Adoptable Alpaca Trio With Personality Plus- ADOPTED! May 2015

Ever met adoptable alpaca?  Now here’s the chance to check that item off your to-do list! Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary just added a charismatic trio of Alpaca to the fostered animal program, and you really should meet them. They each have unique personalities, its true! Here’s a report you won’t read every day, a tale of trio compadres, and more fleece than you can shake a stick at …

Adoptable Alpaca Trio With Personality +

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary received great background information on this intriguing trio.  Woody and Ringo Starr are registered with the Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association (CLAA) and have great bloodlines. They were originally  from Split Rock Farms in Ridgeway. Their first family intended that the alpaca be companion animals for their horse.

adoptable alpaca

Woody is a big ham. He will be the first to greet you when open the door. He loves his food! He’s first in line when it’s grain time…so ya better do it right or he’ll be upset! He likes a back rub every now and then when they’re inside because you’re not likely to catch them when they’re in the field. Food is a great motivator to get them in their house though.

Pencil is very sweet. He’s been around. He was raised in someone’s kitchen when he was younger. It didn’t make him any more social than the others but he likes a nice tail rub once in a while. He’s always next in line for his grain.

Ringo…well…Ringo is a bit of a Diva. What can you expect – male alpaca are known as “machos!” He knows he’s been a show Alpaca and demands to be looked at but not played with. He’s pretty and sweet but is a bit standoffish.

adoptable alpaca

Alpaca are easy keepers as they require hay, pellet and fresh water and they will amuse themselves. They love a good pasture to graze and some free choice minerals to make up for anything lacking. Will they disagree once in a while…yes…but it’s usually over and done as quickly as it starts. A shout out from their keepers may also do the trick to settle them quickly again. They will screech at each other but don’t be frightened, alpaca make a range of vocalizations. If they see something out of the ordinary you may hear an eek eek noise out of them. They’re just warning of a potential danger. Most people enjoy the gentle hum that is their most endearing voice.

adoptable alpaca herd

If there is deep snow you will find them in their shelter and they will mosey around if it’s not too deep. In summer they’ll be everywhere  — in, out, laying down. When it’s hot they like to lay flat out. Alpacas do something called “cushing.” They look like the Loch Ness monster when they do that. They lay with their legs underneath them or sometimes out in front of them and their neck and head is straight up!


Come May it’s time for a haircut. They will quickly overheat when it gets hot. They need to be shorn and checked to make sure their teeth (bottom only, pad on top) aren’t overgrown. They will get their toes trimmed too.

This little trio of boys will be getting their seasonal shear on May 25 at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary! If you’d like to come out and watch the shearing it will likely be around dinner time.

Adoptable Alpaca at BCFS

These alpaca are being adopted out as a trio only. If you are interested in adding a delightful, easy animals to your farm or acreage, consider Woody, Pencil and Ringo Start Alpaca. This trio must be adopted together. No such thing as a lone alpaca. The first step to adoption would be to complete the Adoption Application you’ll find here on BCFS website. Send to our Adoptions Coordinator who will review and be in touch with you to fill you in on all the latest!


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