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Adoptions Coordinator Silvana Finds Volunteer Passion is Priceless

Little did I know when I volunteered to give Reiki to the rescued animals at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary that I would end up becoming their first-ever volunteer Adoptions Coordinator!  But you can’t deny the things you love, and I have found my passion as part of the team at BCFS.  Here’s how it happened …

silvana cronier at open house october

I began my journey with BCFS in late August 2014, working with a female Shepherd dog named Mama. She was rescued and transported from Northern Ontario, where she otherwise would have been killed in a cull. At first, Mama did not seem at all interested in the energy I was giving her. But I continued to work with her, giving her Reiki as long as she was willing to take it in on any level.

As time went on, she became more accepting of it and seemed to enjoy my visits. I felt a bond with her that I could not explain.

mama receives reiki treatments

One evening my husband and I showed up at the Farm to take Mama and another rescued dog named Bentley out for their nightly walk. Much to my amazement, Mama all of a sudden howled with delight when she saw us coming!  I went through the gate to get her and for the first time ever she ran to me, jumped up, tail wagging with delight. She was finally acting like a regular dog.

Northern Dog Mama

What a thrill to imagine my work with her may have had some small part of a transformation that eventually allowed her to find a furever home. Because that’s exactly what happened.

mama adopted with help of adoptions coordinator silvana
Mama was adopted with help of Adoptions Coordinator Silvana

During the time I spent with Mama I was also helping Amy as a general volunteer.  She needed more hands on deck to manage the adoptions process. That meant calling applicant references and doing home visits.  Amy was pleased with my organization skills and how I was handling the applications. Being an executive administrator in my day job meant those kinds of skills come pretty easily to me.

In relatively short order, she asked me to be the first Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Adoptions Coordinator. I accepted the position without hesitation and became instantly busier than I ever expected.

Adoptions Coordinator Silvana Finds Her Passion in Volunteer Work with Animal Rescue

The Open House at the Farm in October brought in several applications to be processed. By that time we had 6 dogs from Lebanon to rehome, as well as 2 of the Northern dogs including Mama, Bentley the Rhodesian mix plus several more dogs in foster care. Since BCFS also takes farm animals, there were ducks and rabbits up for adoption too.

buddy northern dog adopted

As the Adoptions Coordinator, my role was to ensure each application was processed with personal references, a vet reference, and a home visit. Once completed, I gathered all the information, along with my recommendations and those of the foster family, and forwarded the whole file to Amy. She in turn brought the file to the Board, and together the team makes a final decision on the adoption.

If that sounds like a lot of work, it is! But these animals, many who have suffered greatly before coming into foster care, really deserve the best possible second chance at a happy and loving furever home. This process is labour intensive, but its got a high success rate too.


bentley adopted to furever homeSince I joined Beaver Creek I have been directly involved in helping with the adoptions of over 10 dogs, either by calling for references or doing home visits, or just coordinating with other volunteers who take on certain tasks. The last step is taking care of the final adoption papers when the new family picks up their dog. 

It brings me great joy to see these dogs going to loving homes.

Volunteering at BCFS feels like spending time with family and not like actual work. I have made new friends and found my passion. I know Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary will continue to be successful in helping animals in 2015. I am very much looking forward to continuing my role as Adoptions Coordinator this coming year!

adoptable bunny rabbit petal

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