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Volunteer Meetup Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary April 19

Come out and meet our new adoptable dogs from Mexico! Jane, the wonderful person who heads up the Mexico dog rescue end of this endeavour will be at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary too!  Curious about international animal rescue? Get it straight from Jane!

Minnie and Mortia aka M & M (pictured below), our Mexico rescued dogs arrive at BCFS on April 18, 2015. They and will be at the Farm for two days before going to the vet for an assessment on  Monday 29 April. Then they will be heading to foster homes or forever homes evening.

April 2015 Volunteer Meetup

Date: Sunday, April 19, 2015
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Venue: Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, 2930 Bowen Road, Stevensville ON  L0S 1S0
RSVP: Amy Bremner mybremner – at – yahoo.com

Minnie from Mexico
Morita from Mexico

And of course many of the Beaver Creek volunteers that help make our dog rescue the best is can be will be at the event. If you are new to rescue, or just want to hang with your compadres, come on over to the Farm.

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Volunteer Meetup Report Jan 2015

Perhaps we can organize a spay and neuter field trip to Mexico? I know a few people who have participated in an event like that and brought home rescue dogs. It would be a once in a lifetime experience to be involved with a dog start to finish.

From rescue in Mexico, transport to Canada, vet check and home visits for potential forever homes.

We welcome those interested in volunteering. Fill out a volunteer application form (download from the site here) and bring it with you.

Normally we welcome your four legged friends, but due to the recent arrival of the ladies we’d like to keep their stress levels lower, so we ask you leave your furbabies at home. Next meetup we will welcome their heartbeats as part of the Volunteer Meetup event.

kitchen crowd at volunteer meetup

We will have coffee, tea and cold drinks. We appreciate if a few people could bring cookies treats to share.


Look forward to connecting with our extended team!

Read More About our January Meetup Here

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