Adopted! Moses Finds His Forever Home!

Love at first sight is how Moses found his happily-ever-after in life. When new mom Judy saw a photo of his sweet face on social media, she said her “heart melted”.

Moses is a shy 6-year-old shih tzu who spent the first years of his life in a puppy mill. Life hadn’t been kind to him, but a turn of good fortune came for Moses one cold, snowy January evening when he arrived at BCFS to join our foster care program.

moses“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Moses’ first steps to his new life

His first steps to freedom were shy and fearful, as little Moses had no idea what to expect. With his head down and low body carriage, this frightened boy’s swollen paws stepped slowly out of his travel crate. He broke a few hearts.


Soft voices spoke to him kindly, and Moses wagged his tail. Though he was afraid and broken from abuse and living in a cage, we saw hope for healing his spirit.


Moses arrived the same night as Verena, a yorkie poo puppy mill mama, and the two survivors were whisked off to the home of their foster mom Barb.

With Moses’ rescue came a grooming, dental, vaccinations, and he was treated for ear and bladder infections. Now his emotional healing began.

Moved by Moses’ story, a BCFS volunteer shared his Petfinder listing on her Facebook page, where her animal-loving friend Judy saw him. Judy had just lost her shih tzu-Maltese mix named Tasha who was a rescued mill puppy, in December. Though still mourning Tasha’s loss, she was drawn to Moses’ dear face. Judy has the experience, patience and love that Moses desperately needs.

Judy submitted an adoption application and made the long drive to meet Moses at his foster home.

moses&verenaexpsharpresizedMoses enjoying the company of Verena and Barb’s papillon mix pup in foster care

Judy was approved for adoption and Moses began his life as a dog on February 4th when Judy took him home to Toronto in his new Sherpa carrier.

She writes that though Moses is broken from the puppy mill, foster mom Barb did an amazing job with him and she thinks with a lot of unconditional love, devotion and time spent with him, Moses will be fine.

Forever Mom Judy sends this update and photos:

“At age six, Moses is only beginning his life as a dog. He is responding to the concept very well.

Moses is a puppy mill discard. He has been in a wire cage since birth and suffered both physical and emotional abuse. He is understandably fearful yet with such a sweet, sensitive and willing nature. And since all of his deep suffering was caused by humans, he is also unbelievably forgiving and brave.

He had a good day and is starting to relax, wonderful to see. He can be so easily shaken though, takes a step forward and back before forward again. Keeping it all very peaceful for him. He had bursts of activity between long and frequent naps, good for him as he processes it all.

It took him some time to take the one step down from the deck. But now he goes up and down like he has been doing it all his life. His paws are still swollen from wire cages, they will calm down over time. Moses has not had one accident, he will be house trained in no time, a very clever boy.


It will take empathy, unconditional love and time for this broken boy to become himself. But he is already giving signs of a playful and adventurous spirit. Today he chased (and more or less returned) a ball, and dragged his already cherished new elephant friend into his bed. He loves his toys, and takes care to arrange them.


He often very deliberately places that one ellie [elephant] leg in. He has a big plush softball in front, behind him unseen is the little ball from Barb. This time squirrel got left out.

Moses has chosen his big soft bed where he takes long naps over his crate. At first he was not sure what this round deep cushiony thing was, and no surprise after life in a cage. He spends a good time arranging his bed.

We consider Moses as a mill survivor to be an “extreme” rescue. There is no doubt any dog with his horrific past needs a committed and experienced caregiver. A fenced backyard is also critical. Moses is adored and will never have to fend for himself again. He is just starting to believe it.”

Congratulations to Judy and her family, and to Moses who has found his happily-ever-after home!

BCFS is thankful for caring people like Judy who adopt, don’t shop, and who are willing to devote the time and dedication to healing puppy mill survivors, giving them the happy lives they deserve.

Moses’ happy ending also demonstrates how important it is for BCFS’ followers to please share our adoptable rescued animals from our website, Facebook page, Petfinder and Twitter account. One of your friends or family members might just be their perfect match! Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Adopted! Moses Finds His Forever Home!”

  1. Without Amy and all the fosters at Beaver Creek, there wouldn’t be such happy endings for so many dogs like Moses! Thank you for finding home the perfect home!

  2. As an adopter over the years of five rescued puppy mill dogs I surely know the challenges. It is so gratifying to read about people willing to help these dogs get the lives they so deserve. So, so happy for Moses.

  3. I have been following Moses adoption through a friend of Judy’s (Ann) who is so happy her friend got Moses.He will be a love dog and does have a very happy ending.Thank you Ann and Judy for sharing all the details and will pass on all info to my Facebook friends.

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