Another Successful Pet/Animal Reiki Workshop Fundraiser

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Thank you to the Wonderful Reiki Practitioners who made the third Pet Reiki Fundraising Workshop a great success.  The world is a better place when people focus on helping to heal animals.


Silvana (pictured above with her canine partner Lexi) is a Reiki Master and animal lover who is passionate about using Reiki energy to help heal the animals at the Sanctuary.  The success of the last Workshop on October 15, 2016 prompted her to continue teaching other Reiki Practitioners how to best help the animals.

Silvana Explains the Process

Animals are Divine Beings with souls that play a very important part in our lives. Animals will respond to Reiki quicker than people.  This is because they do not have blocks like we do from rigid mindsets. They are able to accept the Reiki energy for what it is without trying to analyze it.   A few examples of how Reiki healing can help animals is with pain relief, minimizing stress caused from changes of ownership or other home circumstances, it helps with grief, and it has been shown to boost the immune system.

Collage 2018-09-28 09_31_50
Elsa & Heidi

The Workshop! 

The morning of the workshop was spent going over the practical part of Pet/Animal Reiki, using the manual Silvana put together as a guide.   Cookie & Cecil were on hand to receive energy and loving from the Practitioners.

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Terry giving Cookie lots of love & Cecil stealing Cookie’s bed.

The BCFS Farm 

Each animal accepts Reiki in their own way.  Some enjoy hands-on while others prefer Reiki beamed to them from a comfortable distance.

zig (2)
Zig prefers Reiki at a distance.

Larney, a 19 year old Hannovarian has a genetic disease called degenerative suspensory ligament. He is not a healthy horse and the vet has recommended euthaniza, but BCFS was trying medications to make him comfortable. There is no cure and it is a progressive disease.  His back end struggles with this disease. Larney received plenty of Reiki and love from the Practitioners.  When it is time for a person or animal to pass on, Reiki will assist in making the transition as peaceful as possible.  In Larney’s case, all the Reiki energy given to him proved to help him in a peaceful passing.

Larney being given Reiki energy by Dana, Teresa & Kymberley.

Read Larney’s story here

Splash our blind pony had glaucoma and inflammation in her eyes which caused her extreme pain.  She had been blind for a long time and removing her eyes merely took away the pain. She is in her early 20’s and is very healthy otherwise.  Splash loves on hands Reiki.

Terry & Brenda giving Splash Reiki energy.

Chevy is a French Warmblood with a suspensory ligament injury but is not crippled like Larney. It’s mostly healed and he is sound (not limping). He’s not in any pain and is a healthy guy otherwise. He’s about 19 years old.  Chevy can be stand offish and usually accepts Reiki from a short distance away, but he made an energetic connection with Diane and allowed hands on and soaked up some loving from Kymberley.

Collage 2018-09-28 09_18_51
Diane giving Reiki to Chevy on left and Kymberley enjoying Chevy’s company on right.

All of the BCFS’s residents enjoyed receiving Reiki energy, in the manner they wanted and the Practitioner’s had wonderful experiences getting familiar with the BCFS residents.

Diane giving Reiki energy to Chevy & Cecil laying down absorbing some as well.

A big thank you to volunteer Megan who was on hand to help with Elsa as some goats are territorial and will head butt strangers because they don’t belong.  Megan is excellent at handling all the animals at the Sanctuary and very knowledgeable as well.

Collage 2018-09-28 09_15_23
Megan with Elsa.

What the Student’s had to say about the Workshop.

Kimberley showing Larney some loving,

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in the Reiki training. Silvana created a warm, safe place for us to learn and she was a great teacher. Our time with the animals, practicing Reiki on them was such an incredible experience. To be with them with the intention to love and share Source energy for their healing was truly amazing! Thank you Amy and Silvana and all the animals at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary!!!        Warmly, Kymberley

Terry giving Splash Reiki Energy,

I would highly recommend Silvana’s Animal Reiki Workshop.  It was informative and fun.  She is a thorough and compassionate teacher, with the highest integrity.  A wonderful winning experience for student and our furry friends benefiting from the interaction.  Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is a worthy cause.     Terry Marie.

Cecil lies this way due to his painful joints.

Cecil has been diagnosed with Panosteitis (bone inflammation or growing pains) as well as bilateral elbow Dysplasia.    Cecil finally qualifies for the much needed elbow surgery that will end his life of pain.  There is an 85% chance that Cecil will fully recover in 5 months and lead a normal life without pain.  He is only 11 months  old and without surgery Cecil’s life of pain will continue and he will have a much shortened life.    Funds raised from this workshop will go directly to help fund this important surgery for Cecil.  BCFS does have a Go Fund page set up to help with costs.  If you can help, please Click to donate 


Silvana has received requests from Practitioners who could not attend September 22nd to run another workshop.  She is looking at possibly running it again in November of this year.  If you are interested, please contact Silvana directly at


















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