Ashling Has Been Adopted!

Ashling, a blind 2-year-old American Eskimo with a cleft lip, was welcomed into the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster care program in December, 2017.


Unsurprisingly, Ashling quickly won the affections of his foster mom and dad, Leah and Nathan. He loved to cuddle, play, and go for walks. But most of all, he loved his people!


It was this mutual love between Ashling and his foster parents, that led to Leah and Nathan adopting him. Leah and Nathan have been long-time fosters with BCFS, but said that there was just something about Ashling that they couldn’t say goodbye to (can you blame them?).


In the word’s of Ashling’s mom, Leah:
“Sometimes a dog comes into your life and chooses you. I knew in those first few days that I probably wouldn’t be able to give this guy up. With every application that came in I felt sad: something I am usually excited about for my foster dogs. I kept making excuses as to why I shouldn’t adopt him. After a few applications dropped out or didn’t follow up I decided that I could no longer ignore the signs. Nathan said if he could learn our stairs and learn to use our dog door we would talk about adopting him. Well this extremely smart pup figured both of those things out which is no small feat for a blind dog. Today we made it official. Ashling is now part of our pack!”


We are so happy for Leah, Nathan, Ashling, and the rest of the fur-family!

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