A Forever Family and New Sister for Ruger!

Ruger is the eldest son in a family of five that BCFS brought into our foster care program through our good rescue friends at Furever Friends Rescue of WNY, and we’re happy to announce Ruger has found his forever family!


Ruger is the quintessential bossy big brother who likes to push around other male dogs like he did his younger brothers, especially his youngest brother Fenton, while in our foster care. BCFS recommended that a family with a strong female dog would be ideal for this tough guy who was known to be a bit of a bully.

A strong female dog will keep Ruger in line and not let him get away with any shenanigans, especially since Ruger prefers the ladies and treated his mama Delana with respect.

ruger1expclarityRuger with his mama Delana behind him

We got lucky! Ruger now lives in an all-female household with his new mom Allison, her daughter Shannon and their lovely dog Mabel!


Ruger is only three years old, a shih tzu cross who’s a little shy but thinks he’s a whippersnapper. His new sister Mabel is the perfect match for Ruger.


His sweetness and vulnerability came through when we groomed and bathed this little guy..

ruger4Ruger still damp after his bath

Thank you to Allison, Shannon and Mabel from BCFS for giving Ruger his loving forever home!  Happy trails, Ruger!


One thought on “A Forever Family and New Sister for Ruger!”

  1. Another highly successful adoption, it seems! What would we EVER do without your help on these few who need the farm and heated barn to make the adjustment from outdoor dogs to family members. Thank you to BCFS and to Allison and Shannon, and especially to Mabel for helping Ruger become all he can be!!!

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