Adopted! Charlie Finds His Forever Home

When we introduced you to chocolate lab/Chesapeake Bay cross Charlie in February, we mentioned his special liking for men. Sure enough, Charlie has found his perfect new dad!

CharlieadoptedIMG_0176sharpresizedNew best friends John and Charlie

Congratulations to adoptive dad John from BCFS! We can tell from the smile on John’s face and the relaxed, happy way that Charlie acts with him that we’ve made a good match!

CharlieadoptedIMG_0183expsharpresizedDid you notice the ball in Charlie’s mouth?

Charlie is a high-energy 4 year old boy who loves to play ball! In fact he wants to play all day and can amuse himself for hours with his ball, but playing is always more fun when someone throws the ball for him.

charlieIMG_1333cropresizedCharlie chases the ball while in foster care

Labs are good-natured dogs and Charlie’s no exception. He’s a big galoot at 90 lbs. but luckily Charlie is well-trained. He sits, lies down and stays, and he walks well on a leash.


With spring on the way, Charlie and John will have lots of mild weather for walks and playing outdoors, or just hanging out together.


John sent us a quick update since adopting Charlie and says he’s doing really well with no problems at all. Charlie’s had good nights and great walks, and John says he’s “just a really good boy all around”.

John’s taking it slow introducing Charlie to his son’s dog Trent, and his 8 year old grandson is impressed with Charlie! We’re so happy to hear that!

Charlie is very people-oriented and will be a wonderful companion for John and his family, putting lots of smiles on their faces for years to come.

Congratulations and thank you to John for adopting Charlie!

3 thoughts on “Adopted! Charlie Finds His Forever Home”

  1. I meet them today at the crystal beach and my son enjoy Charlie, throwing the toys at the water and Charlie gets it, he’s very good dog, he’s beautiful too. John is a good dad to him, keep up the good work. I’m happy that’s Charlie found an amazing dad. thank you John for letting my son throw toys at the water.

  2. We are blooming for a rescue.mlist our beautiful girl one month ago. She was a puppy mill rescue and couldn’t walk run bark or socialize. We adored her took her a long time to come to anyone.she turned out to be the love of anyone that was luck enough to know her .
    She was my Son and daughter in laws child and nanny baby sat her every day.
    We are looking for a dog In need. We live in the west end of Toronto.

    1. Please fill out an application and look on our website for a dog that might be suitable to you. We have several new dogs. Thank you!

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