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Adorable Adoptable Bunnies Will Steal Your Heart

We have three adoptable bunnies in the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary foster program, and any one of them is ready to steal your heart with their adorable cuteness! Donkey is a Flemish Giant, and the big daddy (figuratively speaking) of the trio; Blossom and Petal are house rabbits with lots of cuddles to spread around. Our foster family including Olivia and Sydney give us an update on these pretty pets….

Petal is a soft grey bunny looking to hop around her own place. She’s friendly and a healthy size.

Olivia on Petal the bunny

I absolutely love Petal shes is so cute and fluffy!  Petting her calms me down after a bad day. I don’t like how she moves stuff around in the cage at night though, I think I need to get her some toys. I let her out of her cage everyday and I block off areas I don’t want her getting into – she has lots of fun hopping around!

adoptable bunny rabbit petal

silver bunny petal

Sydney on Blossom the bunny

Blossom is a adorable cuddly and the friendliest rabbit I have ever met. Blossom is a kind bunny that is just looking for a place to call home she loves to be played with and getting love and attention. If you lying down watching tv grab blossom and cuddle her she loves it. Blossom is the best bunny a person could ever as for. Blossom needs her forever home with kids who will play with her everyday. Blossom is an amazing rabbit I love her so much!!! She is a fun cuddly rabbit!!

adoptable bunnies blossom

adoptable bunny blossom

Donkey the Flemish Giant Bunny

Donkey is a one year old bunny who loves to be outside. He’s neutered and enjoys quiet cuddles. He’s not afraid of dogs or cats that don’t chase him!

adorable adoptable bunny donkey

adorable adoptable bunny donkey

Adoptable Bunnies with Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

All of our adorable foster bunnies are ready to meet and greet their fans! If you would like to consider adopting, please do fill in an adoption application and we’ll make the process a hop-skip-jump into your furever home!

Online Adoption Application right here!

adorable adoptable bunny donkey

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