Adoptable Friendly Chihuahua – Meet Leandra – Adopted

Leandra is one of the lucky ones, a puppy mill dog who came into BCFS’ foster care program all the way from Ohio.

LendraIMG_0390resizedLeandra plays peek-a-boo!

We think we’re pretty lucky, too, being able to rescue this young, friendly chihuahua and find her a loving home.

LendraIMG_0353resizedFreedom feels good after being rescued from a puppy mill!

New Arrival

She just came into our care November 6th and we’re delighted with this sweet girl! Leandra is good with everyone, both two-legged and four-legged, and is settling in well.

LendraIMG_0361expsharpresized“I’m ready for my close-up!”

Leandra is spayed and will be going to see our vet Dr. Rachel next week.


Leandra’s paw pads are irritated and sore, which is commonly seen in puppy mill dogs.  With treatment from Dr. Rachel  and a clean, healthy foster home environment, we’re hoping Leandra’s pads improve.

Barb sent us this new photo of Leandra and writes,

“Leandra is doing great. After a good night’s sleep she is running around. She is slim and not chunky like her pictures. The attached picture shows her sore pads.” 


She’s available for adoption!  Blink and you could miss out, we think Leandra is irresistible!



If you’re interested in adopting Leandra, please fill out an adoption application and email it to BCFS’ Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at scronier@rogers.com.

You can learn more about Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s adoption process here.  Thank you for considering sweet Leandra!


4 thoughts on “Adoptable Friendly Chihuahua – Meet Leandra – Adopted”

  1. She seems so precious. We have 5 little dog, all under 8 pounds, one being a rescue. I work from home so the dogs are with family all of the time. Do you think we could provide her the loving home she deserves?

    1. Am I reading your message correctly that you have 5 little dogs? As long as having six dogs falls within the accepted bylaws of your hometown you are welcome to fill out an application from our documents page to get started on the adoption process! Thank you so much for considering a rescue dog!

  2. Good-day! We are very interested in sweet little Leandra. I noticed that the last entry about her was in November, so I thought I’d check first to see if she is still available or has already found her furever home.
    We currently live in St. Catharines but are working on moving to the country. Our ‘fur’ family currently consists of 1 Portuguese Water Dog – Lua (female 7yrs), 1 Wire-haired Jack Russel Terrier – Ed (male and we think 9yrs – he’s a rescue), 2 DSH male cats – Mason and George, and a Bearded Dragon named Leonard. Little Ed (JRT) is a senior rescue (our second) and has a bad heart murmur so he’s just not up to the long walks that Lua needs, but it breaks my heart to leave him behind alone when we hit the trails. Not that any of them are alone for long, as I work from home. We are looking for a little female dog (preferably a senior or adult under 20 lbs) to be a new member of our family and Ed’s future snuggle buddy. If you feel that Leandra could possibly be a good fit, please let me know and I will start the application process. Thanks!
    Jenn Toews

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