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Saying Goodbyes

We say goodbye to an animal being adopted.          Tears of Joy.


We say goodbye to animals who have died.   Tears of Sorrow.

283841_10150699591380316_6932176_nIts been a few days since we have said goodbye to Nelly and my heart still aches at her empty stall. A few tears fall onto the dusty ground and I walk on…

168293_10152789822605316_1101165871_nI’ve said goodbye to so many animals over the years and I’m not sure how many more my strong heart can manage. Today is a sad day for me.


I know tomorrow will be a better day. I know tomorrow brings the much needed time to help these feeling pass, but today? Today I grieve.

gus face

For all those grieving a loss take some time to grieve, but don’t let it bury you. Give it time. Sweet time to help ease the ache.

Autumn and me

Today is rainy and bleak and matches my mood. I’m going to wallow in today and let tomorrow bring what it will…

To all my loves… I miss you. xoxo Mom. 



Baby Kittens

The same day we took in two orphaned kittens the Humane Society called BCFS to ask if we could take 6 ten day old kittens. The mother was injured and slated to be euthanized.

mama and kittens

The phone tree was activated and we looked for homes to help with these babies. Our cat expert asked if the mother could be saved, a quick call later and we were accepting the mother too.

We immediately took the mama and six kittens to the vet for assessment. X-rays didn’t show any bone damage, but the mama was having difficulty ambulating on her hind end. Partially paralyzed.

mama kitten

The vet would keep mama and the six babies overnight for observation and fluids. Mama was still nursing and caring for the babies.

mama and kittens

After two days at the vet hospital Mama and the kittens were moved into the loving care of a foster home. We always hope for happy endings, but unfortunately this isn’t a story with an entirely happy ending.


Three of the kittens quickly deterioriated and passed quietly in their sleep. Mama deteriorated as well and was become aggressive. She no longer cared for the kittens and was uncomfortable…. suffering.

The board, foster family and our veterinary discussed the possibilities and it decided with heavy hearts to have Mama euthanized. The vets at Dunnville put their heads together and decided that it was likely a spinal cord injury from trauma.


Three healthy survivors will be looking for homes. These are very special kittens who managed to thrive with the help of our wonderful foster home.


Would you consider one of these babies to be your own? They have been bottle fed and are very people oriented.




Goodbye Nelly…

Nelly arrived on our doorstep in the spring of 2009 after losing her equine best friend. Nelly had spent ten years in a field with a horse, until the horse passed leaving Nelly alone.


Nelly’s owner pulled into our driveway with a chubby white goat in the back of a pickup truck and said:

Horse died, she said in tears. Goat is sad and lonely. I see you have a horse in your field, do you think Nelly the goat could come live with your horse? She’s 10 years old…. Please. She loves horses. 

Just out of the blue. She saw the horse in the field and stopped with a glimmer of hope to find a home for Nelly.  It would likely be a good match as goats and horses are both herd animals…

… so I said yes and Nelly became one of our first unofficial residents. 

Nelly bonded to our old horse Autumn and the pair kept each other company for years. We moved to Wainfleet and Nelly came with us.


She started to deteriorate in 2017. Slower to rise, tougher to eat, urinating blood. We had the vet out, started her on antibiotics and pain medications for the arthritis. Nelly bounced back with life and vigour. She was busy bossing everyone around and making sure the young goats did not step out of line.

17446_367298765315_5229478_nIn March of 2018 Nelly’s front legs became deformed, due to arthritis causing mobility issues. She had bad days, but seemed to bounce back. We had to give Nelly her own stall with private paddock because Sweet Peas (also a goat) was beating up on Nelly and Nelly could no longer defend herself.

Nelly became fragile.


May 2018

In May 2018 we knew it was time. Nelly wasn’t eating and the light had faded in her usually bright eyes. The kindest thing we could do was give Nelly a peaceful end of days.

nelly in stall 2018

In the morning of May 11, 2018, in her twentieth year, we laid Nelly to rest with the help of our trusted large animal vet Dr. Sherry.

Dr Sherry was very kind, gave condolences and a big hug. She smelled fresh, like soap and freshly cut hay.

nelly in hay 2018

Nelly was one of the original animals who saw the creation of BCFS. She is the last one remaining of that core group. We’re sad at Nelly’s passing and wish her a safe journey over the rainbow bridge. Autumn has been waiting for you.





Orphaned Kittens up for Adoption!

Tiny black and white kittens were brought into the Humane Society after being found motherless. They were so little. Only thought to be 2 or 3 weeks old. They were tiny and hungry.


The Humane Society asked if we could take these two tiny beans while rescuing a mama cat with six babies (sadly the mom and three babies didn’t survive despite our efforts). All will be up for adoption. If you’re interested please fill out an adoption application under documents and forms on our website


They ate well, have been de-wormed and treated with Advantage for fleas. They will be due for their eight week shots in about two weeks on approximately May 23, 2018. Adopters will be responsible for the vaccinations if adopted.

We look forward to this sister & brother team finding a home!





Thank you Pet Valu

On April 20-22, BCFS visited Pet Valu Port Colborne in an effort to raise awareness and funds for our rescue. The event turned out to be quite the success! Between the bake sale and cash donations we raised a whopping $652.55, all of which will go directly to helping the animals.displayWe had several special animal guests including Peppa the pig, Sweet Pea the goat, Thumper, Chunk, and Theodore the Flemish Giant rabbits, Kevin the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, our two newest orphaned kittens, and Scarlett the little blind Shih Tzu.


We also had some special human guests, including Annie the Clown ( doing balloons for the kids and her assistant Debi doing glitter tattoos. A big thank you to Annie and Debi for donating their time to help bring a little extra fun to our event. Also, a big thank you goes out to our volunteers Bill, Megan, Ellyse, Silvana, Elisabeth, Ashley, Rayna, and Lauren for helping at the event throughout the weekend and to Leah for donating prizes for the draw.


We certainly can’t forget about all the wonderful baked goods that were brought in for our bake sale. A special thank you goes out to Tonia, Elisabeth, Miranda, Brenda, Laura, Ashley, Jean, Emily of “It’s a Piece of Cake” (289-214-7735), and the Vegan Hippie Chick ( for donating delicious treats.


Last, but certainly not least, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Pet Valu Port Colborne for choosing BCFS as the rescue to support during their adoption event.  Thank you to Carol (Owner) and Diane (Manager) and to the wonderful staff Karen, Karen, Amanda, and Kayla, who continue to prove themselves to be incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and kind.



Sweet Pea and MT up for Adoption!


Sweet Pea is an adorable little white goat that loves people. She’s about 2 years old and is bonded with her duck MT. They must be adopted together.


MT is a bit shy and doesn’t like cuddles, but he sings a sweet song and loves his goat.


This funny pair is looking for a home together on a farm only. Having other goats would be a delightful bonus, but both are familiar with horses and pigs too.


If you’ve got a hobby farm and you’re looking for new friends check out BCFS!



Scarlett: Blind 2 year old Shih Tzu ready for Adoption! – ADOPTED

Scarlett was trying to find a new home in NJ and it just wasn’t happening, since she went blind she started pooping in her crate when left alone. This sweet girl is about 8 pounds and very tiny for a shih tzu. She’s a gloriously happy little dust mop!


Scarlett lost one eye in December 2017 when it prolapsed and needed to be removed surgically. Sadly, in February 2018 she went blind in her other eye – unknown reason. Foster mom believes she has some vision in the one eye.

This sweet girl is cuddler and a lover. It took a village to get her from NJ to BCFS, but we managed. Special thanks to Janice & Marcia, Jill & Mechille, Mandy, Jeannine and Nadia. Without people volunteering to help transport would have been impossible.

Mandy did the first leg picking up in NJ and meeting Janice & Marcia in Long Island where Scarlett was driven to Albany! So many thanks!

Scarlett would be picked up by Jill and Mechille and kept over night. She spent her night cuddling and watching Netflix. In the morning her journey continued, driven by Jeannine, who brought her to Rochester where Nadia drove the final leg to Scarlett’s new foster home. Over 450 miles all done by volunteers who drove and paid for gas to get this sweet girl into the care of BCFS.


From Scarlett’s foster mom:

She is piddling all the time outside, pooping outside if gone for long walk and no snow (doesn’t like snow) getting the hang of grass slowly, has separation anxiety when left alone so poops in kennel, extremely cuddly and affectionate And can eat everything. Loves to be with you all the time…has some vision but can’t do stairs or jump off furniture. She is a cutie Pattie.

She has excellent hearing and rarely barks!


Do you have lots of time to cuddle sweet Scarlett? This little one would do well in a house with another little dog. Due to her size children and big dogs would be unsafe. Open your heart and your home to this wee discarded dog.


BCFS Visits Pet value April 20-22!

Pet value is running an event to help support our local rescue Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary! Friday will be a bit of a quiet starter from 3-6 pm and will feature the bunnies of BCFS.


Saturday we will be there from 11-4 with a clown for entertainment from 12-2pm. We will also be running a bake sale to raise funds, so bring some pocket change to pick up a cupcake or cookies! Featured on Saturday will be Peppa the pig, the bunnies, dogs and kittens!


Sunday is all about the wrap up! Come get good pricing on bake sale items and meeting the bunnies and Peppa.

Come out, make a donation and buy some baked goods!! We really need your support! We are 100% volunteer based and nobody takes a paycheque. We are supported by donations and events like these. Over 75% of funds raised go towards vet bills. Please help!


Pet value has run events for us in the past that helped raise hundreds of dollars and a huge donation of product was donated!


We thank you Pet Value Port Colborne!



Scout 4 month old female mix jack russell adopted!

Scout is a still a baby at 4 months and yet is heading into her fifth home already. She’s a high energy baby who comes with a lot of love!


She has been passed on from home to home because of her energy level, which is very very high. She’s a wonderfully happy and curious pup, who tends to get into …. everything. lol.

She’s cute and has puppy breath. All she wants is your love and attention… and that squeaky toy, sneaker, blanket, kibble, food bowl, leash, garbage, plants, ball… 


Thank you to Jacklynne Russell Photography for the amazing pictures!

From Scout’s Foster Mom: 

Scout is very friendly and playful. She is a happy little girl full of love. She loves to play tug of war, or hide your slippers. Her tail never stops wagging and she’s constantly puts a smile on our faces. 


She gets along well with our pups and is always game for an adventure. She’s good in the car and her house training is coming along nicely. 

no beer was consumed
no beer was consumed

She’s great with kids and people of all ages. I will her as a foster pup, but I’m happy to see her go onto the next chapter in her furever home! 

Congratulations to Scout and her new family!


Happy Family!!!!

scout with family


Kevin: The little Bunny

Kevin is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit who was an owner surrender to the Humane Society. He wasn’t socialized well and doesn’t like to be held. He is a cutie and on the small side.


He’ll be looking for a quiet loving home who will cherish his unique personality.   Kevin will require bi-annual dental care due to a broken tooth.

From Kevin’s foster mom:

Kevin is still not a fan of being picked up. He doesn’t mind being pet a little bit and loves his carrots! He also loves to play with toys.


If you’ve got a quiet home with lots of patience Kevin might be the guy for you!