beaver creek adopt a senior pet month

Adopt a Senior Pet Month at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

We don’t really need a special month to sing the praises of our ‘well tempered’ adoptable dogs, but if the world is on board with November being Adopt a Senior Pet Month we are too!

adoptable chihuahua senior Tia

Running an animal rescue, and more specifically a sanctuary that often takes animals considered ‘hard to place,’ means our team is, de facto, a champion of senior pets. “They are low maintenance,” states Amy, “and have a lot of experience that makes them wonderful companions. Anything that brings more awareness to their amazing qualities is a good thing in my books.”

adopt a senior pet month

Any dog seven years or older is considered a “senior,” but the size of the dog is also factored into the reckoning –  the smaller the dog, the later in life they are considered a “senior.” And of course different species are considered senior at different ages. Resident Clydesdale horse Autumn is 23 years old, and Amy feels she is just now reaching her golden years. A horse’s chronological age certainly plays a role in whether he or she is considered old or not, but many feel it’s important to consider the horse’s physical condition, mental condition, history, and any health problems that might be present to know what is “old” for a horse.

Gus and Autumn are both seniors in their golden years.
Gus and Autumn are both seniors in their golden years.

Be aware, like any creature human or animal, senior pets have their own peculiar quirks.  “They drink your whiskey and smoke your cigars,” warns Brent, “and sometimes they get forgetful and poop in the house. But we still love them no matter what.”

dancing senior chihuahua
Senior Chihuahua Chichi shakes a mean tailfeather!

Use this month to educate people on why it’s awesome to have an older pet! Help senior pets find homes — tell one person this month why senior pets are great companions and you’ll be helping people and dogs in need!

Visit our Adoptable Animals section to read more about them here on our website.

Chihuahua Senior Chihuahua looking for a home


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