A Happy Christmas Tail!

A Christmas Update from Molly (Allura)! 

Hello again! :)

We all just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year! Attached is our annual Christmas picture we take and send out to family and we are so thrilled with our newest furry addition. We try to get the cats in the picture, but they are so wiggly and don’t stay still. They were there in spirit :)

I also forgot to mention a couple things in my last update. I wanted to say that Molly is always wagging her tail now and it’s always up and has a cute little curl to it. Every night when Grant gets home from work Murphy and Molly get super excited and bring him their favourite toys and he has to sit on the couch and the dogs jump up and cuddle with him and get their time and pets in with their Daddy. It’s really sweet! :)


I went to visit my Mom and Grandma for a few days, so the pups went to Grant’s parent’s house for the three days and Molly did really well. She didn’t have any accidents in the house and she confidently navigated the house and backyard even without Murph! She also made herself at home and they slept in bed with Grant’s parents every night. Once I got back and saw Murphy and Molly it was quite the celebration. I was worried Molly would forget me, but she definitely remembered me! I’ve never seen that little bum wiggle so much before. She is such a happy little dog! She is still nervous around new people and people she doesn’t know well, but with some cookies and pets she comes around.


Anyway, we just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and send you a copy of our Christmas photo. I know two cute pups that are going to be rather spoiled this Christmas :)

Yours truly,
Amanda, Grant, Murphy, Molly, Calli and Oliver <3


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  1. The update about Molly (Allura) is making the heartache of Rescue work worth the pain. When I remember the property that she came from and the remaining dogs still suffering there, I feel blessed to read about her recover and her loving family! Thank you to every single person who helped her succeed!

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