Adopted! A Family for Delana

Delana is a seven year old shih tzu/Jack Russell cross who has gone from living in a box to fostering at BCFS to her loving forever family and walks in the park!


Some big and very happy changes in a short time for this puppy mill girl we rescued in September along with her daughter Allura and later, her three sons Bergen, Ruger and Fenton.


Delana was initially very shy and fearful when she arrived in our foster care program but it wasn’t long before she was romping around, enjoying her newfound freedom.


Puppy mill dogs always do better when they have other dogs to socialize with, and both Delana and Allura were happy to hang out with our other rescues like Naji and Walter.



Have we mentioned how grateful we are for people with big loving hearts who adopt older dogs like Delana? Her new mom Marilyn sent us this short update on how Delana is doing in her new home:

Dalena is adjusting. She had a walk in the park this morning and she did all her jobs outside. She is very curious about her surroundings in and out. She certainly is food oriented both for wieners and cheese but not dog food yet. At the moment she is enjoying private time behind the couch. Thank you for our beautiful girl!

Delana may always have a shy streak but with patience, kindness and love, she’ll continue growing and learning what it is to be a dog and living a normal, happy life.


No more boxes or puppies for Delana. She’s been spayed, brought up to date on her vaccinations and is a healthy girl with lots of life, lots of love to give and a future to look forward to.


Thank you to Marilyn for adopting Delana and giving her the second chance at happiness she deserves!

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