A Family for Sabre – Senior Rottie Adopted!

Sabre epitomizes what rescue is all about: saving animals, healing their ailments and wounded hearts, teaching them to trust again, and giving them the time they need to find loving homes.

We knew Sabre is a treasure whose sweet personality would win over the perfect family, and we were right.

BCFS is thrilled that Sabre has just been adopted!
sabre foreverfamilySabre and her new dad Chris

Sabre’s healing journey to her forever home began in January, when BCFS rescued this senior Rottweiler. Life had not been kind to 11-year-old Sabre. Her people beat her up and let other dogs beat her up, too.

Six months later, Sabre looks amazing compared to when she came in: recovering from abuse, suffering from ear and eye infections that wept and oozed, a flea infestation, mammary gland tumours and a dull, thin coat.
Sabre after intake at BCFS
Safe in BCFS’ foster care program, Sabre received veterinary care to treat her infections, gentle hands to stroke her, and tender loving care. She was finally able to get a bit of sleep, able to close her eyes and not worry about her next meal or a safe place to call home. She seemed surprised to find her bowls full of food and fresh water.
Though fearful when faced with new situations, Sabre began to relax. She surprised her foster mom by gently carrying around a small plush toy in her mouth that she set in her lap as a prize. Sabre was proud of that stuffed toy and did not even attempt to tear it up.
Today, Sabre doesn’t look 11 years old, she looks and moves like a young dog. Sabre blossomed in foster care; she’s put on a great deal of muscle and has relaxed so much since her rescue. BCFS knows that dogs who are abused can learn to trust and love again regardless of age… and we were determined to prove it.
 Sabre has done just that, she’s learned to trust and love again. She’s a beautiful soul who loves people and is safe with children.
Sabre will happily greet new people with tail wags and by pressing her face against their legs to be petted. She’s the regular old rottie that we’ve seen before… the one who loves a good bum scratch and does the lean against your legs. She sits on the floor and lets kids hug and pet her with love shining in her eyes. Sabre will now have two children to love in her new family!
Sabre has had a rough life, but landed at BCFS where we took care of most her physical problems.

Her ear infections are under control with a fish diet, and we removed six mammary gland tumours. She’s been spayed and brought up to date on her vaccinations. Her flea infestation is gone and her coat shines with health.  Sabre is hearing impaired but the sound of silence doesn’t hamper her ability to love and enjoy life.

When Sabre was spayed they found a large tumour on her ovary and it was a lifesaver that we spayed an 11 year old dog. Six mammary gland tumours were removed and one was found to be cancer, but they excised it with a solid margin. There’s no guarantee it won’t come back, but spaying reduces the chances of cancer by 50%. Another reason to please spay female dogs!
Sabre, healthy and ready for the next chapter in her life
Sabre initially showed fear aggression with other dogs in foster care, but was convinced to make friends with Taz, Jackson, Zig and our late Gus. Since she is generally still very dog aggressive, Sabre’s new family is suitable since they have no other animals. Sabre still has a bit of anxiety in new situations, but is fine by herself without any separation anxiety. She’s completely house-trained but not good on a leash, but she’ll have a fenced-in yard to run around in. This senior girl also doesn’t like the cold.
 Brrr! Sabre prefers cozy, not cold
Sabre flourished in six months of BCFS’ foster care, and today she’s a friendly and loving girl who adores people and has learned how to trust again. Sabre’s new family will never lack for that old fashioned rottie love.
BCFS is pleased that Sabre now has her very own family to love! She’s doing great in her new home! New dad Chris writes,
Sabre is doing awesome a very playful dog for her age she seems to be very happy.
He adds that Sabre is a perfect addition to their family. Thank you and congratulations to Sabre’s new family!

3 thoughts on “A Family for Sabre – Senior Rottie Adopted!”

  1. I knew this dog. In fact I was instrumental in getting her in touch with BC rescue . While she did have health issues, this dog was by no means mistreated. Her owners did the best they could. They had her for 10 years . Had they been cruel , mistreating people they could have dropped her off at the humane society where she most certainly would have stayed.
    While I appreciate the work you do, please do not mislead people. It’s so unnecessary . There are enough animal abusers and horrific stories out there without you inventing or exaggerating them.
    So disappointed!

    1. To be honest Joanne, we greatly toned down the extent and nature of damage to this dog. She was so sick, underweight and dehydrated her blood work was seriously life threatening. Her ear infection so bad she’s lucky it didn’t migrate to her brain. The flea infestation so bad it took three different chemicals to get it under control. We did say the vet removed at least 6 mammory gland tumours and a tumour so big on her ovary that would have killed her in a very painful way. This could have been a case of animal abuse just based on the medical findings. It was the owners who told us she was locked up for three years and beaten by the “boyfriend”. It’s written on the surrender document. We don’t need to make anything up about sabre – the cigarette burns speak for themselves. Their injuries don’t lie. We accepted her into our foster program, spent over $3000 on her vet care, housed and rehabilitated her for six months before we found her a loving home. There are many different flavours of rescue. If you can’t appreciate what we do we encourage you to work with an organization who has similar values to the ones you hold. Not many rescues would accept a very sick 11 year old dog aggressive rotti. We did, and we rocked it. Sabre is now healthy and living in a loving home. We did our job and did it exceptionally well.

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