Auction Begins!!!! Ends Nov 6, 2015 at 7pm.

Don’t miss out on the great items we have up for auction! 

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Basic Information: 

Running from October 20th, 2015 at 11am till November 6th, 2015 at 7pm. Same rules apply as last year. All items end on the same day. We will not be adding additional items after Friday, October 23, 2015. Any items donated after Friday will be saved for the 2016 auction.

The top bid will be taken at 7pm on November 6th, 2015 — bidding wars at 7pm will be allowed ending when two minutes have expired after the last bid at 7pm. Good luck!!

Help us continue to help animals! 


The Long Version: 

Please check back often, as we will be adding new items every week of this Auction!


Please click on the item and place bid in the comment box.

By bidding, you are stating that you are ready and willing to purchase that item for your bid amount, plus any shipping charges disclosed in the listing. If you are outbid you are under no obligation to buy. But in all other cases, you are entering a contract with BCFS to buy the item, and to deliver payment within the time period specified. If you can’t pay, on time, don’t bid! Your bids are final and non-retractable.

All items are “as is.” BCFS has attempted to describe items correctly based on the information provided by donors and / or our assessments of the items. The value listed is an estimate of fair market value. Items have not been professionally appraised. Items that are of an experiential nature will not necessarily have an estimated value.


All payments should be paid within 5 days the closing date and / or the 2015 Auction final end date November 6, 2015. 

Payments can be made in one of the following ways:

Please contact us if you would like to use another form of payment at mybremner@yahoo.com

Item Delivery & Pick Up

We will make every attempt to hand deliver your item if you wish it to be sent to a destination between the Niagara Region and Toronto. If we need to mail or ship the item, the cost of shipping will be assumed by the winning bidder. When we ship to the United States we will ship from within the United States.


Normally, an Auction closes at the scheduled time as displayed within the listing. However, if there are successful bids entered within the last 2 minutes of the closing time, then the auction will go into overtime. The auction is extended until there are no further bids for a continuous 2 minutes. This is similar to an auctioneer continuing to take bids until there is no further interest. For example, if a new bid comes in with 1 minute left in the auction, then there will be 1 minute of overtime. Unless more bids come in. It is possible for the Auction to be extended continuously, but the longest overtime so far has been 20 minutes.

Overtime helps dissuade “snipers” or last second bidders. For example, you may have spent considerable time achieving your high bid status at an auction. Without overtime, someone could time their bid entry to within a few seconds of the closing, leaving you without enough time to notice the bid and enter one in response. This is a common practice at online auctions, and unfair because you would not know that this person is waiting to pounce on you.

End of Auction

We will send out notifications to the high bidder after the end of a successful auction. Both the buyer and seller are expected to contact each other via email, within 5 days after the end of the auction. After email contact please send payment; our receipt of payment will allow us to ship the merchandise. If repeated emails go unanswered after 5 days the next highest bidder will be awarded the merchandise.

Once contact has begun, the payment arrangements, shipping arrangements, and expected dates should be settled upon. The goal is to complete the transaction within 10 days of auction closing. This may vary a little, depending on payment type, how long to wait to clear, when BCFS can get the item to carrier, etc. Basically, the specific dates should be worked out between the buyer and BCFS, and each party should follow through with their part of the schedule. Plan to exchange several emails or phone contacts, updating the other party with every step.

Each person bidding assumes all responsibilities related to the auction and items obtained at the auction and agrees to hold BCFS harmless from any liability. In the event of a dispute, BCFS will act as final authority.

Happy Bidding and hope you enjoy the process as much as the valued goods and services you’ll receive!


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