Aug 2 – My Gizmo

I sit here on Aug 2, 2013 thinking back two year to the night I lost my Gizmo. He did something he never does. He ran and took with him a piece of my heart leaving my soul wanting.

Not since I lost my horse Sam to the same road in nearly the same spot in 1997 have I felt such grief rip me apart. Two years later I watch the video and the grief rips through me anew. There is no comfort. There is no time that will fill this emptiness. I work hard and try and save as many souls as I can, but it will never correct my mistake and it will never bring my Gizmo back.

I sit here at 2 am and the same song played on the radio as it did the night Gizmo died. I cry. I weep. There is no anger behind these tears nearly two years later. There is only sadness and missing. I miss him. I miss his caring nature and his kindness. I miss his love in work boots.

Gimzo opened my eyes to the plight of puppy mill dogs and rescue dogs which in turn opened the door to animal rescue. Poco, Jackson and Gus can all thank Gizmo for their lives here on the farm, and so can the twenty something other dogs that we’ve foster over the past six years.

Which brings us to Splash. Another lost, abused, neglected and abandoned animal that needed our help. This was one case we couldn’t afford to do alone, so we reached out into the community and asked for support. We asked for donations and kindness. We asked that people show they cared for animals and we made them think about those neglected through this one horse. Our community rose to the challenge and gave not only donations, but support to our family. Acceptance that its okay to love animals.

Thank you community and thank you Gizmo for being the inspiration behind Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.


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