Alpaca Adopted in the Nick of Time.

After all the turmoil surrounding the intake of three alpaca into the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary foster program, we are happy to have done the impossible… found them a wonderful, loving forever home in a very short period of time.


We were in the process of neutering the alpaca when we received two applications from potential forever families. Our choices were narrowed when the first request discovered the alpaca were neutered — they were interested in Ringo for a breeding program.


That was out of the question and outside of our Mission Statement.

We would no sooner adopt out an alpaca to a breeding program as we would adopt out a dog to a puppy mill.


Ringo is quite the diva with many papers declaring him a champion with the most lovely fibre, but his years as a stud and show alpaca had made him a little angry – he was our spitter.


Pencil and Woody were delightful and it didn’t take long for Ringo to follow suit in a stand offish way. They were beautiful creatures that made the most interesting noises.


For a few weeks the farm sounded like jurasic park as the caws and hoots sang from the alpaca.


The second application was from a family who had been dreaming of having alpaca for over a decade. They never felt they were in a position to follow that dream…

… until now.

Situated in a little town their century home was complete with large oak trim and pretty coloured glass windows. Their backyard was a 40 acre paddock full of fresh grass with a small, solid barn as an alpaca home. It is amazing that BCFS alpaca went up for adoption at the perfect time — when this family was ready to follow their dreams.


Karma? Fate?

We processed the application, it was approved by the BCFS board of directors and a date for delivery was set. Brent and I would be driving the alpaca home on the day we were due to be fined $5000 by the Fort Erie SPCA for having exotic animals in our town.

Fort Erie is the only town who has a bylaw listing alpaca as exotic animals. Our Vet and the Shearing Company both offered to write or call the town to explain that alpaca are not exotic, but that offer was been declined.


There would be fines and court appearances if we were unable to
remove the alpaca from the town of Fort Erie” by May 26, 2015. We exhausted ourselves on the day of the move running on little sleep and food to save BCFS and the alpaca.

We were afraid the FE SPCA would seize the alpaca and place them with a breeding facility and then hit us with a $5000 fine. Funds that should go to the animals would be going to the SPCA based on an antiquated bylaw.

Me in jail for harbouring an exotic animal:

inmate: I’m in for grand theft auto. What are you in for?

Me: Rescuing alpaca.


When we pulled up to the farm and let the alpaca out of the trailer they looked around in all directions with their crazy long necks. Pencil walked thirty feet away and rolled joyfully in the long grass.


They ran as one down a valley and back up the other side surveying their new digs. They rolled, called and frolicked like children in a fresh green meadow.


I could stand and watch for hours, but we had a long drive home. I waved good bye to the boys and promised them a good life.


The bitter sweet moments of a rescuer.


2 thoughts on “Alpaca Adopted in the Nick of Time.”

  1. Way to go BC on a kobe very well done with the best interest of the animal in mind. Unlike the Fort Erie SPCA who just wanna shove there weight around and as per usual not speak for tjose who cannot speak for themselves. Glad to see you won’t be in stripes for harboring a NON – EXOTIC animal. Keep up the goid fight and we are all veins you or beside you 10000000%

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