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Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is seeking help for one of its residents. Splash is a beautiful twelve year old appaloosa pony we rescued in December 2012. Her story was equal parts neglect and abuse. She has nerve and brain damage from trauma. Her right eye points down, and she has a tilt to her head that Matt (our wonderful vet) believes is due to damage to several of her cranial nerves. We can only speculate about the nature of the trauma.

Splash also suffers from complete blindness. She has glaucoma (just like our dog Poco) along with moon blindness (severe infection) and gross swelling of her eyes. It has been strongly recommended that Splash have both her eyes removed.  The procedure is called a bilateral enucleation.

splash and syd

Since Splash endured years without any treatment for her infections and glaucoma, her eyes are incredibly painful and we are past the point of no return.  There is no longer an effective treatment. Since her eyes don’t work, there is no point in keeping them when they cause so much pain. It makes my heart ache to think this girl slowly watched her world fade away while in constant pain.

When Splash wasn’t neglected, we can map out her life by the scars left behind and her phobia of having her legs and hooves touched. I can’t begin to understand how people could be so cruel to a little, friendly, happy-go-lucky pony, who is beautifully blanketed with colour.

Instead she was forced to have foal after foal because of her gorgeous colouring. Unfortunately, her glaucoma and tendancy for infection was also passed on her to foals. Splash’s distended belly may never come back to that of a normal pony, and she will never see again, but we can make her more comfortable.

We talked realisticly with the vet about Splash’s ailments. Aside from her eye issues, she is a healthy and happy girl. She is still young, and has a spectular personality suitable to apply for the position of “greeter” at Beaver Creek Farm. Even if you’re afraid of horses, you can’t help but feel warmth as she gently nudges your belly, giving you a good sniff. She’ll check your pockets for treats and greet you with a happy whinny.

We are not comfortable asking for donations to run our sanctuary, however, Splash’s surgery is very expensive and we need some help. If you are willing to make a donation you can:

  1. Send a donation to my email using online banking (if you’re Canadian).  If you donate using online banking, your financial institution will ask you to provide a security question and answer. Please use security question: Who is this for? Answer: Splash.
  2. Use the PayPal donation button below. 

Having taken on more than a few cases that require specialized medical treatment, Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is now seeking federal charitable status, so in the future we will be able to seek out donations of materials. We will also be able to advertise our up-for-adoption animals on

We express our appreciation to those who can make a donation and those who keep us in their thoughts.  We hope to book surgery for Splash within the week.

splash and gang

Thank you all!

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