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Every dog BCFS rescues is unique and all have different life experiences and personalities. Some dogs who have endured hardship or abuse heal quickly, while others take a little longer.

We work on dog-time at BCFS, preferring quality over quantity, and our foster care program allows dogs like Trixie the time and experienced care in a home environment that they need to heal, learn, and become loving family members for the people who adopt them.

trixie2Trixie on her arrival at BCFS

Trixie is an energetic beagle mix who came into BCFS’ foster care program on the snowy evening of January 21st. This 4-year-old girl was abandoned in a crate with no food or water for three days, until she came to BCFS and foster mom Tammy gave her safe harbor in her home.


Trixie arrived fearful of people, especially men, and of new situations, but her spirit showed signs of hope. In the weeks that Trixie has been in Tammy’s care, we’re delighted at receiving Tammy’s email updates of Trixie’s progress.

We hope you’ll read Tammy’s notes here that provide inspiring insight into how fostering benefits dogs, and consider adopting lovely Trixie.

trixie&gusGus helps Trixie feel welcome on her arrival at BCFS 

Foster mom Tammy wrote on Trixie’s arrival,

She went pee and poop first thing. Was too scared to eat her breakfast. She was scared of Chris the whole time he was home and would not come downstairs til he left for work. Trixie was by my side before Chris was even out of the driveway..

She is stuck to me like glue, she will follow me from room to room and if I get up she is up.. I am the kind of person who is always on the go all day long, no time to sit to watch TV for me, so she will be pooped tonight.

She has been playing with toys, chasing her tail, she even has bouts of the zooms (goes nuts for 5 minutes at a time playing and running up and down the stairs then needs a small nap.) I have had to stop her once because my cat was not too happy with her and she listened ASAP and stopped..

trixie2feb2016expsharpresizedTuckered-out Trixie is ready for her power nap

I have her eating and laying in her crate with no fuss. Tonight I will put her in the crate to sleep. Paws crossed she is OK!!!

I was able to put a doggie coat on her no problem she let me touch her all over. We went for a 20 minute walk, she was fine with the cars, we did not pass anyone so I do not know how she is with strangers yet. I left her for about 30 minutes. I put up a baby gate, and gave her my P.J’s, a toy and a bed. When I got home she was laying on my P.J’s there was no barking or mess.

She plays fetch, it is such a joy to watch her leap and play.

As of 5 pm. So far she is doing better than yesterday and this morning. She is still scared of Chris but she is moving about the house. At 6pm she even is wagging her tail.. Sitting with me with Chris in the room. At 8:30 she is sitting with me and Chris on the loveseat but when Chris walks in the room she is fearful of him. FYI I need to take her out every hour on the hour…

THEN, an even better email from Tammy that made us smile:

Lots of positive news today!! Oh my stars she is doing so GOOD.. She is 80% more relaxed all the way around, she is going up to Chris and lets him pet her!!! She even went into her crate for a little cat nap.. WOW such progress in only 24 hours!!

Zero messes in the house yesterday. She is always by my side and looks to me for comfort and confidence. She laid beside me the whole time Chris and I were using power tools, hammers and a measuring tape. No fear at all..

Just got back from an extra long walk to Global Pets with Trixie. We had a 40 minute walk and 20 minutes of shopping. She took treats from the staff, met a cute as a button rottie pup and golden doodle.

Trixie in a downfeb2016cropsharpGirly-girl Trixie is tutu pretty while shopping at Global Pet Foods

She looks so pretty in her new matching hot pink Martingale collar and leash.. She LOVES shopping this makes her a true girl! Tomorrow we start our training while on our walks..

After Trixie’s girly day shopping, Tammy sent this next update:

Today Trixie was not as scared of Chris. When she was let out of her crate this morning she went up to him when he was standing up for pets and is very interested in him as he talks to the cats. WOW!!! Big step forward in trusting a man!

Trixie thinks she is a lap dog and LOVES to lay across my lap to be hugged and kissed..


She is getting better with Chris and likes him as long as he is sitting.  She likes green peppers, carrots, spinach, and olives for treats. Week one has gone so fast.. It is hard to believe she was once a shy, scared dog. In the house she is a brave guard dog but, once outside she is a scared skittish girl.

She is not sure of the oddest things such as the cable or bell boxes that are at the ends of people properties, bus stops, park benches. This makes me wonder if she has little exposure to the outside world. To help her with this I will be working with her more outside. More walks at different times during the day. I can take advantage of our busy neighbourhood, there are a lot of schools, buses and people.

The second thing I want to work on is her fear of people. She has found her bark and is using it when my clients come into the grooming shop. Right now she is barking at people, running and hiding behind me yet when I sit beside the stranger and we ignore her she will come up to us sniff, lick our fingers but as soon as the stranger stands she is back to barking and hiding. In Trixie’s defense the strangers are only here for about 5 minutes at a time.

New update February 11th:

She is a lap dog that is for sure.  If she can squeeze beside you she will then she will wiggle onto your lap..  She has lots of spunk, loves to run and dance and play like a puppy.  She LOVES squeak toys, playing with other dogs and grooming cats.  She would do best in a home with another dog to learn from.

trixiefeb2016expresizedTrixie likes her foster home dog and cat friends

Fully crate trained in fact she will need to have one for her comfort in a new home.  She plays with her toy in her crate, eats in it, and sleeps in it.  I leave the door open for her and often times I will find her just relaxing in her crate..

As for her health issues the vet thinks Trixie has past head trauma that is why one eyebrow is much larger than the other.  (poor baby) And her ear is most likely  the result of a past ear infection not being treated.  The ear canal is narrowed and requires cleaning and watching, but at this time surgery is not recommended. 

I am meeting the dog trainer tomorrow to ask how to help Trixie get over her outside fears. She is a sweet love..  Oh and she snores like a man!!!

Thank you to foster mom Tammy for her detailed updates on Trixie!

Trixie has made significant progress in foster care. Giving these wonderful dogs a second chance is what we do. You can, too, if you open your heart and home to a BCFS rescued dog.

Trixie would likely knock over a toddler with her high energy enthusiasm but if you’d like an active girl to take on walks and to love, Trixie may be your next best friend.

If you’re interested in adopting Trixie, please download and fill out an adoption application from our website and email it to BCFS’ Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at

Thank you for considering Trixie, and for your support of BCFS!


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  1. Truly amazing foster parents!! The world is a better place thanks to all involved in Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary!! Huge thank you!

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