Adopted! Montana Is a Foster Graduate!

Montana’s good news isn’t just one mini horse adoption, but two!

montanacroppedresizedlargerMontana was pregnant at the time of her rescue

After BCFS rescued this 14-year-old former show mare in late November, we learned she was pregnant. Her former owners hadn’t gelded young mini colt JB, and Montana plus two other mini horse mares were exposed to him for months.

atrioresziedexpsharpcolorsBCFS’ permanent sanctuary resident blind pony Splash in the back, Montana center, tiny Heidi in front and BCFS’ Brent 

Montana has been in foster care since her rescue, and her foster family fell in love with her. We’re not surprised – Montana is easy to handle and a delightful mare!

day122expsaturationresizedMontana, left, with Heidi and Annie (adopted)

Fortunately, her foster family has also committed to keeping Montana’s foal once the baby is born, in accordance with her adoption contract. This pretty mama and her baby will stay together, a happy outcome for both of them.

Montana had been neglected for a time before we rescued her and hadn’t received proper veterinary care. We’ve trimmed her hooves, dewormed her and brought her up to date on vaccinations, and with good care Montana is thriving now.

montanatrimbefore&afterHoof care is important for horses. They grow like toenails and if not trimmed regularly, it can compromise their ability to walk

We’re glad this lovely mare is healthy now and has found her forever home with her as-yet-unborn foal.

day121sharpsaturationresizedLovely former show mini horse Montana on the left with Heidi and Annie

BCFS had frisky JB gelded in December after we rescued him. This handsome, rambunctious young colt is still available for adoption.


We reiterate our plea to spay and neuter all companion animals, to please stop overbreeding and bringing more unwanted animals into the world. It burdens rescues and shelters who must find forever homes for them.

Fortunately, Montana and her unborn foal are two of the lucky ones, and BCFS congratulates and thanks their adoptive family on their new family members!

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