Adopted! JuJu Finds a Family

BCFS is delighted to share the good news that a sweet, shy Jack Russell cross who’s been in our foster care program for almost 6 months has found her forever home!


Congratulations to JuJu on her adoption, and congrats to her new family!

BCFS rescued JuJu on July 28th, 2016 and she made great strides while in our foster care program.


JuJu was deprived of love for a long time but had the benefit of time, love, patience and her foster family – including her foster dog siblings – to feel secure, gain confidence and learn to trust again.



JuJu’s foster mom said she was a “gem” in foster care and this sweet girl loved being picked up for long cuddles in bed.

jujunov24sixexpRescued dogs like JuJu do well being fostered with other dogs

JuJu watched her foster mom’s other dogs for cues to learn from them, and enjoyed long romps outdoors with them off-leash.



She’s still a work-in-progress on leash training but we’re confident she’ll finesse it with her new family.JuJuadopted1-12-17JuJu adopted in her new home!

We’re so pleased that JuJu has found a forever family to call her own. Thank you to her new family for seeing JuJu’s sweetness and loving her!

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  1. I almost walked away from her at the swap meet. Due to her extreme shyness, I thought she was beyond recovery. However, I knew she was at a kennel with a horrible owner whose dogs always come to the swap meet filthy, matted, long nails, etc. I felt I just couldn’t leave her. The shelter made her condition worse and I called Amy at BCFS. She accepted her without question. I met her foster mom and she did an amazing job rehabilitating her. And then the JuJu found the right home. What more could we ask for? Thank you to all involved.

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