Thank you to the Wonderful Reiki Practitioners who made the second Pet Reiki Fundraising Workshop a great success.  The world is a better place when people focus on helping to heal animals.


Silvana (pictured above with her canine partner Lexi) is a Reiki Master and animal lover who is passionate about using Reiki energy to help heal the animals at the Sanctuary.  The success of the last Workshop in May of 2015 prompted her to continue teaching other Reiki Practitioners how to best help the animals.

Silvana Explains the Process

Animals are Divine Beings with souls that play a very important part in our lives. Animals will respond to Reiki quicker than people.  This is because they do not have blocks like we do from rigid mindsets. They are able to accept the Reiki energy for what it is without trying to analyze it.   A few examples of how Reiki healing can help animals is with pain relief, minimizing stress caused from changes of ownership or other home circumstances, it helps with grief, and it has been shown to boost the immune system.


The Workshop! 

The morning of the workshop was spent going over the practical part of Pet/Animal Reiki, using the manual Silvana put together as a guide.   After going through the manual it was time to do a mediation to prepare for working with the animals.  The practitioners where also given a picture of an animal to give distant Reiki to and then they all shared the impressions they received.  All the practitioners received wonderful inituitive information about their animal.  After a light lunch it was time to use the newly learned information to help the animals at the farm.

pic9The BCFS Farm 

Each animal accepts Reiki in their own way.  Some enjoy hands-on while others prefer Reiki beamed to them from a comfortable distance.

Splash enjoying hands on Reiki with Rhonda, Shelia and Lili


Hershel loving his hands on healing from Theresa.
Hershel enjoyed receiving Reiki and loving attention from Susan, Julie and Theresa.
Nelly saying thank you to Julie for the healing she received. Nelly has a tumour in her utter and after receiving energy from a group of the Practitioners she was moving around pretty good and enjoying some carrots.

What the Students had to say about the Workshop:

“Thanks for the great day, Did my Reiki on the birds at the rescue and for the first time in 10 years the room was quiet, even the one that attacks everyone, he just whistled. The big McCaw Thumper is really sick with a skin infection and he fell asleep.  We have a pair of breeder Goffins and they are not friendly at all, they just want to bite you, but they came to the front of the cage and just stayed there for the whole time. That made my heart skip a beat.  I am doing it from home every morning for my feathered friends.   Thank you very much for the experience.”   Susan

“Thank you so much for offering the workshop, Silvana. It was very informative, fun and I met so many great people. Working with the animals was thoroughly enjoyable and the highlight of my day. ”  Rhonda

“Thank you again for the workshop yesterday. I enjoyed the networking and being with the animals.  I liked the information presented. Some of the information was new to me and some confirmed that I was doing things right so far.  I look forward to working with you and BCFS again soon. ”  Sheila.

A Special Thanks!

A special thanks to Silvana who donated $400 (half of the registration fees plus an extra $50 from Susan Winning, thank you Susan) to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary that will go towards paying for Tashi’s spay, our very special senior dog.

tashi sleeping

Another Pet/Animal Reiki Workshop is in the works and hoping for late June of 2017.  See you then.


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