crawled. We continued to cuddle the filthy, flea infested dog because that’s exactly what we do.

A simple flea bath and a dose of revolution took care of the flea infestation and Leo slept for 24 hours. We had to wake him up to go for potty breaks.


We then noticed that Leo’s anal glands were causing him a great deal of pain. We gave him some painkillers and antihistamines to help when we started cutting out the heavy matting. Leo cried in pain at points and it took nearly three hours to patiently clip out the mats with frequent breaks.

Leo was so uncomfortable that when he was awake he cried in discomfort. He was confused, disoriented and in a panic ran around the living room. We used cuddle therapy to calm him down, along with a sweater and a heating pad.


Once we got him shaved down from the mats that left sores on his skin and his right front leg was swollen from having a mat that went the circumference of his limb.  We noticed he also had an eye infection.


We’re questioning a urinary tract infection as well from the frequent urination. Turns out we were correct on the UTI and he is being treated for rods in his urine.

The good news? He eats like a horse! He a monster cuddle bug and he’s easy to handle. He will be very special needs and reminds me a little of my Baby Jackson.

He loves people, especially children, but as he is entering his golden years we recommend a house without small children. A quiet place he can live out his days being cared for appropriately and loved.


Leo hasn’t been vaccinated in years, nor heartworm tested. He’s received no flea or heartworm treatment or any veterinary care since 2015. Beyond the lack of physical care Leo looks down right sad. The emotional turmoil is catastrophic.

The family had multiple traumatic events and did the right thing by surrendering Leo to BCFS. One look at this little guy in pain and we couldn’t say no.

Leo is up for adoption pending his veterinary visit. He’s 11 and is blind, with a head tilt that tends to spin him in circles. He loves to be outside and will potty outside if taken regularly. He’s great on a leash and gets along with other cats and dogs, but doesn’t need a canine companion.

Leo is definitely  special needs are you able to care for a baby Leo as he enters his senior years? He certainly has lots of spunk left! Don’t worry… he’ll get cuter as he heals.


added to end of article Dec 7: We took Leo to a specialist who stated based on Leo’s behaviour and physical exam, she believes Leo has a brain injury and a spinal cord injury. We are not speculating on the type of trauma. His head tilt, walking in circles or aimless wandering will be a permanent condition with few treatment options.



Volunteer Day: November 17, 2018 10am-4pm

BCFS will be opening its doors to approved volunteers on November 17th, 2018 from 10 am – 4pm.

barn with three animals

Please fill out a volunteer application from our website and submit it online for approval.  Applications


This will be a day of deep cleaning the barn before winter, items organized in the storage area, fencing repair and paddock clean up.


We will also be building a shed or “leanto” for the horses in the coming weeks.

Please wear appropriate footwear and dress for the weather. 


We’re also looking for someone to provide a lunch.  Vegetarian  chili or sandwiches would be great!


A community event!

amygreatpic9-27-18 copy



Petvalue Port Colborne Thanks for Giving event is a hit!

BCFS was so thrilled when Petvalue selected us to be their sponsored rescue for their Thanks for Giving Event for October 2018!

We showed up for the adoption weekend with several animals in tow. Splash made an appearance with her buddy Elsa (who surprised us by being a good goat, maybe not a nice goat, but a good goat).

Adrienna was kind enough to come out and volunteer her time to help wrangle Elsa!


Splash was amazing with her wrangler at her side. Megan did an amazing job speaking to the public about her favourite subject: Splash!


A nice relaxing ride to start the weekend! They look so happy! 
Splash and Megan enjoy trail riding!
Splash and Megan enjoy trail riding!

Roo was at the store too! She’s an eleven year old min pin looking for a quiet loving home. She’s doing great in her foster home. House trained, walks well on a leash and lots of energy! If you’re interested in adopting Roo please fill out an adoption application from our documents and forms page.


Cecil was feeling well enough to come out to the store to thank all the people who donated to help animals. He was a wonderful gentleman!

Cecil lays like this to take pressure off his elbows.
Cecil lays like this to take pressure off his elbows.

Cecil is chilling at the store from the safety of his x-pen. Cecil is not allowed to play, run or roughhouse for another couple of weeks. He was so calm and relaxed.


Special thanks to the volunteers who came out to help! Especially our esteemed organizer Silvana and our new volunteer Kimberly with her daughter Kaiah. You can see Cookie made a cameo appearance and quickly fell asleep. She’s a senior who struggles with chronic ear infections. Also in this picture Cecil and Roo.

Thank you to all our bakers! The bake sale raised  $200!!!! 


Finally a huge thank you to the staff of Petvalue for choosing BCFS and for your kindness and help this past weekend. Karen!!


Thank you to our community for supporting BCFS, so we can continue rescuing one animal at a time! 



Seeking Auction Items for Annual FB auction 2018!

We are in need of Auction items for our November Facebook Auction! We have two seniors and Cecil for vet visits. We have the potential for more animals come November, not to mention the care and management of our permanent residents. Its hay season.

Barbara the pug
Barbara the pug

We can’t do this without your support! Please consider an auction item to donate! Gift Certificates, framed animal pictures, animal themed baskets and coach bags are on our list.

Beaver Creek Facebook Auction 2014

We are 100% volunteer based and nobody takes a paycheque. Everyone volunteers their time for free to help animals. We have several permanent residents of BCFS and these animals require care and often special care.


Take a look around and see if there’s something you can donate that would bring much needed funding to a solid, organized, well run rescue with a facility onsite and a history of quality work.


Thank you! 


Barbara the pug

Barbara, 11 year old Pug!

Oh Barbara, what can we say about you? You’re a typical pug with weepy eyes and prone to ear infections, but you are a champion snuggler and you love your people.

Barbara loves two things in life: eating and cuddling.

Barbara the 11 year old pug
Barbara the 11 year old pug

She’s a very laid back, happy girl who gets along with other dogs and cats. She enjoys short walks to explore her neighbourhood.

Her foster family was visiting BCFS when Barbara came to the farm and dad watched her stumble out of the transport crate and into his arms. It was like they were long lost friends.

Barbara with foster dad
Barbara with foster dad

Barbara is an older girl, so we recommend a home without small children. She’d even make a good condo dog where she can cuddle and watch the world go by, but she’d also enjoy a fenced yard where she could nap in the sunshine.

An easy keeper as long a keeping her face clean isn’t considered a chore. With the right diet we don’t foresee any future medical costs.


Most of Barbara’s teeth were removed when she was dumped at the shelter and she is up to date on vaccinations. Would you consider giving a home to a senior?


Welcome Roo, senior minpin up for adoption

Sweet little Roo was dumped at a shelter with a prolapsed rectum and a mouth full of abscessed teeth.

Roo the 11 year old female minpin
Roo the 11 year old female minpin

A rescue was notified of the condition of this sweet minpin and wheels were set in motion. First order of business was to vaccinate and plan for surgery to remove rotten teeth and surgically repair her bottom.

This rescue was not set up for frail wee dogs, so BCFS was contacted to see if we had a spot for a recovering 11 year old minpin. You know we would say yes.

Roo came to our doorstep with only a few teeth and a sore looking bottom. It had only been two weeks since the surgery and she needed some recovery time.

We set up a heated bed for this little girl and she’s so happy to be warm, fed, watered and loved. She certainly is a little button who’s a very easy keeper. She’s house-trained, likes to stay with her people and gets along with other dog / cats.

Roo in her heated bed.
Roo in her heated bed.

She’s a bit fragile, so we don’t recommend a home with young children.

Roo would love to find her forever home with loving, patient people who understand her needs. Lots of naps, meals on time and gentle walks.

Could that be you??



Volunteers needed Oct 13-Oct 14, 2018 at Petvalue Port Colborne.

Excellent opportunity for volunteer hours for high school students! We’re having a thanks for giving event at PetValue in Port Colborne (Westside Rd & hwy 3) from 11-5 on Oct 13 and Oct 14.


You’ll be manning the baked goods sales table, talking to people about BCFS and animals in general, walking dogs and a mini-horse.

Setting up and tearing down the banners and boards, setting up the bake sale items and general picture taking.


Free tee shirt for volunteers – sizes limited to large and ex-large.

We’d appreciate anyone who comes out would write a little something for our website on your experience volunteering for BCFS.


Please contact Amy at if you’d like to come out and help the animals!

Thank you!!!