Adoptions Coordinator Silvana’s view on Malti-poo Adoptions

From the desk of Silvana, Adoption’s Coordinator: 

Of all the adoptions I have been involved with the Malti-poo pups were certainly the most challenging. Twelve malti-poos came out of a hoarding situation, which meant they were under-socialized and had behavioural issues. There was a tremendous amount of interest.   Everyone wants a puppy, but most people don’t really understand what they are getting into with young pups.


Puppies are a lot of work, and puppies coming from a hoarding situation where they are left to run amuck are more work than most people could ever realize. We tried very hard to match all the pups with the right forever home. Most of them ended up staying with their adopted families working through any issues they had but, unfortunately, a few of them came back to us.

As a rescue, we are always learning. One of the things we learned from adopting out pups from this kind of environment was that it was not a good idea to home one of these pups with someone who has never had a dog. A dog-savvy home was definitely the best option.



Bleu was one of the pups that were returned. We placed Bleu in a home with a wonderful girl that we thought was the right fit but she had never had a dog and Bleu’s behaviour proved to be too difficult for her to manage. It was agreed that Bleu would be surrendered back to BCFS. When we arrived to pick up Bleu it was obvious his stress level was high. He was barking and eating the carpet.

Once in the car Bleu began to bark and bite at the window and with one correction he settled. He was oddly quiet as we drove to his new home.

red first groom

We took Bleu to his new dog savvy adopter’s home, and he immediately became a different dog. As soon as we walked in Bleu sat down and seemed calmer than what we witnessed at the first home. Environment and human stresses are huge factors with young impressionable dogs.

Sometimes we get it right from the beginning and sometimes it takes a second chance. Bleu is now renamed Ben and thriving in his new home.

We received this update from Ben’s new family and are very happy that Ben is now a happy little dog:ben1ben2

“The two pics are very typical of him… one is of him just after he was groomed in October, and the other, of him lying on the floor with his favourite Frisbee, was taken just a week or two ago.

Ben is a bit of a dynamo — he lives large. When he’s happy, he’s crazy happy and when he’s upset, he barks his head off. But he’s also a very affectionate little guy and is slowly learning to listen to us. He’s very smart. He picks up new routines and words quickly.  His behaviour is just a little fear-based still — he’s nervous about meeting new people and going to brand-new places, and he barks and is a bit aggressive when he encounters new people or dogs on our walks. He does have a canine friend across the street — Smuckers, a Great Pyrenees /Kuvasz mix, who is about 20 times his size. Ben likes to try to boss her around from his side of the fence, and she gets a huge kick out of this.

We’ve taken Ben to doggy day care at the vet’s a couple of times, to give him a chance to socialize with other dogs. The caretakers say he does very well once he gets over his initial nerves.

We took him to a cottage on Lake Erie for a week in August — he really enjoyed walking on the beach and giving every single fish carcass and seagull feather a good going over.


We really enjoy him and think he’s got a lot of potential.”

Red & White (Lenny)

Sometimes even what seems to be a dog-savvy home does not work out and another pup was returned. This time it was Red & White, renamed Lenny. It could have been the fact that he was the only dog in the household that his behaviour was difficult to control.

Sometimes what looks good on paper does not turn out to be right in the home. Lenny was rehomed with a young couple who had a one year old female malti-poo named Penny. It was a love connection and Penny & Lenny are wonderful together.

Update on Lenny’s new family:

“Lenny has been a wonderful addition to our family. Penny loves her brother and they are always cuddling, playing and teasing each other like real children do. He is also quite the ladies man!

We are very happy that Lenny has adapted so well into our family and we couldn’t imagine our household without him. He loves to bark at and chase the squirrels and his new favorite toy is a stuffed squirrel. He has learned new tricks such as talk, walk, laydown, and circle.


The past four months with Lenny has been a blast. I have attached a picture of Lenny and Penny next to the Christmas tree and one of them cuddled up together.”


And, of course, there were several malti-poos that we did get it right and they did thrive in their new homes. In homes with patience, love and understanding they came around.

Hot Sparkly Pink (Stella)

Hot Sparkly Pink renamed Stella was one of the pups that thrived in her first forever home and her family sent this update:

Stella is doing very well now.  At first she had to learn how to behave around other dogs and family members.  The more we exposed her, the more comfortable she got.  She is a very happy dog and when she sees a familiar face she welcomes them with kisses.  She loves to play with her toys and cuddle.  She gets into a lot of mischief but it is very funny to watch, especially when we find socks under the kitchen table.  She is very active and loves to run around inside and outside.  She loves her treats and could probably eat all day long if we let her.


 We are still learning things as we go but it has a been a gr eat experience and she is a great addition to our family.”



Gold (Max)

Gold, renamed Max, was another malti-poo that thrived in his first ever new home. His foster family was quick to adopt this sweet boy.  We received this lovely update from his family:


“Max is doing very well at his new home. His house training is going great he is learning and his behavior has improved a lot. He gets along very well with Winston they love to play together in the morning. Max loves his morning cuddles with his Mommy and Sydney every morning. Max is fitting in just well here and he is super excited for Christmas!”

Max2Max1We learned a great deal from our mass intake and one of our most valuable take away lessons is that we are better at doing high quality and low volume rescue.

Some rescues are comfortable intaking many dogs and rapidly finding homes. We have decided that’s just not our style. We like to match and take our time to find the best home.

Since we’ve begun rescue we’ve had four dogs returned out of hundreds that we’ve placed. Our goal is to match, so every dog we place stays in their for-real forever home. If you’ve found our process too difficult: be patient. Remember we are doing a challenging job fitting the right family with the right animal – forever.

This is how we’ve grown, learned, taught and loved. Thank you for enjoying our journey.


Adoption Coordinator

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary


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